The like and get likes thread II

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Well, your video is jammed on my end.
No code, no links, no running, even the internet connection was cancelled.

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The uploader has not made this video available in your country.

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Timezone everyone :kissing_heart:

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Timezone lovelies. :heart:

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Watch out for the holiday stuffing.

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In the contest for postapocalyptic tank, 1 person build, he would take 1st place, hehe.

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Does this work, @lilsteel ?

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yes it works

That is not true.
In fact, my case is in 4 courts by now, over 11 courts in total, since they tried to obstruct justice twice, and still try to cover it.
The point is, you can’t take people’s job with robots and not replace them.
It would eventually break the robot and it is essentially bad programming and design.
Yes it does mean that people need to be able to know about it, and to understand it.
Yes, they still try to cover robbery of my inventory program, so that I can’t use it to track how they are responding to communications about it, with false communication that they know nothing about it, which further aggravates, and was intended to cause this.
I already had to report them the UN and Interpol for it.

I obviously had to make more than one inventory programs, and we also had to do it in 4 different computer programming languages, because everytime, it was always the same problem.
They try to overcharge, and avoid being tracked by computers, as most court do.
The same overcharging occurs here and everywhere else.
It’s so sickening in fact, I will get an health insurance elsewhere since it will cause another war and more attacks inevitably.
They also try to interfere against proper communication to try to solve this more peacefully, so they deliberately planned to fight like this.

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Car crashes, every part flies in its own direction. Shockingly, driver had only minor scratches, survived that horrible crash, and nobody else was injured.

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Good night, lovelies. :heart:

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Beddy time for me… nighties lovelies!

Also: if you’ve got to use a CPAP mask, use it in style!

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What a brilliant idea. But only those who have watched “Alien” will get it. :slight_smile:

Timezone lovelies. :heart:

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Today is Weird Video Thursday. (Actually it was Wednesday but forgot to post) :grinning:

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My contribution to random thrusday is a story about how a mortuary in Valladolid (Spain) has been caught removing corpses from expensive coffins and incinerating them inside cheaper coffins in order to sell back the expensive coffins.

This would have been going on for years before an employee denounced it to the police… :sweat_smile:

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Thats nothing.
Recently, few days ago nearby slautherhause was slaughtering sick cows that they bought for cheap and then veterinary did not examine meat, only someone stamped the meat with veterinary stamp. :woman_facepalming:
The reason that they were buying sick cows for cheap because they could sell meat like it would be good, from a cow that would cost them more. They had a lot more profit on that. It was many, many times more profitable.

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Beddy time for me… nighties lovelies!

Also: introducing to you Helga and Zohar… they will be irradiated for szienz!

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I see your “serious” military news, and raise you some less serious military news.

Lovely Rhyme

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Man who reportedly swindled veterans out of retirement and disability pay for 7 years fined $1

7 years is 5 times better than 35 years, can confirm.

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Hehe, russian army is crazy anyway, it did not really surprise me.

The answer is


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