The Holes Have Eyes is recruiting corporations for WH space!

The Holes Have Eyes are looking for WH corporations to join our WH alliance! We are looking for WH corporations who would fit the specific type of culture we are attempting to develop in this alliance. What we offer corporations looking to join a wormhole alliance:

-Fully functional SEAT for corp use to help with personnel management
-Automated Discord for easy registration and management of members within the alliance
-A Small, tight knit community currently living out of a C5 wormhole
-Small gang PvP content both in filament form as well as out of main hubs (Jita, Amarr…)
-Non-wardeckable Alliance

What we are looking for in corporations looking to possibly join our alliance:
-10+ Heartbeats per corporation that is applying
-Groups willing to PvP/defend the WH they are in/join in on roams
-Leadership willing to participate, communicate and evolve as this alliance grows
-Positive attitude and consistent activity

If you feel we might be a home for you, reach out to me, Daxx D’arkon or The DarkMessiah via evemail. Look forward to flying with you!


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