The Faith is for Him, who gave you All

(Luna Hanaya) #1

I’ve a feeling that for Heathens understanding of our Faith comes down to simple belief in God.
Today, I want to share what does it mean for me.

If people will ask me, if I believe in God, I am not sure what I will answer. Because I do not. I do not believe, I know, that the Lord is here. You do not believe in sun, you do not believe in room, that you live in. We all live under God, and we do not need to believe in that, we need to know that. Just as you see stars and walls of your room, we see Him. I see him in clouds of the sky, I see him in smiling faces of Faithful, I see him in playing children, in blooming flowers, in forests and oceans. I see him in the stars and in motions of moons. Who could have done it, if not Him?

The Faith is the knowledge. It tells us about Him, about our Universe and about ourselves. It tells us who we are and what we are for, what we should be and what we should be not. There are many rules, there are many morals, but the most important one, is that we all live only because of Him.

Of course it were our parents, who gave us life. But it’s the God, who made us exist in the first place. Its our Lord, who created everything we have around us. And what He made, is BEAUTIFUL!

Get yourself a mount of stones and dump them on the ground. Do it again and again, the result will be the same, you’ll have a mount of differently arranged stones, but you’ll never make Dam-Torsad of them by simply dumping them out. To make something beautiful you need to have a creative and artistic mind. As you will never create a sentient life by putting into a mixer a mixture of nucleotides and start silly shaking them, hoping to get a DNA that will code a sentient lifeform. Have you thought, why Minmatar don’t have snouts instead of noses, and Gallente don’t have horns and tails, why we all from all the different planets look like Humans, why we all look beautiful and the same?

Just look around yourself, look and listen. Have you seen how the sunlight breaks through intermingling leaves, making patterns of light and shade? Have you seen shoals of malaga, jumping so high from the lake to form alive “rainbow” arcs, flashing their scales in colors under rays of rising sun? Have you heard squeaks of furriers and quiet puffing of snoozing burduks? Have you seen how a close team of fedos start wiggling their tentacles synchronously, like trying to wave you? Have you seen leaping slaver hounds, almost froze in the air with their dedication, and every muscle firing in its time? Have you seen ponds, covered by white lillies, opening their petals in the morning?

We are just beautiful children of the beautiful Parent, playing in a beautiful sandbox and trying to find our way home. Let us enjoy the life, enjoy the beauty of the Universe, enjoy ourselves and everything that God gave to us.

And let us today not pray or ask God for anything, but praise Him and tell Him our Thanks for everything He did and does for all of us!

(Anabella Rella) #3

Your anecdotes do not prove the existence of your god, sorry.

(Kaerin Urisa) #4

As much as I am of no faith. I do agree. Whatever circumstance, be it a god, many of them, or simple chance, I thank it, or them, for without such chance, I wouldn’t be sitting here, drunk off my ass and enjoying the moment.

(Halcyon Ember) #5

A lack of contrary responses does not equate to an acknowledgement of universal truth, it simply means people haven’t commented.

(Yarosara Ruil) #6

And this is why the Republic must be destroyed!

(Ilan Ardishapur) #7

You may have faith Hanaya though you continue to walk a dangerous path.

(kul Shaishi) #8

You’re a national populist as such you’re an idiot as well as completely insane

(Ilan Ardishapur) #9

As a heathen your tongue carries no weight in matters such as these. So save yourself further humiliation and quiet yourself.

(Corraidhin Farsaidh) #10

I wouldn’t waste my tongue’s time discussing your imaginary friend, I have more enlightening uses for it.

(Deitra Vess) #11

Talks about an imaginary friend, tells others they’re to stupid (your a heathen or heretic or whatever) to be part of the conversation because they criticise it… Amarrian theology in a nut shell.

(Casserina Leshrac) #12

And I see the pot is calling the kettle black again.

(Ilan Ardishapur) #13

You have less of a right to talk of the faith then the ignorant heathens, heretic. As you’ve willingly sinned against God and condemned yourself to an eternity of torment.

(Deitra Vess) #14

“My gods better than your god!”

“No hes not!”

“Ya he is!”

(Aria Jenneth) #15

So-- I’m curious, Ms. Vess: do you really see the Amarr and the Sani Sabik as so equivalent? A Sani Sabik ascendancy in the Empire would … uh. Definitely change some stuff, regarding the war. Probably not in ways you’d like.

Not that I think there’s much risk of that right now, but…

(Deitra Vess) #17

I see the Sani Sabik as a branch off of the Amarr faith, much like the Nefantar and us. They are not the same, there is hope for them I guess(?) Nefantar are still redeemable; prime example Valentina DLM. I don’t know what to say about the Sani Sabik and Amarr. Either way they both don’t wish us well. So why exactly would I care if they did come together, doubtful as that is. Believe me I don’t mind them fighting each other. In the end I know which I would shoot at first.

Can you not see how a people who have done what mars our past can be seen as the monsters as they are? Like with anything there are plenty of exceptions but fact remains. History doesn’t disappear due to well wishing. For every hundred that wish us no harm there still are a thousand or more who wish the opposite.

(Aria Jenneth) #18

I can definitely see how and why the Matari think of the Amarr, broadly, as monsters, Ms. Vess. It’s a little hard to get through a conversation on the subject with Miz or Arrendis without getting an earful, and there’s only one of those two I don’t speak with much.

The question was more for you, personally, as someone who seems to prefer other methods than just all-out war, and the reason for it was sort of for personal reference about how much a typical and apparently not-awful Matari knows about the situation.

The Amarr aren’t … kind … to their heretics, and Sani Sabik in particular. They tend to kill them. It used to be I thought this was an overreaction. Now…

No. No, it’s not.

(Pieter Tuulinen) #19

I take my own faith pretty seriously (by which I mean that I’m serious about applying it to my own life, not inflicting it on others) but I would be the last to claim that the existence of the Winds and Ancestors was in any way empirically falsifiable.

The same can be said about anybody’s Gods, Spirits, Demons or similar.

I find it perfectly easy to share a faith with Verin, for example, despite our very different thoughts on the nature of that faith. I’ve never understood this drive to orthodoxy that affect some faiths. or the need to proselytise something that ought to be personal…

(Luna Hanaya) #20

And I always thought I was quite a risk-averse person…

(Aria Jenneth) #21

Well-- as far as the Way of the Winds or Achura goes, Pieter, I agree. But … neither of those really runs into the same kind of trouble.

Say you’ve got a particular practioner on the old Path of the Sword, someone who’s seeking understanding as a fighter and duelist. Suppose this person becomes obsessed with power, seeing power and power alone as the be-all, end-all, final goal of everything, without understanding at all the futility inherent in such a desire.

Makes for a pretty troubled person who’s also a pretty dangerous duelist, right? But … not really someone who’s all that dangerous at a society-wide level, because their ideas are so far out in the woods that hardly anybody’s going to follow them there. Eventually, it’s even self-limiting, because they’re going to run into something that clips their wings-- a stronger fighter who doesn’t believe in their philosophy, or just a sufficient number of angry townspeople with long makeshift spears.

(Talk about a humiliating way to go…)

But, imagine a society that’s way more concerned with power, and its proper distribution-- that regards taking the power of others and adding it to your own as an admirable act, but that limits and rations individual power through a strict social hierarchy that takes generations to climb. In that setting, that same person is way more corrosive: a representative of something related, but also anathema, to the primary culture, someone who believes you’re entitled to all the power you can take, and that this and this alone drives the beating heart of the world.

Instead of being basically a bandit with pretensions, he becomes a one-person tear in the social fabric-- a tear that’s apt to run. Worse, the particular nature of his “insight,” such as it is, lends itself to the most horrible kind of stuff. Take any notion of the rulers being responsible in some degree to the ruled, even for their own long-term well-being, and just erase it. The strong struggle for dominance; the weak are used at the whim of the strong, typically until they’re used up; that’s just how it is … if the Sani Sabik rule.

The result is a society without duty, rule of law, or social bonds, a society consisting solely of the struggle for power-- and eventually, not a society at all.

That’s what this “heresy” leads to. It’s anathema to the Amarr.

(The fact that Sani Sabik tend to get up to stuff like sending bits of loyal Amarrian family members to other loyal Amarrian family members by way of rubbing salt in various wounds probably doesn’t help.)

(Deitra Vess) #22

I can only say from my point of view religion of any type whether it be Amarr, or the winds, or what have you are simply tools. A hammer is a tool as well until you bludgeon someone to death with it. When it comes down to it, I am a warrior for my people. My sole existence is to bring peace to my people at whatever cost I can, much like the warriors of old who fought(physically and verbally) and brought with it our era of peace before the Day of Darkness. Those who harm or wish harm upon my people, like with you and Lunarise, it is my duty to defend them at whatever cost. Just because I fight doesn’t mean violence is the only thing in my arsenal. If I can bring some form of peace without it, it causes less conflict for my own.

It is another branch of my defined goals. Fighting is pointless without reason. If my fighting causes collateral damage to my own then I have not done my job. Would you fight a battle that would lead to Luna being maimed or killed if there were other options on the table?

Going back to my initial statement in this. My people don’t need the tool of faith that is the Amarr religion. If it is forced upon us I am duty bound to eradicate the tendrils reaching into my homeland. Those tentacles spanning into Delve or anywhere other than my space are not my concern nor will I make them my concern as at least with the case of Delve they wish just as much harm against us as the stray paw lashing out towards Metropolis, Heimatar, Molden Heth. The hand that reaches into the thresher shall only find itself separated from the arm that controls it.

As there are plenty of similar minded people of Amarrian descent and those under their influence that wish for their own security and not to compromise ours, please tell me how I would be performing my job defending my own by making those who keep the sword sheathed draw their blade?

Annihilation of your people in the end does not accomplish our goals. Pruning the wayward pine of stray branches will still let light in to allow for growth and prosperity without dulling your blade used for cutting firewood in the winter to come.

I hope that answers your question, feel free to ask for clarification or expansion on anything I’ve said.