The Last Drip club grand opening

I would like to take the time to inform you that there will be a grand opening of the last drip on May 14 at 19:00 NEST. This is a neutral location, that is located in the heart of the Khanid Kingdom.

Please come and join us, dress code is casual but no club wear.

Literia Khammael
Manager of the Last Drip


Could we have a definition of “casual but no club wear”? I’ve amazed people with an interpretation of “formal”(1) before and I’d rather not be unintentionally rude.

(1) It does not mean formal. Actual formal will insult people. Wearing a summer dress is ok.

Sounds like a good time. Maybe I’ll stop by!

I apologize if this is an awkward question, Ms. Khammael, but … ah, exactly what kind of establishment is this to be? Apparently a neutral location and not a club, but … well. The name makes me think, “coffee house”?

We’ll be there!

It’s a hamster bar. Everyone has to bring their own drippy-bottle.

There’s a vd joke somewhere in there.

It’s not a hamster bar thank you.

Actually, it is a Night club

No hooker boots and screw me skirts. and no tux’s something casual but nice. like say this

or for men this

The Last Drip - is night club that we are looking forward to opening to capsuleers. As for the dress code, full coverage of bits, if you want to wear club wear go some where else. Like an old friend said “If you want your half naked crash parties this is not the place for you.”


I guess I had better hire a professional to get me suitable clothing; I don’t seem to understand what the connection between the female and male dresses pictured is that makes clothing suitable. Oh well, based on my experience feedback will be very clear if I botch it…

I admit, I’m not sure how either of those isn’t ‘club wear’ myself, but…

I think the idea is no nudity. Maybe cocktail attire is more appropriate?

Considering the wide array of cultures in the cluster, it’s probably best to give clear, descriptive guidelines.

‘Club’ attire and ‘cocktail’ attire can mean very different things to different people.

So far, the one descriptive element has been ‘no nudity’ which is certainly an important point to make, but quite a large swath of clothing fits that bill.

I’m not trying to be pedantic. It’s just that people are put off when they show up in attire that to them, fits all instructions given and they still get reamed out. People will definitely be generally more comfortable with specific guidelines available than not.

Honestly, I doubt anyone is going to ream anyone out.

Fine, cocktail attire is appropriate, semi formal

I can’t guarantee anything, but I’ll try and make an appearance. I often miss the simpler times and drinking.

Drinking with company, that is…

I wont be able to make it due to our new Warden taking office on that date. I hope your opening goes well!

I’ll see if I’m about.

bump-- happening this friday.

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Looking forward to it!

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