The Legitimate Business Man's Club has joined a sovereign nullsec alliance is showing newbros how to survive and thrive in nullsec, with an emphasis on combat in PVE and PVP content. Open to miners/industrialists who want to fight a bit too

The Legitimate Business Man’s Club is a corporation dedicated to showing newbros how they can live in nullsec immediately. We teach them how to make ISK with access to higher-end regular PVE content than is available in hisec where most newbros are trapped - often for months.

The corp will provide the first ships to newbros to use to make ISK until they are self-sufficient. We also provide free ships to join PVP fleets so that newbros can experience PVP content without having to worry or care about losses. Most of our random roams are suicidal and consist of expendable ships. We never care if we die. We fight for the fun of it. We look for fun deaths and any kills we can get along the way. We don’t expect to always win especially early on while our corp is mostly newbros who are learning the game.

Fun comes first here. There are no mandatory ops, but there will be regular voluntary fleets for training and for fun. We would like some participation in these fleets here and there but which ones you attend are up to you and it will not be expected if there are no corp/alliance fleets that fit your schedule of play yet.

TLBM is open to people of all timezones. Some are quieter than others currently but we plan on making it lively for everyone as we grow. We have a lot of North American players but intend to cover all timezones as much as we can with people from around the world as an international corporation. We can offer a secure base to make isk and grow in while contributing as an active player to the growth of your corporation and alliance whether just through your presence among us making the whole stronger, or something more.

There are no regular taxes in TLBM currently. Instead there are voluntary contributions by people who wish to contribute to the corporate assets. The corp invests in all of its members. Each newbro who joins without something better than a Gnosis will be given one of those with fittings that they can use on it to handle some kind of PVE content whether alone or in groups. Transportation of assets belonging to more established players who have something better can be arranged with corp or alliance logistics.

As part of the Red Menace coalition in D3ad End Alliance we have a place to live and friendly people in Catch and Providence. We will have access to their fleets with 100% SRP for any support elements such as newbros in fast tackle ships or logistics and electronics warfare which can always be used until they train into a DPS ship or indefinitely if that’s the thing that they enjoy doing in a fleet.

Inquiries can be directed to cattraknoff on Discord or ingame.

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We are still actively recruiting!

We are growing fast and still looking for more members!

TLBM is still accepting new recruits and is now open to offers of association in our alliance, The Legitimate Business Association.

TLBM is still actively recruiting!

We are still actively recruiting!

TLBM’s mission continues!

We’re looking for more allied corps now.

We are still looking for more allied corps, and members of our corp.

We’re still looking for more recruits/allies

We are still looking for an ally to join our alliance.

TLBM is still seeking more allies and recruits.

TLBM requires aid, if there is anyone out there who will support our mission

TLBM is seeking recruits and allies!

We’re still looking for recruits as well as allies.

We’re looking for allies to help us carry out our revenge and grow together with. New recruits are always welcome too, and we may be open to investors as well.

Yarrrrr come be a pirate ye scurvy carebears

Looking for more corps to join our pirate alliance, as well as more recruits.

TLBM is looking for more recruits!

Yarrrrrrr come be pirates mateys!