The Epithal

Wow logged on today and hopped in the Epithal to go grab some P.I. Always thought it was super dumb to be a PI ship that couldn’t carry any Command Centers unless you kitted it out with Expanded cargo IIs, then only 1. And look how long it took them to finally fix it properly, so it actually has a special hold for them now. Planning Planning CCP, oh ya and maybe play the game you fiddle with.

I think I am having a stroke.


Came for an epic story.

Left disappointed.

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PI sounds fun!

Only if you enjoy calculating circumferences.

Oh no, I prefer to roleplay my PI. Min/max playstyle just leaves miners all bitter and grumpy, it’s more fun if you roleplay it out like Sim City and name each one of your extractors and create a little spreadsheet with contact info for the onsite supervisor and maybe roll 2d6 for initiative and just have fun with it!

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Can I join? That does sound fun.

I can RP a slave driving Civire foreman.

It’s a good way to make iskies in between waiting for your moon mining op every week. :smiling_face:

Isn’t EVE Online such a great and fun game? :hugs: :blush: :hugs:

If you like we can chat about this on teamspeak?

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Right, but there’s no roleplay there.

Have some fun, stop optimizing and actually enjoy the game. Try to situate your cities on natural sites, like find a nice harbor or a valley or a beautiful mesa. Build your roads and let the citizens interact. It’s a game, not a job. Also, send me more isk.

Like on top of Ayers Rock? Oh No, that would be worst than mining without a permit.

re:send more isk.
You do know that you Princess are contending with two others right now in New Eden!

I always feel compelled to do this. I also feel compelled not to cross links. Crossing links should precipitate environmental catastrophes. Making viruses and pretending there has been a containment failure is also fun.

You owe me a billion.

dobber/tattle tail

/Only if you wear that Jump spacesuit I had once given you.

I thought you wanted me to wear the kitty poncho?


It’s very comfy.


No no not like that,

Don’t you remember what you got for xmas?

They didn’t fit.

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