The Market is Not ready

Can’t get any market info, just get this pop-up every time I click on an item in the market. Anyone else?

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Not me. Whats the plop up say? (Edit) NM, I reread the comm

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It says “The Market is Not Ready”. I’ve gotten this now and again. It usually works itself out after a little while.

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I can’t even log on.

Yes, same here. Market is not responding for a while now…

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It must be because it is Friday and the market wanted to sleep in today. I am having the same issue!!

Guys please report the system(s) its not working in.

Its not working in Rens

However it is working in Villore


Can confirm: market is down in Rens for a couple of hours now. :confused:

No problems with Market here, though a few Corp members said they couldn’t access it in Hulm and Rens systems.

Might help to clear all cache files in Esc menu - ‘Reset Settings’ tab.

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Yeah sorry, I was also in Rens.

Usually these issues come up right after Daily Downtime. If it happens at any other point, a quick bug report or a support ticket reporting it under " Stuck " Can get the GM’s Attention to look into it. As this answers your question, I will go ahead and close this.