Start Corp or Join Corp?

Hello! It is Cleaning Lady!

I am at a fork in the road. I have been trying to start a corporation off and on unsuccessfully with different routes for a few months. I have left and now just returned and am starting again fresh. I have much passion for what I do, and hope to help new people in doing so, so I have started the Sparkle Parlour! But ever since I start this corporation, I can only think, “Why am I recreating the wheel?”

My goal is to have access to low security and null security and to live sustainably and teach others how to as well.

I have been considering EVE University for a week or so now and wonder if I should just start there and be most helpful that way, rather than possibly failing again?

Any feedback is appreciated!

Thank you!

<3 Cleaning Lady

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This isn’t usually what people with ambition want to hear (because sooner is always preferable to later), but I’d highly recommend you join a competent corp that does the kind of things you’re interested in doing. Learn how competent corp leadership do what they do and then…well, do that. Once you’ve learned what you needed to, or at least once you think you have, break off to forge your own path.

EVE is all about working towards a long-term goal, and exploding along the way.


If you’re interested in pvp we are a brand new faction warfare corp. You can help us build from the ground up. We need pilots who want to build and create something great.

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Send me a mail with more information, it does sound interesting! Thank you for all the help everyone.

we already do all that
and not in npc

I want to start a corporation myself.

I am looking for someoane to help me with the corp, you can have roles here if you are interested. We live in querious, part of stellae renascitur alliance, part of querious fight club. No obligations here. You can rat, mine, explore, pvp, whatever you want. We have quiet systems for ratting but also we are close to low sec, which is good for pvp.

As someone else wrote. Join a corp and learn from them, and start your own later if that is what you feel for then.


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