The New Eden Re-Housing Initiative (NERI)

As I am sure everyone is aware, innumerable numbers of baseliners have been stolen away from civilized space and forcibly placed under Triglavian rule. Despite that, there were also a significant amount of evacuations from said systems, as large amounts of civilians and other personnel from every system now in the Pochven region have been saved from the fate of bioadaptation and other such horrors. However, the evacuations have resulted in a housing crisis in certain systems, as many stations and habitation modules that were unprepared for liminality have been inundated with refugees. Many such refugees have been left with little to no opportunity, as their livelihoods depended on the infrastructure located in the captured systems. While the Empire, State, Federation and Republic have their own plans for eventually re-settling the displaced masses, it had become evident that doing so would be no small task, and assistance would be needed in order to carry out such an effort.

While I am not and do not claim to be a member of EDENCOM in any official capacity, I figured that my status as an EDENCOM-loyal capsuleer should be put to good use in an attempt to foster further goodwill between it and the four major empires. Therefore, I have taken upon the responsibility of finding some opportunities for the displaced who were not able to re-establish themselves, and whose lives remained in limbo in stations just a few jumps away from their former homes.

The initiative is intended to occur in three stages, each addressing the re-housing issue with the different empires. The first stage is currently underway, and as of right now, it involves the consolidation of Imperial citizens that I, through my discourse with agents in the Ministry of Assessment have been able to transport. The MoA, due to their operations in the Yekti and Kekah constellations in the Domain region, have taken on a sizeable number of refugees from the lost systems of Niarja and Harva, respectively.

(It was intimated to me by my MoA contacts that Imperial authorities wish to handle all evacuees from Raravoss on their own, so as a result, I was not cleared to transport any refugees from that system.)

Some of the refugees had ended up at the MoA stations in Bahromab and Charra, and it is these in particular that I have been tasked with moving around, which, moving them around is fine, but another aspect to the relocations has been finding somewhere where they would be able to work, live, and contribute to society at large. It had taken a significant amount of time to find an organization to take on such a massive influx of people, but thankfully, I found one that, because of recent events, has become very busy as of late.

Zoar and Sons, due to the recent scale of destruction of Upwell structures in Delve and other areas, has encountered a need for more workers on hand to assist with the demand placed on their factories. Their facilities in the Charak constellation in Genesis is such a place that had recently been inundated with demand for their products, and as the Habu system holds the majority of their infrastructure in the area, a deal had been made to take on the nearly 15,000 people that I had been cleared to transport.

The vessel being used to transport the refugees is an Iteron Mark V-class industrial ship named the Otanuomi, after one of my old haunts in the Forge that had unfortunately been lost to the Collective. Its interior has been redesigned specifically for comfortable passenger transport, and while it is not an Opux Yacht in terms of luxury, it is enough to get the job done. It fits up to 1,000 passengers, not counting the ship attendants, crew, and medical professionals equipped to handle complications from jump fatigue, as it is a fourteen-jump journey from Bahromab to Habu.

As it is the Empire, and as I could imagine this would come up at some point, none of the people being transported are slaves. My own origins in the Federation leave me with a distaste of the institution, and with that, a refusal to participate in its direct facilitation. Likewise, Imperial authorities most likely did not trust me to not just free any slaves given to me, so the transportation of them never factored in on either side. Most of the 15,000 being transported consist of factory workers, artisans, and former customs officials, the latter of which primarily served in Niarja. Workers and the security detail will most likely find work in their destination in the ZaS factory orbiting Habu IV, and the artisans are planned to relocate to the planet itself, as there are existent communities on the planet for them to join and contribute to.

While I’m just providing assistance to a select few that I’m being granted the privilege to, I appreciate the opportunity to help get folks back to work, and to strengthen everyone against the Triglavian menace, should they decide to rear their heads again.

As of this post going up, the last of the transfers from Charra to Bahromab will have been completed, and trips between Bahromab and Habu will commence. Plans are still being finalized for the other empires, but I am planning on offering similar services to the Mandate, Republic and Federation in Stage Two of our operation, and the State in Stage Three, all of which should occur in the near future.

I supposed that posting this here may be in the interest of the greater capsuleer community, as news agencies like the Scope seemed to often report on the fact that people were being evacuated from liminal systems, but never elaborated on just how the refugee situation in all four empires was being handled. Again, while NERI is unfortunately not able to impact the crisis as much as I would like it to, I’m of the belief that every little bit helps, and that all of us, as denizens of New Eden, need to stay strong and united against the cryptic, foreign agents in the Collective seeking to subvert the known with the unknown.


Right… so, admittedly, the program hasn’t gone all according to plan. Earlier today, the Otanuomi was destroyed in the Antem system on a fly-back to Bahromab to pick up more refugees. Being the more combat-oriented capsuleer that I am, I tend to play faster and looser with my ships than I probably should, and because of that, I could have lost around a thousand refugees that had already managed to narrowly escape the jaws of death once.

It is now clear to me that the importance of the people in my hold necessitates a far safer vessel that can transport them.

This is the Hentogaira. It is a Viator-class blockade runner which, like the Otanuomi, has had its cargo bays repurposed for human transport. It can only hold up to half of what the Otanuomi could, but along with its far superior agility, it also sports a cloak, intertial stabilizers, and an ECM burst jammer should all other defensive options fail. I am extremely confident that, provided that proper planning goes in to choosing the route I take, that nothing will impede me from transporting the remaining refugees to Habu IV. I should also mention that I am grateful that the MoA and ZaS agents I have spoken to have seen fit to keep me on the job, as they could have easily dismissed me based off of my careless mistake. As of this post, I anticipate returning to Bahromab in short order, and finishing the job up.

Planning for Phase Two has also broken ground, as I can confirm that I will be transporting some researchers and other staff members formerly stationed on Kuharah VII to a similar oceanic colony located on Faspera VII. Given that the distance from where they are currently stationed in Futzchag is only four jumps, the entire process of transporting the 1200 or so staff members of the former oceanic research colony should not take long at all, but with how treacherous that particular area of space can be, between the ever-present Sansha, the recent uptick of Blood Raiders in eastern Amarr and Ammatar space, and capsuleer pirates, the Hentogaira seems more and more necessary for the task.


I would like to commend you for your charitable work and will pray for your success in the endeavor. If I can be of assistance let me know and I will gladly offer my aid.

However, I would suggest practicing a level of operational security. Broadcasting the ship you will be flying and the route you will be taking compromises the safety of your passengers; not all who pay attention to this forum of discussion are benevolent.

Perhaps a post after successful delivery rather than before would be more prudent.

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I appreciate your concern, and were discretion warranted, I wouldn’t be so brash in posting my plans here. Fortunately, the pirates that frequent the Genesis area are not ones to view the IGS in the first place. Even if they were… I don’t know if they’d even understand me. I tried to contact one of them once and the transmission was all in Amarrish, so their universal translators may not be functional for whatever reason.

As far as any other issues go, any sort of Blood Raider baseliner attack on my vessel can be easily shrugged off due to its quick alignment time, and as the Kybernauts seem to be busy dealing with Drifter incursions in to Pochven, I doubt that even the most bloodthirsty among them would even think to come to Amarr space, where defensive capabilities against them is the strongest.

Your concern is warranted, but rest assured when I say that I do not plan on making the same mistake twice.


I applaud your determination. Be wary of hubris, is all I ask. You have taken steps to mitigate the risks, but be sure to keep them in mind.

Have you considered getting in touch with @Miran_Tereven, who, to my knowledge, often transports stuff between two points without exploding? Perhaps she could help.

Alternatively, consider an armed Escort. I recall that Electus Matari flew cover for refugee evacuations from Vale and Skarkon. They, or one of their acquaintances, might be able to help. @Elsebeth_Rhiannon would be their diplomat.

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I appreciate the compliment. What I would appreciate even more is not being pinged outside of business hours. It is 05:51 NEST.

Mute pings from IGS when you are not available, instead of expecting all the cluster to remember what shift you personally sleep on.


I did not know that was an option. Thank you.

That said, I am willing to help with this project, either by moving refugees myself, or scouting the route for others.

This is an admirable initiative and one that deserves extension to all affected regions. Have you seen this report? Perhaps we could swap notes.

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It’s been a while since I’ve given any updates on the initiative, so I’d like to fill you all in on the going-ons so far. All of the refugees put under my care have been successfully transferred to the Zoar and Sons station in Habu, and I’ve been told that they’ve already began settling people in colonies on Habu IV. I’ve also been active in the Mandate, dealing with the few displaced scientists and researchers who formerly worked in colonies on Kuharah VII. Transporting them was a far shorter trip, however, given the systems that needed to be traversed to get from Futzchag over to Faspera, the journey was still fraught with danger.

While I don’t involve myself with the actions of nullsec empires, I believe that the lower areas of Derelik, such as Podion and Faspera, are often used as systems to jump to, due to their proximity to nullsec. Despite the worrying large number of capsuleers spotted in Faspera, and passing by a Revelation-class dreadnought in Sendaya, I encountered no problems in using the Hentogaira to transport the research team, which numbered at about two thousand.

Much like the previous transportation job, I had been tasked with delivering the baseliners from one station to another; in this case, the Ammatar Fleet station in Faspera, pictured above, where the Fleet will handle any further transportation of the research teams to the actual oceanic colony on Faspera VII. The Republic will be my next destination, and refugees from the oceanic world of Krirald III will be transported to another oceanic world in the Republic that has been established for their settlement. While I don’t believe any real risk is posed by revealing the destination of these refugees, as those who would pose risk to me most likely don’t even bother reading the IGS, I will still consider the refugees’ temporary place of housing and their destination classified until the operation has been completed.

Progress has also been made with State refugee transportation, as I am pleased to announce that pilot Miran Tereven has offered to assist with moving refugees from State systems to New Caldari Prime. With her help, ten thousand refugees formerly from the Urhinichi system have been transported to the Caldari homeworld, and more will be on the way soon. Once my obligations in the Republic and Federation are complete, I will be going to the State to assist in further transportation efforts. As Mr. Menkalinan has pointed out, the system of Attyn is facing issues with overcrowding due to the abundance of Ignebaener refugees, and as such will be my next point of focus, followed by the other various systems across the east side of Federation space that are housing refugees. While the task is certainly daunting, I am hopeful that I and my associates will be able to transport all the refugees put under our stewardship, at least by the end of the year.


Small update on my end for what’s been going on with the evacuation efforts: I’m glad to report that the ~17,000 refugees from Krirald III that I’ve been allowed to transport have been successfully re-settled on the oceanic world of Evuldgenzo V in Lorundio, pictured below. While there were closer locations that the refugees could have been placed, the decision to place them in the system had been made due to efforts to settle more of the lightly-populated constellation. Much like the particular colony on Krirald III that the seventeen thousand refugees came from, it operates under the liquid surface and exists to both mine minerals from the planet’s ocean floor, and study the various characteristics of the planet, as it has many similarities in that regard to Krirald III. In similar circumstances to the Faspera relocation, refugees were brough to the Impetus station in the system, where local authorities were able to then bring them planetside.

While I had not intended in transporting any refugees from Skarkon, as I had believed that the Republic and other trusted parties such as Electus Matari had it under their control, it seems that the chance to house some of the Skarkon refugees on Evuldgenzo V may be a possibility, provided that they have the skillset required for the oceanic colony. As there is also a temperate world in Evuldgenzo IV, I’ll explore the possibility of also housing some refugees there, if there are any established colonies there that can take them.

Ms. Tereven has already made a post more detailed than mine regarding the unfortunate situation that occurred in New Caldari, and while it is the hope of everyone involved in NERI that no harm comes to any refugees being transported, there are sometimes unfortunate situations that cannot be accounted for, such as Triglavians blockading the CEP station in New Caldari. Even stricter safety measures have been implemented after this loss, and I am glad to report that about 40,000 refugees, primarily Nugoeihuvi-affiliated citizens, were transported from the Poinen system that formerly bordered the now-Pochven system of Otela to New Caldari safely and successfully. Ms. Tereven will continue the long and arduous process of transporting refugees to New Caldari, and after any business regarding Skarkon refugees is finished up, I will begin transporting displaced Federation citizens to their newly designated homes.


Quick update on our activities since it’s been a while:

Ms. Tereven has done a wonderful job with shuttling tens of thousands of State refugees back to New Caldari Prime. Due to State space being as treacherous as it is now in regards to Triglavians still patrolling many of its systems, I cannot divulge exactly which systems have been handled in the State, however, she has taken care of almost all the refugees that NERI has been cleared to transport, and the initiative’s work in the State is almost finished.

Re-settlement in the Federation has commenced after colonies for the displaced Federal citizens had been established. These colonies have been designed with the conditions of their former colonies in mind, and I am pleased to report that the first of said colonies has been filled by refugees from the Ala system, formerly a part of the Spaen district in Sinq Laison. As these citizens were formerly from the barren planet Ala III, a planet with similar such conditions in Auberulle III in the Agiesesson district had been scouted, and a colony established to house the ~10,000 industrial workers and scientists, the latter of which is there to compliment previous efforts to research the microorganisms present on the barren world.

Pictured: Auberulle III, Agiesesson, Sinq Laison

Work is underway on shuttling the remaining refugees in Federation space to their new colonies, and I am fairly certain that the initiative’s efforts in both the State and Federation regarding the transportation of the refugees will be completed soon.


I’m glad to report in another update that the re-settlement process is almost finished. Ms. Tereven has put in an incredible amount of time in seeing State refugees safely back to New Caldari, and I can report that as of yesterday, she had shuttled all the remaining Caldari refugees allotted to NERI to transport. I thank her for her efforts, as providing aid in the State may not have even been possible without her assistance. The tens of thousands of refugees transported to the Chief Executive Panel station in New Caldari have been turned over to their respective megacorps, who will handle affairs from there.

Meanwhile, efforts in the Federation have been moving at a brisk pace, and refugees from multiple systems have been transported to their new homes.

Pictured: Thelan II, Aeman, Sinq Laison

About ten thousand refugees from the system of Archee have been safely moved from their temporary housing in Adrallezoen to the Aeman district, settling on Thelan II in an environment similar to that of their previous home of Archee II. Wyllequet, the district in which Archee was formerly present, has a notable Minmatar population within its systems, thanks in no small part to the presence of the Republic Security Services and Freedom Extension corporations. Many of the displaced refugees from Archee II were Matari, and this detail was not forgotten when a new planet for them to reside in was scouted. Eventually, the planet of Thelan II was decided on, due to the conditions of the planet and the fact that Freedom Extension, who employed many of the refugees, has infrastructure only a jump away in the Hagilur system.

Refugees from the Angymonne system, around eight thousand in total, have been transported from their temporary housing on the Federal Administration station in Odixie to the Mollin system in Placid, in the high-security Unour district. Many of the former Angymonne residents worked in industry, and have received offers from local contractors in conjunction with Material Acquisition to harvest materials from the barren planet of Mollin IV. Similarly, displaced scientists and industrial workers, who number about seven thousand all together in total, that resided on the barren world of Ignebaener VI have been transported to the Mattere system in the Odilis district of Everyshore, with the latter mostly performing the same work that the refugees at Mollin are, and the former finding employment on the Astral Mining Inc. station in the system.

Pictured: Chesiette V, Ancbeu, Verge Vendor

While the temperate world of Ignebaener V supported millions of citizens on its surface, the early Triglavian presence on the planet prevented a significant amount of people from being evacuated. The around fifteen thousand that I had been in charge of transporting were bound for the similarly temperate world of Chesiette V, where, much like in similar cases of refugee transport, said refugees would be participating in similar fields of work as before. This mostly scientific colony, situated roughly between the two lakes in the center of the above image, will be primarily tasked with studying the apparently very biodiverse bodies of water, as temporary planetary colonies in the past have made note of unusually active lakes.

All that remains now is transporting the refugees from the Vale system, of which there are many available for transport thanks to early evacuations prompted by Federal authorities and capsuleers, such as Ms. Lauralite Brezia from the United Neopian Federation, among others. Vale’s refugees remain the last to be re-housed, and upon completion of this task, plans regarding the future of the initiative will also be divulged in this thread.


As patrons and avid proponents of Freedom Extension and their mission, the Congress on Luminaire Republicanism thanks you for everything you have done to help their employees, members, and their families get to safety, not to mention the vast number of people from other backgrounds. If you need any further assistance in your endeavors, do not hesitate to reach out.

Thank you for the good work, and the considerate treatment of tribespeople.

It was physically, mentally and financially draining, but it was the right thing to do. Would you be upset if I took a very long rest now?

If you’re in good with Freedom Extension, then I’m sure there’s something they could assign you with, whether it’s helping administer the Thelan colony, or something else. The Vale evacuees are currently being re-housed, and once that’s done, I’ll be speaking to a business associate of mine, who will handle duties related to the initiative from thereon.

You’re most welcome, Ms. Rhiannon. I should also commend you and Electus Matari for your evacuation efforts in Skarkon whilst the system was still connected, no less. It’s good to see that the four empires were able to save as many people as possible from such a horrible fate.

You’ve undoubtedly earned one. I never took you for the resting sort, with how passionate your hatred for the Triglavian menace is, but yes. Rest is definitely in order after the monumental amount of work that’s been done.


Proud to announce that this will be the final update when it comes to refugee resettlement, as the last of the Vale refugees have finally been moved to their new homes, from their overcrowded temporary housing on the FIO station in Cat to three different planets across Federation space. Unlike many of the other evacuations, refugees from Vale will be inserted in to existing colonies in an effort to reintegrate some of the folks traumatized by the events of the Triglavian invasions in with the rest of society.

Pictured: Renyn VI, Crux, Essence

Despite being as close as it is to the Luminaire system, NERI had ultimately found a way to settle nearly 8000 refugees from the similarly oceanic world of Vale VI in to the burgeoning planet of Renyn VI. I’ve seen the underwater structures that the refugees will be placed in, and I’m glad that the Federation has given the okay to allow refugees of such a terrible loss to settle in a place like this. The FIO maintains a watchful eye in the system, and as I understand it, they seem more than willing to make sure the transition for these people is as harmless as possible.

Obviously not every settled world in Vale was oceanic, so different planets were scouted for the rest of the populations. While this haul was a lot of work given the amount of people transported, about 21000 refugees combined from the planets of Vale IV and Vale V have been settled in the Kenninck system in Placid. As someone born and raised in the region myself, I’m glad that there’s been a planet in Kenninck IV that has been so willing to accept such a large number of people. While the Ganoure district as a whole is located somewhat far away from the rest of the region, there is more than enough opportunities on Kenninck IV, as much of the planet outside of the coastal areas is unsettled, and ripe with material wealth. And despite the dubious effectiveness of EDENCOM as an organization, they do maintain fleets in the system, and Kenninck IV has apparently not seen any Triglavian conflict since the system was initially invaded so many months ago.

Pictured: Kenninck IV, Ganoure, Placid

Finally, I’m glad that my current home region of Solitude will be housing some refugees as well. The planet Gererique II in the Orvanne district will settle around 12000 refugees. Despite being a rather tucked away system even for Solitude’s standards, Gererique has a lot to offer in the way of retail and shipping, owing to the presence of FedMart and Federal Freight respectively. Coupled with the large presence of the Navy in the system, there is more than enough opportunity there for vengeful citizens who may want to take up arms against the Trigs one day.

As NERI was created with the express interest of facilitating the transportation of refugees to their new homes, it feels great to report that the vast majority of refugees placed under our care have been successfully introduced to their new homes. NERI has fulfilled its goals, and with that, I will return to my duties as active head of the Mobrault Security Consultants, effectively dissolving the initiative. Despite NERI folding however, the aiding of refugee populations will still commence, albeit under a new agency. An associate of mine will update this thread soon on details regarding the future of aid for the displaced refugees transported by NERI.

I would like to thank everyone that has supported the initiative, especially those that have assisted in the rescuing of refugees from captured system, and that have put in work transporting them to their intended destination alongside my own efforts. Your efforts demonstrate the best of what the capsuleer community has to offer the baseliners that rely on us to shield burdens outside their control, and serve to help right the massive wrong that the Collective has inflicted upon New Eden.


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