Crooked Cave, a corporation of The Holes Have Eyes

Come join us in the Crooked Cave, a part of a new alliance called ‘The Holes Have Eyes.’ We are a newly started WH corporation looking for pilots willing to learn and grow inside WH culture. We are a pvp first corporation which understands the necessity of PvE in order to facilitate fighting.

Our Zkillboard: The Holes Have Eyes. | Alliance | zKillboard

What we are looking for in members:
-10M SP+ Pilots with Zkillboard History
-PvP-oriented pilots
-Friendly Attitude with some thick skin
-Players looking for a close 20-30 member relationship in corp
-Initial experience in WH space is not necessary but preferred

What we can offer:
-C5 WH to make solid isk
-Friendly Allies who we work with in C5
-Solid doctrines
-Automated Discord/sEAT
-Close knit community within the alliance

If you have any questions, join our public channel called: CROOKEDCAVE



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