The Clown Shoe Crew USTZ PVP Recruiting

The Clown Shoe Crew is mostly a USTZ PVP corporation looking to increase our member base.

We have recently restarted our alliance, and engage in pvp in various places in EVE. In Highsec we shoot structures, and defend other organizations structures as income for the alliance. We hunt war targets in high security space, and engage in piracy in lowsec.

We are looking for motivated, self sufficient pvpers. People who are capable of generating their own content, as well as proactively assisting other corp and/or alliance mates in pvp endeavors. We are not looking for coat-tail riders. We want pilots who are down to frag.

What we require:
*Willingness to train doctrines
*Self sufficient ISK generation
*Working Headset AND Mic

We do not have a skillpoint requirement, but low SP players need to be willing to take advice and learn from mistakes. You must have a capacity to learn, and retain that knowledge.

Alpha pilots MUST be able to fly Tempest, and Ashimmu, This may require more than 1 Alpha account.

Omega pilots should be willing to train to fly Guardians, as we rely HEAVILY on logistics ships

Feel free to contact Julius Maagnus in game for more information.
We are also looking for pvp oriented corporations who are interested in a pvp alliance.

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