The like and get likes thread II

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Spaculated shapes of Ultima Thule:

Timezone everyone :kissing_heart:

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Timezone Nana! The guy’s name is “James Tuttle Keane”…Is he a descendant of the founders of “Hewitt and Tuttle” where John D. Rockefeller worked when he was young? :thinking:

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Dammit, my parents’ internet connection has gone bonkers and it’s losing packets like there’s no tomorrow. Pingplotter shows 85% packet loss in the second hop, straight out of the router. WoWs is unplayable and these idiot forums keep asking me to login and verify with code each time I shut down the browser. :roll_eyes:

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The Black Box Part 2
If you believe that your unworthiness is greater than what you deserve, you will deprive yourself at 4:20

I know that you empirically know you do
but if you believe that you are not worthy of it
that is going to take precedence if the
belief that you’re unworthy is stronger
than the belief that you deserve it you will
deprive yourself of what you
deserve because that belief is stronger .

That depends if your belief which are stronger precede other more efficient and cost-effective belief, if you have the wrong and unworthy mind enough to let yourself be fooled to believe into bad character who lie you are bad and who are not good enough.

It should not come as a surprise to him I have to use an inventory program to track what part of inventory are stolen, attempted to be forfeited, even if in acts of war.

If it does come as a surprise to him, even if it is to my advantage, or tactical advantage, he should be the one liable for it.

Just because he tries to make his target look bad doesn’t mean that he is not liable for trying, even if it is an indictment.

One more funny fact,
because I have the term Expertise in my company name doesn’t mean that it is to reflect academic celebration, which academic celebration anyone can give to whoever they want, no matter what.
No, in fact, it is related to Expert Systems, and to practical experience from all those years of studies up to the point where I am offered income from a medical degree and a free master’s degree for it.
No wonder my father could never afford it.

Expert Systems are Artificial Intelligence systems.

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a lot of nice photos showing life in New York around 100 years ago.

This one is nice in particular, painters on a bridge, 1914:

Or this place, May 20, 1941:

Now its looking like that:

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Rodney Dangerfield

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So the Earth without life emerging would still have green water and orange sky, hmm, smarter every day. :thinking:

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Just bought a used GTX1080 Ti from eBay for a really good price. What could possibly go wrong… :woman_shrugging:

But seriously, I can’t wait to dump my current dual GPU situation for a single card.

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The best deal for that from Canada is US $200 + C $35 shipping.
Usually , there are better offers from the US with some not shipping to Canada, or , from China or other countries.

I would need new hardware compatible with, as the desktop I had would not run it.
I could also get a laptop adapter but one of the tricky part is the power supply, amongst other things.

That is almost enough for me to pay for a passport and air-fare (although it doesn’t cover the rest, lodging and food and so on).

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Good morning LAGLers! Let’s go to work! (hoozzah). :roll_eyes:

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Timezone everyone :kissing_heart:

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Timezone lovelies. :heart:

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The links and likes threads.

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That is the best of Ultima Thule what for now, image taken before the fly-by tho. It succesfully flied by so is now transmitting the better (I hope) photos.

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Meh, thats not a spaceship, only a space snowman…

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Today I watched this film on Netflix. It was horror genre and at the end my dopamine levels spiked. I liked it despite what happened. I give it a 7/10. I don’t want to give any spoilers but poor John Malkovich. :disappointed_relieved:

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Good night, lovelies! :heart: