The industrial back bone for scumbags - Low sec production, pvp, blackops etc - EU & US Timezones

As we’re fondly referred to as “the industrial backbone for scumbags” you can well imagine that we do our fair share of mining, industry and science. But how else do you fund those PVP ships?

TADRA lives in a sizable pocket of lowsec space where wars are a regular occurrence and fighting our enemies is just as important as krabbing in our space. Small fleet fights happen semi-regularly and outside of our own conflicts, we have access to alliance and coalition fleets that often exceed 100 pilots and include everything from dread-bombing and nullsec roams, to structure bashing and recently fighting CCP fleets on Twitch (Twitch) - “Yep, he’s tanked to the gills!”

Our leadership are experienced across many sectors of space including low sec, null sec and living in wormholes. We’ve tried it all and have a lot of knowledge to offer!

In short, we offer great PVP opportunities, great industrial infrastructure, a wide range of content and a mature environment where real-life can come first.

What we offer

  • Mature player base with a “real life comes first” attitude
  • PVP - small and large fleet
  • Moon Mining
  • Black Ops
  • Manufacturing
  • Reactions
  • Experienced Leadership

What’s Required

  • Working microphone
  • The ability to be self-sufficient
  • Be able to speak and read/write English fluently

Personally, I hate mining and prefer to krab in wormhole space.

Play your own playstyle and we’ll support you any way we can. But when home needs defending, hop to it!

Do I contact you in game? do you have a channel or discord to join?

We’re a mixed but fun Bunch. Good place for people learning or experienced. We are active at all times as well so not just UK. Reach out to Gralky or Rhaz in game

Still looking for new pilots!

The Grand Prix proved to be a bountiful event for us netting over 1000 frigate/shuttle kills, 3B in modules and a lot of laughs. The Black Monolith is white with salt!

We didn’t smart bomb them either, lots of tackles, shooting and fast locking fits. I’ve never seen so many inertial stabilizers in one place.

Thanks to all the pilots of EVE who swang by lowsec!

Bumping this post from a shattered moon rock. Mining makes the economy work so we’re doing our part and attempting some recruiting.

Drop me a message in-game if you’re interested.

We have cookies! NO CAKE! Do not ask, also Rhaz will teach you things.

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I’ll certainly try, especially where wormholes are your interest!

We’re still actively looking for active pilots, reach out to me in-game!

Still recruiting.

Giving this a bump :slight_smile:

How do I reach out in game??

Hi, you can hit us up on discord if you want.

Cake is still available.