The like and get likes thread II

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Timezone lovelies. :heart:

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They are afraid and swim too fast to the surface, and die because of decompresion sickness. :anguished:

Timezone everyone. :kissing_heart:

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How come they can have those models, and EVE cant? :confused:

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Beddy time here… nighties lovelies!

Also: and you complained about long skill queues? Let me introduce to you the 500 years experiment!

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I ate too much.

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500 years, and we have doubts if our civilization wiill survive next 100. :thinking:

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my obstetrician sister and brother-in-law in Iceland last summer.
She’s just around my age.

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Timezone lovelies. :heart:

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Fixed that image for you :wink:

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After a long grind for the special resource “Coal”, 3 months later I’ve bought the Premium BB Jean Bart at World of Warships. I think I never grinded anything this long, in any game.

So far just made a test run and looks like it haves a credits bonus. That will come handy because currently I don’t have credits for even upgrading the Jean Bart… (just bought Tier IX Neptune and Tier VIII Hipper in their lines).

Still haven’t tested new CV gameplay, gotta dust off that Hyriu and (maybe) buy back the godawful Lexington. Like, if CV play is awesome and such.

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How can coal be a special resource? :joy:

It is burned in copious amounts everywhere in the world, maybe in future it will be something special, maybe. But in the past and now its completely everywhere.

For special resource I would consider trust or respect or something like that, could be in every strategic game and it could unlock more powerful things.

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It’s just a secondary currency in a F2P game. Other special resources are Steel, Copper and Molybdenum, which frankly I don’t know what they’re used for (Steel can be exchanged for Coal at a 10x1 ratio when buying items).

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The sound on my laptop is not functioning at this time.

I am still trying to find alternative solutions, and
I am still trying to verify the potential sources of the problem
since it is very likely that the exact same system goal would be reached from the creator of those systems.

It’s also good for analysis, since it is to be the case.

I found this so far,

and I’m looking for USB headphones as the problem may be with the connector although I am not sure if that is the problem yet.

I still have to test the audio systems and program interface(s) to make sure that I can get a better idea and more certain idea as to what the exact source of the problem is.

A bit like why the laptop hardware won’t work from Starbucks.
I could use another device, but the hardware is either restricted to work there, or doesn’t work there to prevent potential damage from their system, if it is intended to be causing such damage or military damage, which the OS is not intended to be working in those conditions.

Similar with to be of sound mind, as in, by how much alienation is the system responsible for, to compare with more exact data, if better than clinical data.

This one below for a phone, but it’s not what I need.

Then, try to cover it, like some kind of encryption for patent, but that is to be expected since all systems operate along the same diplomatic system with encryption.
It can become more than necessary to decypher some of it if not all, or, the most important parts.


As decypher , but not retaining the y from the Old French etyma of cipher ( cyfre , cyffre ); the i spelling tends to be preferred etymologically, being consistent with its cognates, the French déchiffrer and the Italian decifrare , and with their common ancestor, the Medieval Latin cifra , cifera , ciphra .

An Alex 7000? What’s an Alex 7000?

Thank you for switching the headphone back on,
much appreciated.
Can you fix the problem like that?
Seems sabotaged too…
computer logs can work like a ship log, if done right.
faith in the possible… compared to misleading to have faith in the unreal, or rather, to be mislead to believe something which is a lie, or is not true, with ulterior motives from the party doing the suggestion / representation.
there’s a part of this Legend not too many people know about…

Isn’t that the Khan who caused the same malfunction on my systems, or was it the admiral, as if…?
What parts does he have for the deaths of those on the Challenger?

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He got a toy car imbedded in his forehead. Fortunately he survived.

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Good night, lovelies. :heart:

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Good night :raising_hand_woman:

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Do to the shutdown park staff were not there to: “Use harmless “hazing” techniques to encourage the mothers-to-be to leave; the most popular involves shaking a big blue tarp to annoy them into departure.”

Filmed in Iceland.
NPR Movie Review: Stranded And Alone, Mads Mikkelsen Sings A Song Of Ice And … More Ice, In ‘Arctic’

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Joshua Bonini

Published on Jul 20, 2014

1961 Russia is winning the space race.
The only way to get US
astronauts into space is on top of a
nuclear ballistic missile, its warhead
replaced with a tiny Mercury capsule.
There is just enough room inside to
squeeze a solitary astronaut in his
pressure suit.