The Devil Clone (Part One)

The Devil Clone

There was a sudden blast of heat, I woke up startled, but this wasn’t at my home, I was in a glass like holder, I could not move and wanting to think this was a bad dream I closed my eyes and reopened them, I kept doing it until I fainted. Suddenly a terrifying alarm rang, suddenly my eyes burst open. I didn’t know how long it had been, but I was at my regular home, in my body, I looked at the alarm clock that was going off. “you dam thing…. I almost got a heart attack over a stupid clock,” I turned off the alarm clock and got to the showers, my scars had reminded me of the fight last night.

I questioned some of the things that were happening, it was the nightmares that were the most questioning. Someone viciously knocked at my room door, I yelled “now who the hell is that!?” I got my response when the door opened. “A-are you ok?” the voice I realized was estamel tharchon, the only guristas officer to ever under me whenever I went to do work for them, me and her were roommates In high security space, which is really strange considering we both work for a pirate outlaw to the Caldari State. Luckily for both of us, my friends were usually in the caldari protective force / caldari navy forces. I looked over back at estamel, glancing from the shower “Just fell out of my bed” she glinced back, “doesn’t seem like that to me, Cameron.” My real name was Cameron Lytle, but that was when I was human, ever since the technology of these immortal clone, life hasn’t been the same, its been breaking everyone apart from each other, latterly making nations go to war with the power of suns.

“L-look ive just been worried, and you’ve been helping our corperation entirely –“ I looked over at her with my shower robe on. She glared back and me and said “We’re going somewhere…”

For a second I thought where could we even go, were enemys of the state. So I got out of the shower, put my clothes on and followed her.

“I have a old friend we need to talk to, your little ‘dreams’ are getting out of hand”

“Estamel im pretty sure im fine-“ she cut me off

“were going, and besides, I want to talk with you about something on the way there…” she seemed light faced, as if she was blushing, or trying to.

My only weakness: Love, it was a strong power and bonds others together forever.

I had no choice, I went with her.


The talking of residency


Estamel Looked over at me and once we were in a wormhole, she parked her ship at a outpost


“So what exactly did you want to talk to me about?” I asked in curiosty, seeming to know what she said, but I didn’t understand.

Estamel looked over at me. Dead silence filled the room, I seemed to have known that this was on my mistake. Then she talked.

“There are some secrets I cant keep… that are a little… awkward”


“well you see, you’ve been working for us for a long time and ever since I saw you destroy some of our sights, I just help but say it,” she glanced at me with her flaming hazel, yet pale eyes.

“Say what Estamel” I seemed to pick up what she was saying. Then it hit me when she said it.

“I L O V E Y OU B E C A U S E Y O U S A V E D M Y F R I E N D,”

I stuttered… I breathed in heavy, mainly because I didn’t have my inhaler all day, but that was just a little coincidence, but what she said wasn’t a coinadence.

“I …” I thought for a moment, even if the word of another girl like “Michi” would come out, id be breaking her heart, so I carefully said it.

“I … this is a lot for me to take in…. more than I ever have tooken in…. but I love you too…” suddenly something else broke the peace, it wasn’t a hostile, it wasn’t her boss. Drifters owned wormhole systems as well as drones, but this was a portal opening, to another place.

“seems its ready…. Lets talk about this later” she said as she went through.


A couple of miles in



It was just about dusk when we arrived, well what would be dusk on a planet, when we arrived in KA-2G5, the place where jovians mainly grew up, or now have to, the bastards Angel Cartel with there design stealing selves…. Took the jovians home away, infecting them with there own bioweapon, were not sure why they did this but now all I know is they are enemy, and the jovians are our secret contact in case Angel Cartel Allys with us and betrays us, but she was here to see a professional dreamist, a amaar like person who could tell what dreams mean, and that way why we were here. Estamel spoke through her docking headset,

“This is GUR1-STAS 492, request for docking permission?” her words spoke through the mic as if someone was at the station”

“This is J0VE we are denying all docking request to all pirate fac-“ someone grabbed the mic “Estamel!?” someone responded

“yes… I called you for a reason Sir Aqezareth”

I might’ve guessed that this ‘Aqezareth’ was her jovian friend, and it seems I played out right, at least what I thought he was jovian. The mans voice roared through the mic, “come in come in!” That’s something I wasn’t really used to anywhere. When we entered , a signal guard with black smoke from his hand directed us to a very old docking station dock, I’m guessing this was her docking arena, her personal docking arena, it seemed very odd to me, more odd than the sansha stations in his god damned nation. When we landed and entered the dock, I began to get tired, so we hurried it up. While we were running, I noticed this place was a lot more scientific then jove like, which was stranger then anything I’ve seen. Then I saw a human like creature in a tank, with a tail and gils instead of feet, it looked back at me glimpsing.

“cmon then Xhamter, we don’t have all day”

Xhamter was my real name, since I was born with Genolution G2-A.

“ya I know… I just haven’t seen something like this-“

“We can look at them afterward.” She said with a sudden mean.

We finally stopped and reached a office or lab of some sort, it read “DreamWeaver”

I didn’t really know how this would go, or what it meant, all I knew is that if I didn’t go in I wouldn’t be so much as healed.

It was very queit and dark, similar to a drifters home

“Where are we, and where are the lights?”

Suddenly a bunch of lights turned on showing up to a machine, with a little blood near the head area, I was nervous, but they were the only ones who could do this. I sat down carefully on the seat, as soon as my arms rested, the chair locked me in, I tried to leave, but it stopped me

“What the hell? WHAT THE HELL?!”

I couldn’t calm down, the fact this seemed like a spinning deathtrap, the device above my head spun with a 7 inch blade on it with fire on the sides, suddenly Estamel put her arm on mine.

“Just calm down…. It will be over soon” her voice echoed as I fell asleep.”


The Information Spitial



It was the ending of Yulai YC119 and the moving to YC120, a twist everyone was excited for, since new ships were being concepted and new weapons were just found, though at this place the people talked, a man walked into the bar, Xer Ala.

A man raised his arm up, seeing Xer, and Xer followed over to the man.

“Might I be able to help you sir?” Xer asked.

“Hows about me a couple of Quafes?” The man looked over at him with the hat on him, seemed almost like a old meeting, Xer sat down with the man.

“So at least we meet,” The man said.

“Yes it has been a long time. And perhaps maybe a centry?” xer rolled the dice.

“Four, damn”

“Ya it’s hard to when, but anyway, I’ve come to you in regards to my…. Missing daughter.” The man exclaimed.

“Eh? Missing daughter? Whom might that be.”

The man raised his eye brow and showed his face.

“Estamel Sal Tharchon”

“You must be part of the guristas.”

The man sighed, then said.

“Well you don’t see pirate corperations working with officers of the law, now do ya?”

“No, not at all” Xer rolled the dice and got 6. Seems his luck turned.

“Please… im worried, for her sake…”

Xer opened a file case , he showed the last seen moments of Estamels ship, with another man in it.”

“I still wonder where she could’ve went, I haven’t seen her disappear like that”

Xer spoke “The last place we heard her was headed to a wormhole”

Estamels father raised his eyebrow “so shes gone to the jove again”

Xer seemed to chuckle a little, but the mans eyes were seeming dead serious. So Xer didn’t play around when talking “I Beg your parden but I believe the Jove haven’t been heard from for years now sir.”

The man rolled the dice, getting a 12 “well… that’s what you think, theres a portal somewhere in a wormhole system we can use to enter jove space, well only certain people can use, only our Mo’Reave and those who were born with the spatial gate power can open it.”

Xer looked over “and yet you choose not to tell CONCORD? Why? Were just trying to help everyone out here… plus I could tell the scope about this-“ The man put a knife under the officers neck.

“If anyone else knew, our enemys, our allies, everyone would be at war with us, they don’t need to know, trust me.”

Then Xer spoke “My apologizes…”

The man put his knife away, yet Xer did not fight him, he didn’t try to catch him or anything, and the man got up as the hole bar looked over “Meet me by our station in an enforcer…” the man whispered to Xer.


Some Dark secrets


Jove Assembly Plant IV Planet X

I couldn’t figure it out, but I was in a dream like area, I looked around controlling myself, then a vision came back to me, back when I was a child. My dad was the Military General for the Caldari Navy, as well as the swat teams…

I was very young in those days, as I was only a child… My father walked to my room while I slept, I seemed sound asleep, he tapped me to wake me. “Son” he whispered, “wake up buddy” but when I woke, it seemed very chaos like “d-dad whats happening?” I couldn’t move, so he had to pick me up and bring me downstairs to the ship. All I could hear were sirens in the docking areas “This is a code red Incursion, all members evacuate” it rang a ton of times as my dad put me in our ship. I lay in the bed on the side, and as I heard gunshots outside of the station I knew something was about to happen, my dad ordered everyone to follow him and warp to some kind of jumpgate or cyno gate, once there he opened a portal to Jita, the most popular market, as soon as he did that, millions upon millions of sansha’s men ran toward us, destroying our ships, I cried when we took damage, and my mother stayed by me saying “its going to be alright.” I looked to my father, and he looked back, knowing what he had to do, as we went through the portal, he doomsdayed it closed, almost shooting a CONCORD Officer, unfortantly, something we didn’t want to come through came through, but luckily we were at the one place where sansha would be ransacked, Jitas main station. As he pushed toward the dock, swat officers and caldari navy officers all appeared, ready to fight off sansha and his warriors, luckily, the titan was small enough to dock, but just barely, it scratched as we got through the dock, my father took me out of the ship to rest, but some of sanshas light forces with some slave highjackers found a way into the station, soon they began to kill of citizens and slowly turn them, but that failed overall as the Caldari navy soon fought back, as my dad carried me something punched him and knocked me out of his hands, I went to push the thing but it grabbed my by the neck and choked me, almost killing me. My father then pushed it over, freeing me and shot the thing dead. “Son… don’t ever… scare me like that again… now get to your mothers room now!” I Spoke to him “b-but dad I want to help” he yelled loud “SON PLEASE, GO!” he shot off the evil Sansha creatures, as I went to my mothers room , I remember the evil sounds of people dying, children crying , suddenly I felt the door began to open, seemingly like there was something there, suddenly I felt a gun next to my hand and I grabbed it and aimed it at the door “oh now… child im not ganna hurt you” it was sanshas voice, and as he fully opened the door, I fired off a loud shot.

“BANG” suddenly sansha dropped to the floor and died, my mother grabbed everything off of sansha and his weapons and she suddenly found a remote, with some weird symbols of some sort, she looked to it and pressed the one with the ship , and a sansha royal ship pulled in, so she knows it meant “activate my ship” then she saw a ship exploding button, shes guessing that destroys this ship and at the bottom was a big red button only used by sansha in evacuation emergancies, so she pressed it and soon sanshas main ship, was destroyed. The clones fell and shut off, 20 minutes later, everyone came out scared, crying, or in shock. Then, my dad rose, injured and sic, but still alive. I still had the gun in my hand as my father came back to us, I looked at it in my hands, as people cheered over sanshas defeat, I looked at the gun and back at sanshas body, I thought “what have I done… I killed someone” I began to cry, upset at what I have done, when my dad saw, he hugged me and seemed to comfort me. “it’s ok my boy, it’s over…. For now.” he looked to sanshas body, then the vision ended and I woke.

Two people were chatting from what I could over hear, then I moved and the device went off my head, as if the process had finished, I was chained to the machine, they looked over, There was a third person with them, but I didn’t understand what had just happened or why I had that vision, I could smell the blood from my head drooling down, it didn’t feel right so I didn’t want to move. Nor could I since I was locked in. “Hm… I believe your having a repeated nightmare from when you were a kid. And one I was in… the hole reason why I left sanshas nation.-“ when he said that, it gave me the feeling of that day, so I almost snapped, but since Estamel was there, I had to try and hold it back, except the guy seemed to know I would’ve been pissed off at him, since I didn’t trust the sanshas nation as much. When I got out of the device, I was put in a wheel chair at the time, I was very tired, and the next thing I knew, I was blacked out. When I awoke at the station, Estamel and her father were chatting.

“You and him were gone for so long.”

“And? He was hurt and I just felt since we needed to go”

“Estamel I had to go to CONCORD, please tell me next time when your leaving.”

“Why the hell would you go to them!?”

“I was worried for you!”

“well don’t be”

I got up and said “whats all the argument about”

They went queit, ending the argument.

“its nothing, my dad as just worried for the both of us… please, rest up.”

I Looked to her… and fell asleep, smiling. I felt her next to me on the bed, as well as her hand with my hand. It felt heartwarming and nice, I felt as if I was once again, bonding.


Our Allies are enemy


Angel Cartel Assembly Plant Utopia Planet IV Moon III

It was only the next morning on the planet, lights were blooming, and people were working. The Angel Cartel was currently mining looking for some more Veldspar.

“Yknow Micheal sometimes I wonder what the hell our lives are… don’t you?”

“Ya… but I don’t usually worry about life.”


“I just worry about a war”

“War with who? We are the most organized faction, pirate faction”

“Ya but that’s the thing, what if someone says there better and we go to war over it.”

He’d sigh.

“War wont happen as long as were queit, plus we have nothing to fear or worry.”

“you don’t… but I do”

Suddenly something disrupted there mining, it was a sonar sound.

“what the actual ■■■■ could that be?”

“I don’t know, it doesn’t sound good to me.”

“Well whatever it is its makig my systems fry”

They looked to the sky, to find a drone-like object staring down at them, it seemed to have 6-8 sides, and as it scanned the ground, it glowed, meaning it was probing something.

“What…. In gods name… is that”

One of them pulled up there HUD, nothing, it was the first creature they had seen, without being on the HUD.

“I don’t know what it is, my scanners aren’t picking it up, what do we do?”

“Evacuate… we’ve got what we’ve came for haven’t we?”

“Yes sir.”

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