The Current Political Scape - Where be the Fights, Sov Wars, Political Intrique

Hello friends,

Having just returned to EVE after what I thought was a short hiatus (turned out to be 4 years already??) i need some info! On the heels of my last big go at EVE the citadel expansion was released and new structures and sov mechanics happened. and having tried to return a few times and frankly being a bitter vet not receptive to change, I want to know what is up with New Eden and 0.0 Politik! Where does a PVP pilot get the bang for his buck in my TZ?

  1. Where is the USTZ content for me (I like small - mid size fights) my normal go to is a roam. Who is fighting? What wars are or had been going on?

  2. What are alliance level large fleets looking like?!

I don’t care what alliance or faction or corp. you’re from, I just want to know what is going on these days!


Well, as for big changes that have happened since you left: (1)Citadels got introduced -They’re cheap and can be plopped down about anywhere, which has led to citadel spam. People complain when they have to bash undefended structures. (2) Rorqual buffs have led to capital proliferation, and increased likelihood of having them dropped on you. People complain about that. (3) HAC’s are strong in the current meta. People complain about it being Munin’s online. (4) Upwell Jump Gates allow fleets to travel really quickly without getting space aids. People complain that the in-game route planner can’t incorporate them into the route (I agree with this one). (5) Needlejack filaments allow fleets to fling themselves in a random direction looking for fights. People complain about roaming fleets being able to bypass intel networks.

As you can see. Not much has changed. People are still complaining about everything :slight_smile: .

As for finding content, why don’t you try searching and/or posting in the recruitment section. I’m sure that there are many corps in the USTZ offering small to medium sized gangs that would love to have you.


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