The Dystopian Concept - Recruiting New Industrial Players!

The Dystopian Concept [-TDC] is a brand new corporation for New Players offering you the opportunity to help develop and evolve the corporation from its humble beginnings.

!!! Veterans of Eve this corporation is Not for You !!! - Any players over 12Mill SP will not be accepted at this time.

About The Dystopian Concept

  • Industrial Focus
  • Fleet Mining Operations - Orca Command Ship for mining bonuses
  • We are based in High Sec
  • High Sec/Low Sec Ratting
  • Agent Missions
  • We PvP - Small Gang Roams
  • We aspire to own our own Citadels
  • Now looking for players interested in Industry

What we offer:

  • Support and development for new players
  • Free replacement T1 frigates
  • Ore/PI buy back Scheme
  • Voice communication
  • Low tax rate (7.5%)
  • Friendly, laid-back atmosphere
  • UK/EU/ZA Time Zones

Message me in game Hydrix Bashmu or join our Public Channel -TDC

Note: Alts in other player corporations will not be tolerated! API access may be requested for security verification!