The Devil Clone (Part Two)

The Devil Clone (Part Two)


Waking Up


Guristas Assembly Plant IV Planet III Moon III

I Felt chains around me, causing me to try and move, “WHERE AM I?!” I screamed?

“SOMEONE? PLEASE!?” Suddenly the chains pulled harder “AHHHHHHH” A screaming sound like a bomb was heard. I woke up with a startle “Huh!?” Once again the alarm clock had went off early, but when I woke, I noticed someone was sleeping on me, it was Estamel, and then she awoke, and we were face to face, my face turned so pink I felt as if my Clones head was going to break open, and when someone turned the lights on, I realized that 1. Estamel was naked, and 2. We were both about to scream. “AHHHHHHHH!” I was terrified of embarresment and Estamel had to wrap herself with my blanket, so I got out of bed, it was the CEO of The Gurstistas: Bane.

“Bane!? Why the hell did you burst into our room like that!? Espically in that scenario!” screamed Estamel.

“I’ve come here for Xhamter…. Since he used to be a part of CONCORD as a detective.”

I looked to Bane “wait why me?” Bane turned to me “Because you’re the only one who would know something about this, now get some clothing on, ill be waiting….” He left the room.

I looked over to Estamel and she was still a little worried “that’s unlike bane to go and do that… it must be serious, don’t daudle looking at me, just go get dressed!” I didn’t think of bothering her so I grabbed my Caldari Officer Clothing as well as a Guristas berrett. It seemed as if I was getting ready to patrol, but it didn’t matter. I exited my room and headed toward berrets office, the Guristas other members thought I was some kind of spy or something, but as I approached banes office, Bane grabbed me into the office. I was shocked, but he let me go and locked the door, I sat down. In the chair that lay empty, so I sat next to it, then Bane unlocked the door, and I was surprised to see every faction leader and a detective: CONCORD, Angel Cartel, Caldari, Minimatar, Amaar, Gallente, Sanshas Nation, every faction known was here, but why? Even our enemies were here. And im surprised even Sansha Kuvikai, the one who almost killed me when I was young, was here, as a friend. He looked over at me , devilish like. Then the CONCORD Officer spoke. “Leaders and detectives, im sure your wondering why I have called us all here today.” Everyone nodded, but I didn’t even know what was going on, maybe it was a accident? Or a treaty? No, this was something else…. The CONCORD Officer looked to the Angel Cartel control house operator, in which Bane did not seem to care yet. The Angel Cartel pulled out a nearly broken black box, now Bane was curios. “How could a black box even take damage? They are invunrable.” Bane commented. “We don’t know, im confused as you are.” The Domination leader said.

“For it is not my wish to join you in a agreement, but I feel it needs to be done.” Bane said. I started picking up a vibration wave. “Uhm… I think I’m getting vibrations…” suddenly everyone heard a low pitch growl, similar to that of a wolf. The CONCORD officer got up, and walked over to the window of the station, and his eyes could see a entity, 8 sides, a eye like area, and as big as a dreadnaught, but it moved way faster than any other ship without its micro warp drive or afterburner. Not even CONCORD could get a scan on this, but we had a prototype meant for encountering new entitys: Ana-C0ND1 other wise known as a Andaconda. Bane hopped in the ship, but as always, the other allainces began to take the idea, but watched him while drawing a out line of the ship. He used the scanner on whatever this thing was and it turned over toward his ship, and probed it, almost dragging the ship with it. Silence filled the space air, suddenly the thing spawned 72 or so little drones and Bane began to back up as the drones chased him away, suddenly they went back toward there beholder as it warped away.

We were mostly shocked, and the scientist had no idea what to think of this, nor did the leaders. It was a machine beyond words, a device long lost for too many years, now giving birth to a new era. My Eyes moved , suddenly it warped , leaving a forest dust green trail behind, similar to goonswarm (the corp I cant figure how to join lmao).


Couple Jumps Away



Guristas Assembly Plant

Planet IV Moon 1


It’s been a week since that thing appeared, everyone with a mind to hunt is going to find this thing, though with the coming of this, I kept having the same nightmare again and again. I studied it, for days, weeks, months. Still Nothing… I went out to go drive my ship, and felt my back ache, everyone was asleep, not even the legendary Goonswarm dare move, everything was at a still… but there was something, I warped into a anomaly , being a wormhole I usually went through it, when I went through, there was no name, no Alliance, not even a single chat. But one thing stood out, something with the outline of 8 sides stood still. I approached it carefully, then stopped, suddenly I realized it was the creature, and I was in a big enough ship to capture it, so I so carefully opened the cargo bay, moved the ship and it was in, I closed it carefully, keeping the creature queit and happy. I went back through the wormhole, suddenly I heard yelling on comms. “Where is he!?” suddenly I spoke “who?”

Everyone went dead queit, then bane spoke “where were you, wheres the capital ship!?-“ I interrupted and said “please, bane be queit.” I asked quietly. He screamed “AS TO WHAT POINT SHOULD I?! YOU SCARED THE LIFE OUT OF US” I warped in at the station and docked. I exited the ship carefully, not making a sound, Bane Yelled though, luckily the creature couldn’t here us. “WELL WHERE WERE YOU!?” I spoke “Bane… I found it…” he didn’t know what I meant, so he fell queit. “you found what?” I shushed him, then whispered: “follow.” He walked along as I approached the front of the ship. id open the door silently and told bane to keep queit, for he doesn’t know danger, but he should. We walked in to see the creature still asleep, Bane asleep yelled in excitement but I told him to get queit. But the scariest, most bloody ravaging part in this, as soon as I Looked back, a glowing eye showed. Suddenly I yelled “■■■■! Scram from the Exit!” its grip was trying to vacuum us, luckily a crew member got us out of there, the creature coudltn escape or move as the station closed. It was trapped. Suddenly it was crying, or what sounded like. Bane looked at me. He spoke: “I am proud of you Cameron, but at the same time, I’m not.” Something my father would’ve said. “You’ve found the creature, BUT YOU FOUND IT AND BROUGHT IT INTO OUR CAPITAL SHIP!?” I Saw the problem. “L-look bane its trapped down, im sure itll be fine.” Bane sighed and walked in, I followed a minute later, then I walked into my room, where Estamel lay Asleep. I Moved into the bed slowly, and fell asleep. Though, this time, the nightmare, was a dream that spoke. “W-who are you?” the voice sounded similar to a child. I responded, “Cameron… Cameron Lytle” (Aka the name of my youtube channel, go sub if ya want, friend me on discord DarkLordRunner#2219, ok lmao back to the thing) As I walked around in the dream, I looked up seeing a eye. “Y-you c-captured me…. B-but why?” itd cry. Suddenly I understood what it was, it was a child, in a machine, crying for help. “You scared us… we thought you killed our… people” suddenly it stopped crying “t-that w-wasn’t me, though I know what your talking about. There is only one other of my kind, the good side of us have nearly died out. But the evil ones… there going to hunt me and my brother down… please I don’t want him to die…” I understood what was going on: what was happening was everyone hijacked by those machines was used to defend the good Thargiods. “n-now… I must awaken.” Suddenly its eye glowed red and yelled. “W A K E U P” suddenly I rolled off the bed and woke. “MmmmM… Uhhh!” I woke up, looking. It was morning on the planet, and a still black sky in the universe. Suddenly I heard a voice in my head. “g-go to me” I got some regular cloths on and walked into the capital ship and went toward it. Its eye opened, and I freed it from the hooks letting it out the ship ahnger , it teleported me onto it, suddenly I looked to see Bane and other members with weapons, ready to kill it. “Alright Boys!” suddenly I shouted: “STOP!” then and there me and Bane Stared , he spoke “ARE YOU WORKING WITH THAT THING!?” I tried to speak but Bane was angered, too angered, then I yelled. “BANE SHUT THE HELL UP YOU 2 SIDED MURDEROUS ■■■■!” a gasp arose and Bane stopped. He was surprised, someone speaking up to there leader. “Bane, this thing is alive, ITS HUMAN, its just trapped…” he spoke “HAVE YOU gone mad son!? That thing is not alive!” I yelled “Bane trust me!” suddenly it spoke “Uhm…” it seemed worried As Bane yelled. Then it yelled loud and screamed “EVIL!” suddenly I turned to see a much bigger thargiod, 2 times the size of the one I was one, much more colourful, and scary. Someone yelled “THERES 2 OF THEM!? WAIT!! THAT’S THE ONE” The man pointed to the evil thargiod, the other backed into the hanger as it approached the good one, suddenly they opened fire on the evil one, as it someone drones trying to break the station. I went in my Hel and bumped it, bashing it back. It screeched with all hell and its drone began shooting and breaking my ship, luckily my shields and armour and hull all held strong. Suddenly people began warping in, from every colony, names appeared on system: “Jona Ambramotte ,Avaren , Volven Shivoka, Killah Bee, ISD Venom, Bjorn Bee, Zarvox” Anyone you could name was in that system on that day, and began shooting the evil gigantic thing, suddenly the good Thargiod blasted the evil one, as I fired my doomsday.

Silence… It was dead, suddenly the Good Thargiod docked in the hanger and I docked my ship and then everyone went for war, shooting each other, except we didn’t get involved. We just stayed away from all the actions as people entered the station looking at the good thargiod, or buying clothes and selling ships, it was the definition of The Devils Clone. Hours past and everyone left, only a few people remained, well everyone except for our faction. People were happy since they took a long journey from whereever they were to the Gigantic Fleet that was made, the fleet itself bigger than any number fleet before, reaching from Millions of People, even The Matani joined. It was the biggest event, in the history of New Eden. As I walked to the creature, I saw Estamel running toward me, she hugged me with joy and dint let go, she cried. “Im so happy your alive” she repeated. I thought she was just scared I was ganna die, but it wasn’t just her, our hole faction had been affected, everyone had finally come back to the capital ship, and the main system, it was the time of rejoice and marriage. I approached the good Thargiod. It spoke “I Thank… you for helping me… for destroying that evil mastermind… but, this is goodbye.” I nodded my head and took my mask off. “well, this is… goodbye” it spoke, “Before I go, im giving you a gift, to remember, and thank you for what you … did for… me… or whats left of me.” Suddenly the machine glowed blue, then red, then pruple, then all colors til glowing could be seen , brighter then the caroline star, then the glowing stopped, there was clothing on me, royal as could be: a cape, pants with metal on the sides , animated red and black, a t-shirt of a Thargiod, glowing as well, my heart and implants powered 100X times, I got a Jacket, glowing as well with royalty, and finally a helm, with glowing red in the front, black around it, and my hand glowed with power, and I shot a laser from my hand. It was everything. “I… I thank you…” I looked up and nothing was there.


The Days End


The day was tiring and long, I was happy, yet sad, I felt as if a friend was gone, but I had to move on with life, I went to my room, knowing what tonight was, since me and Estamel had been dating for a while, it was time I asked her. It was time. I exited the room and walked out to see her. “Hey…” she smiled. “Hey, I’m happy to see you alive, if theres anything you want ill –“ I stopped her. I looked at her eyes. “We’ve been … with each other for a long time… and I was … wondering… if…” I took the box out, slowly her eyes widened and I said the final words. “Will you… marry me?” her face was darkened, black. She spoke “it’s been a while… since I’ve felt love… but you are… my lover… I… will… marry you. I Put the ring on her and kissed her hand. She chuckled under her breath.

Though, I had a feeling that this wasn’t the end, but instead, this was the start of journey through New Eden…


Mean While In the eary Dark


Serpentine Prime

Leaders Den

“Do you suppose something else?”

“No, I don’t, but we know where the guristas main area is, where bane is, but they didn’t kill us. So we shall respect that”

“Right, so the plan is to Assassinate him?”

“Yes, We need to Kill Bane and Claim Righteous as Leader!”

“Very well then.”

To Be Continued…

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