The Champion is Reborn

That is exactly what I’m assuming.

But I did promise Ms. Funk that I would look into the matter, and, scam or not, I am a man of my word.

Since Ms. Blackwind is now aware of Ms. Funk’s “resurrection,” I am more or less washing my hands of the matter.

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Just a fair warning, Mr. Quatrevaux, Arrendis is not someone whom you shall consider for anything that could be remotely resembling a reasonable approach.

My recommendations would be: 1) take everything she says with a grain of salt; 2) avoid any argument with her, as she will pick on anything and will waste your time arguing about nothing without even trying to understand what you said; 3) better simply disregard anything she says.

I hope that will help you to save some time and nerves. But any way, good luck.


(Wo)Man, looking at the list I feel like I really could have put more dedication into this.

I’m ashamed of myself, how ■■■■■■■ sad is that.


I’m not getting that backflip, am I?


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