I want to have a good mentor so i become a very good player in eve. Pls accept me


EU i speak eng and esp

Atom Deathstroke can you be my mentor pls?

well, I’m USTZ mostly, but we do have others in EUTZ that can help hold your hand. Tell me about your Eve history. how long have you been playing? what are you interested in doing?

My discord: minishadaa#8281 (it’s easier to talk t here)
I have been playing eve for 3 days no jokes and i’m interested in entering a corp and become powerful and with the corp invade other corps. I like a lot pvp :smiley:


atom pls answer me



If you seek help join Naabal comms plenty players willing to help there counting myself

ty ^^

honestly EVE is mostly a game of losing as to learn from the mistakes. You need to realize to sometimes take risks on your own or without consideration as to grow as a pilot. Keep that in mind. Relying on others will only hurt you in the long run

We have new and old members from all over the world, a big alliance so you would have lots of mentors willing to help you out. Look at our ad or join SFFSPUB ingame chat. https://www.reddit.com/r/evejobs/comments/dmpmd3/crazy_null_sec_corp_recruiting_loose_screws/

Did ATOM ever reply? :rofl:

Check us out over at War Eagle Fleet. We’re building a PVP-based corp where you can actually make real friends and build lasting connections. We are part of SLYCE, situated in Etherium Reach and have numerous isk earning systems and PVP opportunities. There are also lots of opportunities to grow into a support or leadership position.

We are in an excellent place, but are rebuilding after the long SOV war between WC and TEST. We’re a great team though and we have excellent connections and fleet opportunities.

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