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It is nevertheless incredible. I still don’t know how can they locate it. The distances and gaps in space are more massive than massive. Does NASA have bookmarks like in EVE or something?

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Telescoping untill something flied in the scopes.

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When I played it, the colony starved instantly. I tried to do something but didnt even knew what to do, but its fun to see those catastrophes I suppose.

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There’s no telling what’s holding them together (besides energy holding energy together, and onto energy, the physical view (sense of sight) and feel of touch (sense of touch) are only energy as well, perceived by our brain as senses, or from sensors. Of course, the feel of touch is more kinetic.

`Oumuamua’s high rate of kinetic energy gained from movement, and potential energy for the velocity at which it was traveling through our system (inertia) makes it more powerful than it seems.

They use different kind of calculations and telescopes, and, when you study mathematics, you find ways to do things which others don’t know, even though it is more complicated.
Once it is learned, it can become easier, depending.

It’s one thing to locate it, and it’s another thing to predict where it will be from it’s movement, because the satellite probe also have to be moving into place to get near it, and I think they use the energy from Pluto by calculating the escape velocity and path of the target x, y, z and time(s) coordinates.
I remember the systems used for navigational analysis uses series of sensors and calculation to achieve the best results.
Any change to the program to adjust sensor data has to be done with the time frame to reach the system one way.
If data has to be sent back from it before adjustments to be sent back, that is triple (3x) the distance time wise.
One time on the way there, one time on the way back, and one more time on the way back there again, second time around this time.
Also, add the processing time, if the data to be sent back has to include the processing of the data which arrives back from the first input.
Also note that, if the satellite/probe does takes time to process the info if receives (such as a large packet of data, since new data can only reach it every 4 hours and 25 minutes), near or around the speed of light +/- fluctuations in space, that additional processing time will have to be added before the final processing from the data it sends back.
Additionally, if the satellite/probe does take time to process the data it receives from nearby systems before it sends it back, that 3rd time for processing has to be added on top of the 2 other times, and the 4 hours and 25 minutes x 3 for the data transfers, from those 4 points (2 points for the satellite as it moves, and 2 points for the earth).
It has to work for 40 years, or else it doesn’t work.

Searching Google for
speed of light to ultima thule

People also ask

How Fast Is New Horizons traveling now?

How long does it take for new horizons to send pictures?

It takes about four hours and 25 minutes for a radio signal from that antenna to reach New Horizons from Earth, and vice versa. The signals can move only as fast as the speed of light, and the spacecraft is far enough away that it takes them that long to travel.Jul 14, 2015


Why does it take so long for New Horizons to send photos …

Search for: How long does it take for new horizons to send pictures?

9/11 and Benghazi are no excuse for data failure.

New Horizon Launch date: January 19, 2006
Voyager 1 Launch date: September 5, 1977
Voyager 2 Launch date: August 20, 1977

The mass is a relation of energy in relation to the movement of light in systems where mass and energy affects it and has a relation or relations with it.
In other words, the sun and the earth are energies, and we also are energy, and our soul as a human specie is also a form of energy.

In quantum mechanics , the Schrödinger equation is a mathematical equation that describes the changes over time of a physical system in which quantum effects, such as wave–particle duality, are significant. These systems are referred to as quantum (mechanical) systems.


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And we thought we had a lot of asteroids to start mining around, and eventually save the earth from celestial bodies crashing into it, unless the asteroids are some kind of balance to those some of those things off before they reach us.
If we are to mine them all, they won’t be there to protect us anymore, and we’d have to replace them with space junk to replace their role.

It’s like they say, one man’s garbage is another one’s junk, or treasure.

Now that we found Ultima Thule, we also found out that we may have to start analyzing the Oort cloud more often and more accurately, because despite suggestions the celestial bodies around there are probably from our own system, and may have stopped `Oumuamua, they may also come from other system, or Super Nova or Black Hole, and there are even more bodies and smaller ones to check than the asteroids, and way further, since the diameter took 40 years to reach, and we’re only at 2 points with most likely less than 2% of it explored so far.

That would also be a good place for sensors if systems coming from other solar systems are coming back around our sun again.

Edit on Tuesday evening at 10:34 PM, 03:35 EVE (Online) Time, Wed:
from above:
“…unless the asteroids are some kind of balance to those some of those things off before they reach us.”
was not what I wrote.

It was meant to be something more along the line of:
…unless the asteroids are some kind of balance to those celestial bodies heading towards the earth, and that they would stop some of those celestial bodies off, before they reach us."

Btw, this post was saved, and the data is also missing on my end, which makes it even more useful to register copyright of it.

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In the year 1984…

Macintosh computer lab: Humboldt State University.
The Apple Mac Turns 35 Years Old (Slashdot)

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That’s when I got my Timex Sinclair and programmed the whole book.
The only thing I didn’t do was the Peek and Poke command which are to program the EPROM, Programmable Read-Only-Memory chips commands burned onto the chip.
I didn’t know that the machine had 4 KB of that, which was 100% more than the device had.
The book had to peek and poke commands, it required to get a reference book for it, nonetheless, the device advance programming was to program the EPROM with those 2 commands.
PEEK is to look at the code at the memory address.
POKE is to enter a code at the memory address.
And yes, Apple, those CPU ROM chips do have memory, good ones too.)

Nonetheless, the reason I got it was because that the civil engineer at my College which bought it when it came out (pre-ordered at credit from his civil engineering job as civil engineering teacher at my College) sold his Apple II G to my friend, who was my sport partner as we competed together, for around $50 or so, with the book intact and the original power supply and so on.
I think he bought the Apple II G for around $100 or $200 or so.

He didn’t know or have the time to program his Apple II G much then, but he went on to study Civil Engineering after finishing 2 years of Pure and Applied Science .
He then went on to specialize in Bridge, as if for to bridge communication gap , except that is for structural bridges with civil engineering and the related scientific testing methods in use at the time, before upgrades.

I however did try 2 Star Trek program on the Mac which used to run on the Apple II G.
They ran better on the Mac.
There was also a Lemmings program.

And oh, btw, that was a $3,500+ system without the engineering program and the school related code to deal with the student work loads.

One of the main problem with dealing with Tsunami with walls of 12m to 14m high, is that , the amount and mass and kinetic energy and potential energy of the water will build up, so that even a 20m or 30m wall would be overloaded.
All the previous water would just be loaded on top of the 12m to 14m water, up to 16m, 20m and higher, up to over 30m and 40m, until that the energy level subsist, and the water displacement energy, and the inertia incurred from moving such a large mass of very fluid liquid would have to be dealt differently than walled.

It requires either a Dam technology, to use the energy of the water build up, and transfer it into energy to use that energy to deal with the water energy and compensate with that water build up caused by astronomical scale such as the earthquake which caused it.

Another possibility is to drain the water into container system, which would help to control the water build up by displacing the water.

Those 2 other systems would make 3, and evaporation is another option, making 4.

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Darn, how it’s so late… nighties lovelies!

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If I won 298 million, I’d give a quarter of it to charity.

…I’m not sure what I’d do with the other $297,999,999.75 though.

I love Harry Potter but after re-reading the chapter the death-day party I realized something about nearly headless nick

He was a very poorly executed character

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A woman visits her husband in prison
Before leaving, she tells a correction officer:

“You shouldn’t make my husband work like that. He’s exhausted!”

The officer laughs, saying:

“Are you kidding? He just eats and sleeps and stays in his own cell!”

“■■■■■■■■! He just told me he’s been digging a tunnel for months!”

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Also: Papyrus

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Meanwhile n poland:

Timezone everyone :kissing_heart:

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Timezone lovelies. :heart:

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Frigate redesign someone posted on reddit. Looks cool. :+1:

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Just a landing from the office with the best views in the world.

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You have to use it for your own charity, so that you can help to improve it.

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If I could donate to a charity, I would donate 1 million dollars to ASPCA just because I don’t feel I treat animals the best way possible.

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Time to go to bed. Nighties lovelies!

Also: this is pro modeling…

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EA Surrenders In Belgian FIFA Ultimate Team Loot Box Fight, Raising Potential Red Flags(Forbes)