The client is suddenly shut down!

When I enter the game and turn the angle of 3Dview a little, the client will close inexplicably.
This problem only occurs in space. The space station is safe

Apple M1(7 GPU-core) 2020 (Macbook Air 13’)
macOS 12.4

This is on Singularity since the update yesterday? Could you please send a bug report, and it would be great, if you can include logs (preferably from LogLite (see )

This said, I have seen in our crash reporting system a significant increase of client crashes on the Mac on Singularity - so it is possible that this is related to this.

Actually: I was easily able to reproduce this crash and it seems like it is somehow related to failing to render the sun. Our engineers will take a closer look next week.

I have submitted the log to the bug report,
Issue ID: EBR-234865
And the title is the same as the question I raised.

Thank you for your work! o7

Can confirm the same on my macbook M1. Client version - 2057442 / Launcher version - 6.6.8.
Unplayable on the test server atm.

A potential fix for this is currently in code review and I hope that we can patch Singularity in time with this before the mass test tomorrow.

This potential fix is now on Singularity and so far it looks like this stopped the crash indeed. Please let me know, if you are still crashing.

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