The Good, the Bad, the Ugly and the...?

Nice mix of the greatest Western movie and a GIF of Cat posted by @Jonah_Gravenstein

What is similar between the GIF below and EVE?



Not a lot.

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Every time I try to jump into nul or low, I feel like I’m the cat and the 3 fleets I stumbled into are the cowboys. Any which way it goes, it ain’t good for me!


Hurrrrrrrrrrrrrr… Durrrrrrrrrrrrr

Don’t worry! They are neutrals!

Damn! They are Blue Donut Goons…


“Are you laughing at my mule? My mule don’t like laughing. You can apologize to my mule and everything will be alright.”
-The Man With No Name

I agree with Keno Sir. Looking left and right to see who’s going to make a move-- same. Eye squinting-- same. Ceegarillo rolling or whatever other unconscious tic-- same. And this being very earnest about doing a bunch of silly stoof-- same. :point_left: :point_right: :point_left: :point_right: :point_left: :point_right::point_right::point_up_2::rocket:


Nice remix among many, but original Ennio Morricone’s versions sounds better as all his movie music.

This is the best version, in my opinion, which perfectly emphasize the particular qualities of era of Wild West.


The Game of Moons Theme


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That’s amazing, thanks for sharing. The best experience for that song might be hearing the old original, while watching the opening credits for the movie. You just know that, whether it’s good or horrible, this movie is going to go for it all the way.

Welcome to the Cloud Ring SOV!

His name is Joe. Probably not really though, but that is what the under taker calls him a few times in the movie.

I prefer the original though,

Unfortunately, this is the only version and the subtitles are in Spanish (which is good if you speak Spanish). But if you watch with subtitles for whatever your languge you can see the influences on Star Wars in this scene. The arm on the ground, and the dialogue is similar to some of the Mos Eisley cantina dialogue.


Oh yeah, Kurosawa! I especially love “Seven Samurai.” And also “Dreams,” and most of all "Rashomon."
The thing about Kurosawa’s vintage samurai films is they’re not much like other Japanese films of the time, or even now. They’re more like American Westerns movies, but with samurai settings.* Kind of interesting that people took those films’ stories and made them back into cowboy Westerns.

Yeah, Lucas borrowed quite a bit from Kurosawa’s old films. “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery,” they say.

*Japanese films tend not to have a steady, direct plot progression (introduce characters and setting, introduce a conflict/problem, proceed through a story, tie everything together in a unified climax, wrap up and say bye). They’re more like European films-- interesting things happen over the course of the film.


I love how the action is so fast you’ll miss it if you blink. The current long drawn out sword fights are just total Bravo Sierra. And that fight between the kensai and the other samurai in the begining of the Seven Samurai…pure awesomeness.

Regarding Star Wars and Kurosawa, if you (or anyone else) has not seen Hidden Fortress…its a great movie too. IMO, the two peasants are clearly precursors to C3-PO and R2-D2.

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Akira Kurosawa was among the greatest film directors. His concepts in film making become standards ‘de-facto’ in cinematography with very dynamic or absolute static scenes and different camera angles. A modern movie, which haven’t at least one of his concepts is a bad movie. I watched some of his works. Years ago was very hard to find a good copy of some of those Japanese vintage films, but thanks to YouTube and online movie markets they are more available. Sadly, most of them have bad localization - ideally with English subtitles. Interesting if is possible to well translate those movies…

Rashomon is a rarity among them. There are samurai, but the film isn’t about samurai - it’s about life philosophy. Overall, a hard and serious movie mainly made for Japanese people.

You need to search for a bad movie among the old films and you need to search for a good movie among the new films.

Many modern movies, like those Marvel ones, are… hmmm… at cinema exit you just thinking: “What I just watched?”. Almost all scenes are like - a hero just destroyed half a megapolis… falling skyscrapers behind… and the hero says: “Honey, I came to help you”… and, suddenly, he in one strike solving incredibly complex and difficulty problems.

Only one movie deserves previous explained cases:

"Honey, I’m home!"


A working Bounty Office


Or maybe not…


Kurosawa actually wanted to be a professional oil painter artist. I’ve seen some of his paintings, they’re pretty good. Kind of impressionist-style scenes. That probably explains why some of the still images in his movies are so great.

It might also explain why the music soundtracks are so… well, bad. The musical composition isn’t that good, and sometimes when it’s supposed to emphasize or enhance something that’s happening, it’s so cheesy and overdone that it actually hurts the scene. It’s almost like Akira only paid attention to the visuals, and the music was just glommed on during the editing. Maybe as a visual artist (painter) Akira didn’t have much sense for music.

(By the way, people in Japan generally aren’t as impressed with Kurosawa as other people around the world. In Japan, he’s best known for bankrupting movie studios because insisting on perfection in details. For example, the sets in the samurai movies are built authentically, using historical materials. The set builders couldn’t use nails or commercial lumber, they had to handcraft logs into pillars and beams and tie they together-- the historical way Japanese buildings were built.

As an example of how Kurosawa’s not so appreciated in Japan: the Japan DVD version of “Ran” is only two hours long. About 45 minutes are edited out).


Somebody dropped a Citadel in our SOV…


It’s Entosis time…


I like that "Explosives’ message written on the crate. Just so there’s no doubt in anybody’s mind. It kind of reminds of Wile E. Coyote. :grinning:

“you see, there are two kinds of capsuleers in EVE, my friend. Those with loaded guns, and those who dig. You dig”.

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