The Loss of Faith

I had to laugh at this. Ms. Phelps thinking that he’s Starkmanir is positively ludicrous. Matari of some kind, maybe. Probably even. But Starkmanir in a majority part, or even in a minority part?

If Mr. Sepphiros is part Starkmanir, it’s only because he received a blood transfusion from one of us at some point. Of course, being a capsuleer, I doubt that it remains.

ive never seen someone use the amarrian scripture so effectively as a cudgel against them. im impressed even if u ARE being sincere with it.

what do starkmanir look like anyway ive never met one

I am being sincere, so thank you?

As for what Starkmanir look like: we’re similar to Brutor, which is why the Nefantar were able to hide us. Telling differences are the shape of the eyes, the skin color, and the size. Our eyes are almond shaped, due to our history on Matar’s plains. Our skin is darker, near universally. And, we’re usually smaller and not as physically capable as Brutor.

I would be happy to meet you on Deck 23 sometime so you could meet one.

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