The Dumpster [FI.RE] is Recruiting: Run the Chain, Roll for Content


(Mantonio Terrorwing) #1

The Dumpster operates out of a C2-NS/C5, focusing on solo, small gang, and BLOPS. We’re looking for PVP focused pilots who are experienced with wormholes/hunting in null (AU/US TZ).

Recruitment is currently open with vouches, however if you don’t know us, drop by our public channel and fix that!

(Mantonio Terrorwing) #2

Check out some sweet rolling action with Provi:

(Searbhreathach) #3

im ready to join put me in coach

(Sylnn Severn) #4

I’m sorry, due to your inability to accurately quote John Fogerty I am inclined to believe you would not fit within our corp culture. Thank you for considering us. Good luck finding a corp for a toon with 110m corps in history sp and useful alts.

It has been brought to my attention that a member will vouch for you if you upload a recording of yourself singing “God Save the Queen” in its entirety, ending with the slogan “The sun never sets on the British Empire.” Video format is preferred and can be posted in this thread.

(John A-Clark) #5

Since you cannot even follow the basic recruitment instructions on the forums provided. I really do have to question your ability to function and be a productive member of the corporation. If i may direct your attention to the corporation of karmafleet, they will be better able to handle your general lack of effort and intelligence.

(Mantonio Terrorwing) #6

Bumping is boring so here is a tune:

(Lazaris Praetor) #7

Good tune to be fair.

(Searbhreathach) #8

111 million sp toon with useful alts searching for pvp corp

(Sylnn Severn) #9

Have you uploaded your recording of God Save the Queen?

(Searbhreathach) #10

never never never

(Mantonio Terrorwing) #11

Bumping the thread for today, from the Mongolian steppes.

(Mantonio Terrorwing) #12

Also you can never have too much angry hobo rap:

(Mantonio Terrorwing) #13

We’re still recruiting, and uh heres some new NIN:

Still waiting for the vinyl to come in the mail.

(Mantonio Terrorwing) #14

Run The Chain! With Killer Rock and El-M.

(Mantonio Terrorwing) #15

We’re still flying, and still fragging. Just make sure your damage applies.

(Mantonio Terrorwing) #16

Is the chain scanned?

(Mantonio Terrorwing) #17

Welcome oblivion, rather what ever our new null static is. Still recruiting!

(Mantonio Terrorwing) #18

Achieve Zen with us. Recruiting AU/US pilots.

(Sylnn Severn) #19

Still recruiting and looking for good pilots!

(Mantonio Terrorwing) #20

Hi hello, we still are, I’m just in the boonies for a weekend fishing.