Looking For A Mentor

Looking for a patient mentor to guide me through EVE online. Also be cool to gain a friend thanks. I has discord.


Join a corp.

EVE University has a Mentorship Program. I don’t know how active the program there is but I am aware they have it.

Hey Drake, welcome!

Feel free to mail me anytime in-game. I can try to help where I can. Ask your questions here too

Start asking any questions you might have here directly.

Tip: don’t mine. At least not yet. Start learning how to use probes and do combat/hacking exploration content to accelerate your knowledge gains.

Let me tell you about the finer points of hull-tanking…

You see, there’s these things called MTUs…

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So there’s these things called hull tank dreads

The Convocation of Empyreans would be happy to welcome you. You may EVEmail me directly, or message me on Discord.

o7 Welcome to your immortality Empyrean!

You should get into a Retriever as fast as you can, always mine alone and afk mining is 100% safe in High Sec. Plus always post your location here in the forums.

use laser turrets
they are the only weapon system approved by god

Captura de Tela 2020-09-08 às 02.20.34

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In all seriousness, though, you’re always welcome to ask questions here, or via rookie help chat, if you can deal with the spam that unfolds when there is no moderator online.

Honor tanking you mean right?

i’m just looking for someone to help me get through the game and learning the ropes…

plex tanking was the best , its a shame ccp remove it

Alright, sure. Add Miran Tereven to your ingame contacts and shoot me a message when you see me log on. I’ll do my best to help and answer any questions.

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