The Clown Shoe Crew - USTZ Mercenary Corporation - High/Low/0.0

What we do:

  • Small, medium, and large scale fleet engagements
  • Black Ops Hotdrops
  • Warfare in High/Low/0.0 space

What we require:

  • Must be cruiser capable
  • Must be self sufficient, and able to make own isk
  • Working Mic/Audio headset for TS3
  • Skills to fly some fleet doctrine ships
  • Capacity to take in criticism and learn.

We dont like having to hold hands here so:

  • Must be able to hunt and seek own content
  • Must know the basics to ship fitting.
  • Must not be a potato.

Must be willing to train:

  • Logi 4-5
  • Minmatar/Amarr battleships: Bhaalgorn
  • Most if not all doctrine ships over a period of time

What we offer:

  • A content focused alliance and target abundant environment
  • Active memberbase
  • Teamspeak 3 server
  • Experienced solo/gang pvp members to learn from

Full Non-Expiring API required

Contact Julius Maagnus in game for more info.

Julius is a really kewl kid. Would recommend joining.

100% Recommended.

I have sent pilots to SBM and they love it thereā€¦ what more needs to be said?

Have the Kool factor cause they fly with xXDewayneXx.


Totally guilty of sitting here listening to the whole song. God I love being born in the 80s. lol