"The Deathless" has been together since 2016 and owns 'The Agency'

The Interruption at Fanfest introduced us to a group known as “The Deathless”.

From the in game description of the group when selecting a side:

A shadowy network of smugglers linked to Caldari and Thukker organized crime and mercenary groups has been steadily increasing its reach across New Eden. This ruthless alliance between the likes of the Intara, Krullefor, Onikanabo, and Seykal is not to be underestimated

The Deathless was reported as an organization in 2016 when connected to the Shadow of the Serpent Event.

The unusual statement from General Korachi follows unconfirmed reports of a stolen copy of the FIO dossier on the Serpentis military buildup making its way into the hands of an entity known only as “The Deathless”. While being confused as to the exact status of “The Deathless”, these reports allege this identifier was recently used in the hiring of several mercenary corporations previously active on the planet Chandeille.

The merc corps that were just active on the planet Chandeille were Intara Direct Action, the Ostrakon Agency, and the Seykal Expeditionary Group

Private military forces from Intara Direct Action, the Ostrakon Agency, and the Seykal Expeditionary Group have disengaged in the last week, citing the presence of Federation covert and special forces as cause for activating “sovereign non-compete” clauses in their contracts.

It would appear as if the Peacock delivered FIO intelligence to the Deathless, as referred to by Esri Hakuzosu in Capsule Subsystem Holostorage EH-CN-J44-008

“Sparks told me he pulled off a job against the Feds that the Black Eagles don’t even know happened.”

Using SCOPEs new Capsuleer Job Brokering Business the Serpentis caches were rooted out and destroyed.

One year later the Deathless, through Intara and Ostrakon Agency bought the SCOPE JBB and transformed it into the Agency we know today.

One source, speaking to Impetus reporters via an encrypted identity-masking hologram, provided documents indicating that this consortium includes the Ostrakon Agency and Intara Direct Action private military contracting corporations.

That is why the Deathless can take over the Agency and give us tasks to go after CONCORD. The Deathless OWNS the Agency system!


My prediction is we are getting a Minmatar-Caldari pirate faction shipline


wen they released the spark ships i though to myself
well those ships suck , i bet some day they will buff them
so i was kinda rich i bought more than 50% of all the edencon ships in the game
i had LOTS of frigates , cruisers , battleships
one day i sold them with fat profit and was so happy because i was a smart dude
now they are worth a order of magnitude higher
i was a fool
now im poor and that is the biggest regret i have so far

just a cautionary tale for the new line of trash/weeb ships if that is true

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The Deathless appears to be the individual, possibly the ringleader?

Thanks to Galm Eskola-Fae for this one!


Awesome thread, can’t wait to watch this as more information comes out and this arc develops. Thanks for the shout out as well, glad I could help! It very well could be that this was one individual seen as part of a wider organization assumed to be a single actor at the time.

My personal theory is that there is a core individual The Deathless and potentially a wider organization that acts as The Deathless on his behalf. It’s all the same MO, but helps perpetuate the rumor of the Deathless seeming less like a single man and more like an omnipresent force of nature acting through multiple agents and proxies.

Take this next part with a grain of salt:

I have my own personal theory about them being a warclone, given the Agency and now many of the smuggler organization’s links to former and current warclone organizations. (Though they aren’t exclusively warclone organizations by any means, they certainly employed many during DUST 514.) It also might partially explain their ability to evade identification and easily infiltrate organizations as warclones can swap bodies and baseline much more easily than the capsuleer cloning process due to the lack of plugs for burn scanners and that Sleeper implants use the brain-in-a-box system that lets a persons consciousness transfer to any body with an implant without need for cloning or copying over synapses like capsuleers.

In fact, warclones famously usually only had one option for combat-clone bodies for years with female warclones canonically having to fight in male bodies to streamline the cloning process. Female clones were only rotated into production because of the extreme distress and dysphoria it caused the operator long term. I’m sure now the cloning process has evolved over time to create any customized clone needed for a particular mission or identity. It could let one person act as many, or many people appear to act as one.

I don’t have a lot to base this on for certain, so time will tell. Regardless, can’t wait to see how this unfolds.

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“The deathless”, bit of a 15 year old edgelord low creativity name imo. Might as well have gone for “XXXdeathless360XXX”.


apple lossless audio have more definition

Do we suspect they could be connected to EoM’s infiltration of all those merc corps?

I dont care if its deathless or ccp who own agency, they should fix the bugs that make the event task buttons dont work.


Might be a conincidence but the only new and “fully fleshed out” faction-trailer used to be Minmatar and during fanfest Caldari was added… So that would support your hypothesis.

Im curious as to what bonuses it would have. Thanks for the video of the Deathless speech though. Been looking for that.

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I long suggested a smuggler faction based on the Thukker that had old school jams as its ‘cheat’.

We will see how much they listened :stuck_out_tongue:

so we get basically 6 year old content. thats impressive!!!

Just watched your video on the Deathless. Impressive work. That gives a lot of insight. And explains that we should join arms against SARO. Heres hoping we eventually get a Sansha arc. They’ve been needing dealt with for a while.

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The more I come back to this thread the more I believe this is the best comment.

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