The House of Asterion is recruiting [WH C4 - EUTZ]

Hey there,

So, you want to dive into J-Space? We’re active and we’re the kind of corp that likes to do stuff together. So if you’re into that, give us a try!

We’re a medium sized and very active wormhole PVP corp. In the EU-TZ we’re able to field ±15 people on the battlefield. In total we have around 30 people in the corp. Our main focus is PVP. We like to hunt and kill stuff together.

And as you can see on our killboard, we’re breaking our own records every month. Our short term plan is to improve this even more, try to field some bigger numbers to the field and get involved in larger fights.

Our mindset

  • We always take the bait
  • We scout, scan and share intel
  • We make quick ISK so there is more time for PVP
  • We act as a team, always!

We’re looking for
Anyone that shares this mindset. Prefered is at least one char with 15M SP and a char on another account that can be scout/logi/dps or ewar support.

Some details

  • A nice and friendly environment, we live in a C4 no effect hole with C3/C5 static
  • Astrahus and Raitaru, fully fitted
  • Pathfinder as wormhole mapping tool
  • DISCORD for voice/chat
  • Fleet-up for our doctrines
  • Support with logistics
  • Buy back program

How to join?

  • Join our in game channel: thoa-recruit
  • Use the API link in the MOTD and send it to Meneer Wolf
  • Be available for a chat on discord

Hope to see you soon!
Fly safe o7
Meneer Wolf

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