The Dark Vanguard - proper PVP and focus on fun (EUTZ)

The Dark Vanguard is a very active EU TimeZone PVP Corp based in Null Sec and a proud member of Triumvirate.

Eve isn’t what it used to be and the META is now all about power blocs…we stand against that and focus on fun PVP!

We are looking to grow and recruit fellow EU players who are looking for PVP. Whether you’re a (bitter)veteran of this game, returning from a break or want to be part of a proper PV set up (rather than standard Null sec blocs…) we can help you and keep Eve fun!

In game Channel: TDVG Pub

What we can offer:

  • A lot of PVP: fun doctrines, aggressive use of caps & focus on fun pvp
  • Laid back mature group of people with very broad eve experience
  • Competent FC’s within the corp & alliance
  • Very good ISK making, quality moons (inc R64’s) & ratting/buyback etc.

What we are looking for:

  • Our main gameplay is PVP so we expect you to have a similar mindset but without super high standards.
  • Decent level of SP (no absolute minimum limit) and no complete newbros
  • Active in the European Timezones (approx. 17:00 - 23:00 Eve Time)
  • Must be willing to integrate and be in voice comms (Mainly TS3)
  • Ability/Willingness to train doctrine ships + caps + cap alts

Get in contact - either mail me in game, reply here or join our in-game public channel “TDVG Pub”

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Come and pew with us :smiley:

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Join us for fun fleets and nice kills :smiley:

More whales dead :smiley:

So we’ve been up to a fair bit lately, dont believe me? Check the Killboard!

We have some Corp based activities coming up so if you want a Corp with a bit of personality to it, drop by our in game channel!

Come get some good frags! :smiley:

Good fight yesterday:



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