The Key to Sucksess

Greetings Capsuleers,

In the contemplations of this reality; purpose becomes a question:
of motivations, ambitions, hopes, dreams, desires.

Within the context of corporations.

What distinguishes a good corporation and alliance from another?
What are the key factors to their success?

Before I digress,

I’m interested in to here from veterans on the key parameters for success in the function of corporations and alliance. That is what distinguishes a good corp from a bad corp.

In the sense of universal domination.

Because that’s the goal right? But, perhaps I’m missing the point. But, there is definitely some

Is it the community of the corporaiton? That is social networking proxy wars are happening in spaceship sandbox.

Just a few thoughts. Please respond at liberty.

Fly safe? and regards,

I think you are reading way too into what success is?

What may be success for one person, may just be a stepping stone for another person.

There will not be a right or wrong answer on what success is… Every person finds success differently, and it also depends on the goals set forth by each corp.

universal domination may not be a goal.
My corp is more of a service, and we are some of the best mission runners to help raise other’s standings. In some way shape, form or fashion, United Standing Improvement Agency or its predecessors, has been in game over 12 plus years offering this service. With the merger, our workload and success and fine tuning of how to handle each client gets better and better.

I think our corp leader would find that to be successful.

Well said! Success may not be the best word.

It seems like your corp has clear direction about it’s mission. It’s incredible to hear how long the EVE tradition is for some. The roots go deep if you will.

To clarify, what values or factors are critical to the longevity and expansion of a corporation.

For instance, some level of community, some level of organization, some level of core values, and a well defined mission?

Not much different then starting a business in the real world.

Any feedback appreciated!


I found this article to be pretty helpful!

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