The Dantelion Plan

So, I just started a series of posts on what I deem is the current state of the game, the different problems affecting it, and some of the solutions I propose to solve them. This is as much a discussion I want to start there as here, and it’s about the game in general, the state of Risks vs. Rewards in different sectors of it, the actors influencing whether those aspects are successful or not in those zones, and the general opinion of people on those subjects.

Overall, I think it is time for a frank discussion without bias on the different mechanics and cultures affecting the game. FW is finally catching up to years of neglect, High-Sec is the most cancerous zone in the game and yet is the first thing new players are introduced to, and finally Null-Sec is selling a picture of EVE that is at the same time self-detrimental to the game and lackluster as the big battles and the prevalence of botters shows.

Again, I think this is the perfect time for this, CCP will likely announce some of their plans as they get out of vacation, and hopefully we can offer insight and goals to those plans.

Never heard about you, nor interested to hear. As 99% of players here, I dare to say.

  1. Wrong. Just plain wrong with all those FW powerhorses moved into null or became pirates
  2. I play very actively in high sec most part of the last 5 years and only was shoot when I was in war. Which means that char, that is not involved in any war, can stay in high sec very safe if he knows, how to dodge gankers, stay cool in social part of the game and use proper tools for the job. High sec is the only place where you can have PvE when you are not in the mood for PvP.
  3. Not going to comment that. Let some real null dweller put you into the picture.
  4. Wormholes are also part of the game.

So first attempt to show off failed. But EVE is the game of opportunities, maybe you succeed in next one.


That’s going well so far

Going very well

E: I’ll just also add that, seeing how any interactions with you went in the Wardec Discord, I can safely assume you’ll do the same here. I.e. repeating the same crap over and over because the facts are contrary to your beliefs


I actually read your blog. Let’s address it, shall we?

It starts off with a ‘fair enough’ opinion of what you see as ‘the writing on the wall’, and setting up a premise for that. But then you go on to do something quite disheartening: you poison the well.

What is called the ‘bittervets’, or simply players who are actually just people who are too vested in their own interests and playstyles to see, learn, and try to understand what could help the game.

Right off the bat, you set up your defence against any and all criticism. This is a red flag to me. If you can’t make your arguments without making character judgements of the people who disagree with them, then your arguments are weak. For example: if someone says to me, “the earth is flat”, I don’t reply with, “you’re an idiot”. Even if they are an idiot, that’s not an argument against their claim. Nor is “you’re a bittervet” an argument against any disagreement with your blog. I cannot make this point loudly or clearly enough, and you’re off to a bad start.

During this week, I will talk about problems I have noticed with both EVE and its spaces, offer solutions and mechanics to address them, and answer their most common rebuttals.

Almost everything above this is not needed. This is where your blog should have begun, aside from a brief introduction and maybe one paragraph establishing a premise as to why you feel you should do this. This would have been a good start, leaving out the well-poisoning.

waffle waffle

This was the rest of your blog. Lots of waffling. By the time I got to the end of it, I realised you hadn’t said anything of substance. You haven’t raised any issues, you haven’t offered any solutions, you haven’t presented any arguments for or against anything. It’s just one excessive introduction to something you are proposing to do. It’s almost like a trailer for a blog, coming this summer 2018 to a theatre near you! The only problem is, you have to read it.

That was the point I realised you wasted my time, so in the interest of saving everyone else the hassle, I highly recommend to anyone reading this post not to bother. Please, next time you decide to waste our time, at least post some dank memes.


Funnily enough, your post seemed toxic enough. Are you sure it is me trying to poison the well?

Also, anything I have said, I can and will back with evidences and examples, you don’t have to worry about that.

Well, I do so because I am not naive.

People like you exist in the community and I have interacted with enough people around it, you included now, that I know that just coming in good faith is dumb. You have to clearly point out the faults of detractors, as much as I expect them to point out mine.

Wow, it’s almost like… it is?! An actual introduction.

Also if you are unable to see arguments for or against in what I wrote, well I can’t read the text for you, and since you obviously had the intelligence of showing the parts lacking such, I can safely assume that you are, of course, not trying to just blacklist content you deem too controversial for the poor, sensible eyes of the community.

But thanks to your service to said community, we can rest easy knowing Remiel Pollard can tell us what is worth reading or not!

Something that I will do. Thank you very much!

You do so because you know you’re going to cop flak for a bunch of really bad ideas you’re planning to post. It doesn’t matter what you label people, if people criticise the ideas that you’re planning to post, and your counter to their criticism is ‘you’re a bittervet’, then you haven’t actually addressed their criticism.

Everything you just posted is a knee-jerk emotional reaction to my criticism of your blog with absolutely zero rational consideration for what I’ve said. None. Not one iota. With that kind of reaction, I don’t expect your EVE ideas to be very rational either, so I’m out. Good luck with not being famous for anything. It works well for me.


That’s a possibility.

It’s a knee-jerk reaction pointing out that you see fault in it being an introduction when the point of it was being an introduction. Okay, I accept it.

Believe it or not but I do consider what you just said, I will actually even incorporate it in the coming post. So what you are saying is not falling on deaf ears.

Also it’s not about me, believe it or not, it’s very much about people like you.

Wants to write without bias.

Forgets to apply both mirroring and self-mirroring.

Pixels go to waste.


I may be harsh in my criticism, but that’s the best criticism. It’s why professors use red pens and words like ‘fail’ when grading papers at university. I know this isn’t university, but if you want people to consider those things you think are issues with EVE, then just lay out the issues, and leave the value judgements at the door. Value judgements are objectively worthless. Stick to that which you can objectively tune a reader in to, because if you want to convince ‘bittervets’ of your propositions, then the best way to fail is to dismiss them as irrelevant. They are not, and their points of contention may just be a learning experience for YOU.


No, but life is about learning and coping with that. EVE is life, ergo learning is a requirement.

As such, neither the red pen nor the fail is inappropriate, it isn’t harsh either.


this guy behaved like dracvlad in the wardec discord.

Constantly assuming he’s in a position of authority. He also believed that knowing about something is equal to having experience. Theory being equal to practise. He could not shut up, constantly hogged attention and after Arden gave him a lot of patience he kicked him.

This guy is full of himself and not actually cognitively up to the task, as Zach above pointed out already. The similarities to Drac were quite remarkable, and you all know what that means. Not his alt though, even drac’s smarter than that. Inb4 drac getting triggered again, believing i am ever actually reading his rage induced drivel where he keeps responsing and tagging me so i recognize his silly existence.

You have been informed; have a good day.


Don’t forget when he came back on another account to spammy spam his same arguments

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There’s a wardec discord?

I can haz?

ta. joined.

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That part i didn’t know…or forgot. vOv

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That’s why I’m here to remind you :wink:

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Who are you? if you are to lazy to post your “plans” here, GTFO and close this topic.

This is sort of a stupid thread. Seems more like clickbait if anything.


It would have been more clickbaity if it had included a pixelated image of a Japanese woman in a flesh coloured bikini.