The Dystopian Concept has Arrived!

The Gallente Federation needs YOU!!

About The Dystopian Concept

The Dystopian Concept [-TDC] is a brand new corporation offering you the opportunity to help develop and evolve the corporation from day one.

Players from any New Eden races are Welcome!

Alpha Players Welcome! - Join -TDC with the Recruit Status

Omega Players Welcome! - Join -TDC with the Officer Status

Based in Placid and at war with the Caldari and Amarr militia (Faction Warfare)

  • We PvP (FW / Pirate / Small Gang)
  • We are based in High Sec (2 Jumps from Low Sec)
  • We aspire to own our own Citadels and Structures
  • Interested in wormhole space

What we offer:

  • Support and development for new players
  • Free replacement T1 frigates and modules
  • Corporate insurance policy for T1 Destroyers and Cruisers
  • Voice communication
  • Small corporate environment
  • Low tax rate (7.5%)
  • Friendly, laid back atmosphere
  • UK/EU/US Time Zones

You must:

  • Be an active player
  • Be a team player
  • Have a mic and able to use Discord (or whatever VC we decide on)
  • Be 18+ years old

Join our Public Channel -TDC or message me in-game.