The Nation Wants You! WH corp recruiting now!

Va’Learen Nation is recruiting now.

Have you experienced wormhole life? Yes? No? We want you.

We are a wormhole corporation looking for active capsuleers to join our ranks in our C4. Whether you specialise in mining, industry, pve or pvp, we have been searching for you. If you don’t know what you want to do yet, join us and try everything.

With us, you can expect to enjoy:

  • Regular small gang pvp roams,
  • Sleeper site fleets,
  • Gas harvesting,
  • Exploration,
  • Moon mining,
  • Alliance Market,
  • Ore and Loot corp buy back program,
  • Extensive pilot training program in WH living and any other aspects of the game that you wish to learn more about, with an assigned mentor.

Our requirements are minimal:

  • Be an active player,
  • Be sociable, we use Discord for voice and text chat.
  • Have a sense of humour,
  • Willingness to learn,
  • Respect our hierarchy,
  • No Drama,
  • Ability to cloak is an advantage but not essential.

To express you interest, message LJ Quantum here or in-game, alternatively, drop by our recruitment channel: Lan’Tean Imperium Recruitment

Recruitment ongoing. Join the Nation today

Welcoming new members. Come and have a chat with us to declare your interest.

Recruitment still open. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Our doors are still open to new members. Contact LJ Quantum in-game or comment below and I will send you our Discord link in-game.

Attention all capsuleers. Recruitment is open. All backgrounds and experience levels considered.

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