The like and get likes thread II

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Maybe you missed that Adult Swim is a comedy show.
You can’t take that interview at face value like you’re trying to make it seem.
It’s previously planned to be a comedy and intended to make fun of interviewers processes and procedures…

As for the rovers on Mars, we can now send robots and install robot commands there, so they can fix and recycle the previous robots.
Easier said than done though, it can nonetheless be done.
We only have a small percentage of that planet so far.
It seems to have been impacted by a celestial body and lost its atmosphere though.

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oh, i totally missed that.

still disgusted tho.

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The face someone’s avatar made when receiving news that CCP cancels Tournament and the event is complete garbage.

Timezone everyone :kissing_heart:

Honestly everything in CCP seems to go bad direction.

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The tournament is cancelled? It’s as bad as christmas being cancelled. :disappointed:

Timezone lovelies. :heart:

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It looks like CCP also took away her jaw! :rofl:

(Or maybe got it shot by the 3,000 dps Mach)

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Thats direct effect of CCP deeds. The grumpy face syndrome.

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Bluto’s Battle Cry.


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How? I think its not the CCP that made it. Last time I have seen their report, from 2017, they had only usual profit, in range of 2M, 3M $, and nothing basically changed in game and for EVE player numbers last year. So the previous year must have been so profitable because of BDO and other games.

If only CCP could take some of that cash and put into EVE WiS. But PA probably would never give it to such non-competent people, without changing half of management. And then it would probably end like BDO, unreal grind. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I have Opera on my phone,

however, I need a new battery

and the opera browser is for the internet.
This phone is so bad, that it had a 1 mbps cap on the device and still managed to transfer over 1 gigabit of data in less than a day while no actual data was transferred at all!

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Good night, lovelies. :heart:

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Yesterday, that phone was jammed, and the microphone and speaker kept switching back and forth every half seconds for over 10 seconds until the power ran out.
It goes from 0% to 100% in 1 second.

All nice, but I’m afraid that it’s little bit more complicated than that.
For instance, you have to calculate the return on investment before investing.
Is your profit below the 1,000% margin, which is 600% over the 400% margin to make a profit for business , with operational costs covered.?
Sure, it’s not 10,000 % , which is the highest rate of profit of business, but still.

So, if not, then, what is required so that the profit would increase for business.?

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Beddy time for me. Nighties lovelies!

Also: the Earth, averaged (median value for pixels over a year, actually)

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There was more to this, but I skipped it since I was busy with other things.
To put it in perspective, what I used to do on 2 MB of RAM still runs better on 8 GB of RAM, however, not much.
It’s optimized to run at top speed on 2 MB of RAM and there is not much difference at larger amount of RAM and faster processor speed except for larger file size.
The largest file size back then was less than a Gigabyte of data.
That is one of the reason the larger files are not compatible with older operating systems.
The hard disk size was also a limitation, as the operating system would not install on the larger hard disk.

I would really like to create and include a memory management resident program , or something that would do enough analysis to optimize memory use, and calculate other program usage.
So, when the data is overloading the remaining RAM, it could stop to request processor usage, and save any data required in case of crash.

I currently pay $476 storage for one of my locker and my total cost will be over $726.
I will most likely have to pay $500 for that next month as well…
Needless to say, I also have to do inventory work for it as it’s what I have studied and worked on for all those years.

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Looks like an ice age of sorts. I wonder how it would look if it would be few degrees above current temperatures. All that water from polar regions coming into system, changed wind and ocean currents, maybe it would be more green in those sahara and australia regions. :thinking:

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Timezone lovelies. :heart:

I got stamina.