Could you develop a business model for a MLM corporation in Eve?

I tried thinking out what loss leader products, logistics, etc, etc, an MLM (multilevel marketing) scheme could develop in Eve. But didn’t see any from the industry and production side that be particularly viable. So I figured it be more so a service as a product, like those MLM that do life insurance.

Anyone else as a thought experiment ever go down this rabbit hole, if for no other reason but to have a litmus test for what corps in game are scams, cults, etc?

Depending on how you define things, one could consider nullsec alliances to be MLM, although the pyramid only has a few layers.

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I thought about that.

But didn’t really see NullSec alliances having the same sort of exploiting of people as an MLM. Mostly because I’ve never, and this is my own experience, had someone from Imperium or the like, promise me easy ISK and resources for little effort on my part in the way of an MLM as a business. I more so found NullSec life to be a bit more isolationist in a way, almost cultish, with the developing of a shared identity and values. Almost like what I experienced when I was younger and joined an ethnic centered militia. That and most higher level NullSec leadership I’ve had the chance to talk with in and out of game eat their own dog food, middle leadership folk another matter entirely.

Actually bro, this is a common question.

If you got a spare 50 mil, I can show you how it works easy.

A lot of people are doing this but on the DL. If word gets out, the margins go down pretty easily.

Sling me the 50 mil and we can start the process.


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