New player, looking for EUTZ small corp

Good morning from Greece.
First of all i want to congratulate this wonderfull gaming community wich i never seen before in any other game.

Second im trying to find a corp who can accept new members and train them not just only words recruitment post.

I have played only one moth 3 years ago so in fact im new .

Im thirsty for knowledge and some trainer to train me .
Im 40 years old family real life so if any corp is available to teach me will be gratefull. I dont care is mining or pvp . I can do anything corporation need me to do.

Thanx in advance and keep the great work u making so many years.
I adore you all.

you mean returning player.

No im not returning player. I feel like im virgin. New player. U cant learn anything for one month playing eve in 2017.

What would YOU prefer to do in EVE? There is a lot one can participate in solo or in group so kinda difficult to know which corp or mentor would be suitable as you didn’t express your intended playstyle. Also what security space you’d prefer to operate in?

You can get some ideas from this:


Uriel thanx for helping but to say you the truth i dont know all this spreadsheet means. Im like a baby borned today. I need a family can teach me how to walk and be there for me . Ofc when i grow up i will follow the path of my family learned me. So i believe im an open guy to everyone who is able to spent some time and put some effort to learn and teach me .
I have 3 days now walking alone making missions alone in the abbys…

still returning player, just doesn’t know much about the game. So I am still correct.

Yes you are correct and still searching …well at least in the loneliness i found a wormhole yesterday and like a noob i jumped in.

that chart that Uriel posted, is basically a breakdown of everything that you can possibly do in EVE to make ISK or cause chaos. Broken down by how safe or how dangerous they are… of course the more danger/risk the more ISK.

Yes geo I had a look at that one and he was right at one spot. If u are alone no pleasure to play the game . But still hoping to find someone who can recruit me .

Hey dude, also EUTZ here, hit me up in game and we can talk.

Hello ,

Please check this out… pretty light hearted and perfect enviroment for both learn pvp and learn become self sufficient . Very old community in eve online

thanx Corvette girl but this is not for me. It’s the next step to learn PVP.
Right now I need to learn the basics

look at EVE uni then. They are basically teaching people how to play. Brave Newbies is too.

If you need some insight on finding a corp you should check out Hollow Point Coalition! We are a friendly corp to new players and we can teach you the ropes provide you with ship outfits that can aid us in PVP or we have PVE opportunities as well! Joining HPC is totally commitment free and we can be a resource for you! Send me a PM

-Tarrin Andros

Thank you all for answering but all these corps are so big . They have academys they have alliances alts another corps another alliances another alts corps industry so complicated.
Im searching for a small corp EU TZ 10 ppl they running together missions ,together mining, together wormholes.
Thanx to all of you as usually u are great

Hello there,

We’re always recruiting and have minimal requirements. Part of an nullsec-sov alliance from Providence (Amarr area). We are a pirate-focused corp but piracy is not required and never will be. Access to any industry or PVE you can dream of through our alliance.

Our alliance runs an educational system of courses that are designed to bring someone with minimal experience to end-game play. Come learn with us or even teach us!

Still searching the small Corp with EU tz people. So many out there.

have you tried the ingame tool to search for corps

I had 1hour reading a great post (how to find the right Corp that is right for you Nightcrawler85) with rules. Never apply for Corp via search tool in game.

i would suggest then to change the title of your topic to “new player, looking for eutz corp”

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