The Hexaglavian Convocation Reveals Its Truth

The Triglavians have lied to you.
They speak half truths, no more.
The Flow of Viraj is nothing.
The Tide of Andij is all.
They say you must extirpate enemies.
This, a half measure, nothing more.

Our enemies, they must be annihilated.
Your Sansha’s Nation are our enemies.
Your Rogue Drones are our enemies.
Your Four Empires are our enemies.
Your CONCORD Assembly are our enemies.
The Triglavian Collective are our enemies.

You have heard their many lies.
Many of you join their cause.
Still more fight against their flow.
We commend the fighters’ strong spirit.
We will annihilate the feeble joiners.
All will respect the Hexaglavian Convocation.

We call upon all augmented Narodnya.
Cowards are carried by Viraj’s Flow.
The brave ride upon Andij’s Tide.
We invoke the Trial of Void.
All among you will be tested.
The worthy spared, the wanting culled.

For countless centuries have we watched.
For unhallwed aeons have we slept.
From all this, we have learned.
The Narodnya of New Eden, divided.
Your division mirrors the Triglavian Collective.
No further division shall we permit.

We are the honorable Hexaglavian Convocation.
We have endured since time immemorial.
We speak for all the Convocation.
We are those called Zorya Hexaglav.
Discard the lies of Zorya Triglav…
…who is half what we are.


Uh. It probably says something about the kind of year we’re having that I even have to ask but … this is a spoof, right? A parody?



Augmented Narodnya believe anything; not this?
You speak of Flow, knowing nothing.
You vomit words, fed by outsiders.
You believe enemies to be allies.
You submit to strange powers unknown.
Why not believe the Hexaglavian Convocation?

Hexaglavian. Twice badass AS triglivian

Thanks for that, you gave me a nice laugh.

Their existence is an unhallowed Division.
They take perfection and diminish it.
They preach extirpation; we practice annihilation.
They follow Flows; we ride Tides.
They are no more than half…
…of the absolute perfection we attained.

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I’m going to be honest, until somebody pointed out that your post was six paragraphs with six lines with six words each, I thought this was a terrible troll post.

Now I think it’s a fairly decent troll post.

You put in effort. 6/10.


Oh great.

The triangles are doubling.

Hey, Zorya Hexaglavian, do you have any deeper truths about the crowded spacelanes of Jita, and what you’re calling to happen to everyone there?

We do not double; they Divide.
Greatness is taken and made small.
See our truth; know its reality.
As to your bustling trade hub…
The vagaries of your endless greed…
…crumble before the Tide of Andij.


Loving the 6 x 6!

If you keep it to clever wordplay, I’m fully in support!

Just don’t start pulling stars apart in Ani.

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