The Islanders-Thera-USTZ-PvP-New Bro Friendly

Thanks for checking out The Islanders. There is a saying that you should be the change you want to see in the world. In my case that means more people living and fighting out of Thera. At the moment there are only 1 or 2 corps who base from Thera and while they are very good, they typically have high sp and skill requirements. So what does The Islanders offer?

-USTZ PvP action
-Roam Wormholes
-Roam Null Sec

-we move your stuff for you and will always have T1 destroyers and T1 frigates for free

-Comms, Discord, and All That Jazz

-rather than have set of requirements we ask that you respect three very easy rules.

Always take the Fight!
-isk is always easier to get than great fights, it’s worth the risk

Share what you learn!
-new fit? new tactic? new item of obscure Eve lore? Share it! This game is massive and after 10+ years of playing I am still constantly learning something new.

Be excellent to one another!
-support your corp mates, learn from each other, there is fun to be had!

That’s it. No ESI stuff, don’t care if you came from a big null corp or a high sec indy corp. Come have fun and experience the adventure Thera has to offer.

Public Channel-Island Life

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