The launcher is telling me all servers are offline

(Kaali Hurunen) #1

The launcher is misbehaving. Its telling me all servers are offline even though I know they are not. When I choose singularity it flips over to online. So do TQ when I check the server list (even tells me 30+ logged in). When I switch back to TQ it flips back to offline.


(Nora Maldoran) #2

You likely have already tried but in case you did not:
Restart launcher/computer? Or try to reset the launcher to default. (To be found in the " :gear: Settings", bottom left of the launcher window.)

(razernc) #3

Go to your launcher, top right drop down menu, Settings, set version type to “release” yours might be set on development which was my issue.

(system) #4

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