The Markoni Dragon is Recruiting

The Markoni Dragons wants YOU!

  • Low Tax. 2.0%
  • Mission runners
  • Discounted Mining Barges
  • Closed to Jita 0.5 highsec
  • No Wars.
  • Discord Server.
  • Industry complex
  • Orca Boost
  • Free Skill Books. (Up To 2 mil. Isk)
  • Free T1 Frigs for new bros.
  • Alpha Friendly.
  • Mining ops.
  • Moons
  • Community.

We will also be active in low sec. We will be very interested in talking to you if you can FC. We will willing to give a chance anyone who want to be FC too. We focus in the industry part of the game and plan to build big ships in the future. We are already growing in mostly EU and Asia TZ and always people to play no matter where you login from. Most of us speak English and if you are not so good at English no worry either. The corp has very relaxing environment and real life come first. We also have a few experienced players who have been playing EvE since 2006 too so you can ask for questions if you have one. We will have wh exploration tool set up for members too just to venture in wh for some discovery. However, We do NOT intend to be a null sec corporation and WH operator.

New players friendly and geared toward helping players learn EvE. Join today .COMS. for friendly in game chat channel. Or send EvE in game email to Lordhtin, Albazaxt (from Denmark) and The Black Diva for contact. See you all in EvE.


We are growing, come and have fun with us.

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