The Dantelion Plan

Bloggers hate her! Learn this one simple trick.

God, you really can’t stop talking about me can you? Your post is bullshite, for a start Toxic made me a moderator, second thing is that I never claimed to be a war decker, just to give the others sides opinion, it got rather amusing seeing you and others tell me that I was not valid being in the Discord because I was not a war decker.

I also refused to put any thoughts on paper as it was the war deckers discord, and tried to make people think about the defender. As you are so far up yourself you did not even notice.

Classic Sol rubbish…

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Called it! : D


I’ll listen. I’ve enjoyed my time and old fights with Dantelion. He definitely does think outside the box with some of the things I’ve seen him fly and how effective those things were. Maybe some day we’ll see you down here again.

Also, it would be nice if you updated this feed with the follow-up relevant posts. I don’t subscribe to blogs.

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Problem is stupid players/people ,what’s your solution?!

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The Whitehound Plan

I want to say something, and when I say it then it is because it is time to say it. What I say will show that I have said it and that I wanted to say it. It is important that I say it. So then I’m going to say it only to have said it. This is it:

I like to fart.

Please discuss.


Well that’s 5 mins I’ll never get back. I see @Remiel_Pollard already addressed my issues with that post. Wish I read them first…

Take it from somebody who posted here for years and at times gotten help from various forum communities here for various endeavors. If you can’t take a solid criticism and learn how to bend when your ideas are slammed you will never have support for them and your threads will be a giant troll fest. Show your flexibility man and re address @Remiel_Pollard first post and pretend the rest of this thread doesn’t exist. Bounce off him a few times and build a solid start to whatever it is you are doing. Good luck.


Me too
want to start a fart clan?

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Seems like the WarDec Project found the thread.

Don’t worry, I’m not one bit surprised by the answers, especially from the usual agents. So we are still on with this program!

Here is the first post in the series, gracefully offered to your reading pleasure. I hope it won’t be too much of a dredge reading it, bear in mind I might not be cognitively up to the task, according to Sol to boot!! (LMAO!! Man I have seen your ramblings on the Discord after I was gone, even other peeps in the discord think you have some cables badly arranged up there).

Anyway, have at it:


Edit: Also, I will address @Remiel_Pollard as we go on this ride, I am sure he will have occasions to show whether he is coming here in good faith or he is just here to find a target upon which he can sprinkle his sophist skills (that introduction was too much of an introduction!!..), for now I am assuming the worst, and I doubt I will be wrong on this one.

And I will be honest, I am not here for support but to make people face things they refuse to, as you will see in the article. Let’s see if some of them are even able to read the rationale of making High-Sec entirely safe without foaming at the mouth :smile:… So no, I don’t want support, the best I hope for is a discussion, and what I expect is a confrontational one because those things are rarely discussed without people getting emotionally jumpy.

I don’t think that anyone will even go at it seeing how disastrous the first episode went :sweat_smile:

Yeah, all he does is stir up crap and troll post. Very rarely does he post anything constructive.

What a donkey


Ccp doesn’t want you to know these 5 simple tricks to fixing the game. Number 4 will shock you!!@


First of all, your ‘introduction’ could have been two paragraphs, just two, leading into your first ‘idea’ post.

Para1: Hi, I’m Dantelion, and I do this in EVE

Para2: I’m going to write a series of blogs explaining what I see as broken, and how to fix it, beginning with…

And then you write your first blog.

Speaking of which, I have friends that play Albion as well, and there is a significant difference between that and EVE: it’s not EVE. For the record, EVE already has areas where new players are protected by the rules. They are called ‘starter systems’, ‘career systems’, and ‘SoE Epic Arc’ systems. You aren’t allowed to blap them or scam them there.

If your idea is to turn high sec into a completely safe area, then my counter would be no, because there are too many people who aren’t new who would use it for all manner of things with complete and total impunity. But, if I was forced to compromise and we were to make high sec completely safe, then I would say, not without making it substantially smaller. The difference between EVE and all those other games is EVE is completely player driven, and you need to come to terms with the implication of what that means.

Albion shows that it is viable for Albion. It doesn’t show it is viable for EVE. Because in case you haven’t noticed, Albion isn’t EVE. This whole line of reasoning from you was disappointing, because it’s a rehash of one of my least favourite ‘idea tropes’: make this game more like this other game that I enjoy. No, if you like Albion so much, then go and play Albion. EVE will rise or fall on its own merits, because EVE sets the absolute benchmark for open-world PVP player-driven sandbox, and in order to continue being EVE and not something else, it needs to maintain that core tenet, or nature. This core nature of EVE Online makes it the single most dynamic gaming environment in gaming history, and it’s done that for fifteen years. In fact, in the past, it’s been a lot harder than it is now. You think the NPE is weak now? Try it in 2012 when I started. Better yet, go back to 2004 when it was just, ‘here’s a ship, now f-off’.

EVE is not a follower, it is a leader. EVE doesn’t do what other games do. Other games do what EVE does. But even if they didn’t, you cannot base an argument for what works in this game, or any game, around, “this other game i liek does it!” You kill enemies in Mario by jumping on them, and it works! Why doesn’t every game do it this way! Why do I need a gun in COD when I can just use pogo sticks?! Why? Because it works for Mario, it doesn’t work elsewhere. Each and every game is it’s own microcosm of rules, and mechanics have to develop around those rules* in order to maintain them, especially in a game that has an incredibly well established set of rules like EVE Online, rules that have governed player behaviour for fifteen years.

High-sec can not be made risk free, because EVE Online is intended to be an arena unto itself. Once you undock, whatever sec you’re in, you enter the PVP arena. This is what a lot of people don’t understand: the reason you couldn’t find an arena was because you’re already in one.

But the thing about EVE, the really big thing that you’re missing, is that it’s a player-driven game. This is part of why things like tutorials are so minimal, introducing you to the mechanics (the tools) rather than the nuances (like dscanning enemies) that you should be learning from players. If you really want to help new players, you’re not writing blogs about it, you’re out there grabbing them wherever you find them and finding out what they need to get good at EVE. You’re teaching them to fish, not giving them fish. You’re doing it yourself, not asking CCP to do it for you. When you do the latter, it doesn’t look to me like you care about new players it all. Instead, it looks like you’re using them as a shield for your own personal agenda, your own personal desires to see the game change to suit your personal needs. That’s not adapting, and in EVE, ‘adapt or die’ is applicable full-time.

I didn’t go through your wardec stuff because I have it on record you’ve had a bunch of stuff explained to you. The overhaul that needs to happen isn’t high sec, it’s corps. High sec has plenty of purpose. It’s corps in high sec that generally have none. Look a little closer, and you’ll see why, and I promise you, it’s those corps without purpose that are doing more damage to new players than any wardec ever has.

*By rules I don’t mean, “don’t blap rookies in starter systems”, but the kind of rules that govern the logic by which the game is learned and played, such as, “ships will always spawn 15km from a stargate after jumping” rules. The rules of the game, not the rules of the EULA.


I gave it a try. I really did. But give it more than a few weeks before you call it gangrene. And I learned much about fleets in hisec as a merc.

I learned that missions were a career early on. I opened the map and said, DAAAAAYYYYUUUMMMM theres a LOOOOOT of systems. I wonder if anybody has been to every single one yet? That was in 2012.

Hisec is fine. Its the bustling city life as opposed to the more frontier style of null. Just you have to go through the dangerous ghetto of low sec to get there.


If you aren’t looking for support why are you posting at all?


While the intent might be there, I doubt that an unbiased discussion is possible.

More likely a blend of different biases (as most threads are) that will eventually descend into chaos as opposing biases clash.

Unfortunately I don’t think a discussion forum is the right place for a either an unbiased or a frank discussion. The format doesn’t really support that.

Makes me wonder if i should just copy the “discussion” from the discord to here, to show that the one who asks for a frank discussion has not actually been able to have one.

Also … unrelated to you: winning again! :slight_smile:


I don’t whether to be offended or not. :slight_smile:

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Nah. You’re a winner too! : D

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