The new Industrial Materials should reliably be lootable from successful salvages

Baseline rates of how much material can drop from each ships salvage. (They should never drop 0 of these new materials in my opinion.

Capitals = 5% - 10%

Faction ships = 10% - 15%

T1 Battleships = 8% - 13%

There are 2 primary benefits from doing this.

1.) You will incentivize all forms of content more than before because now there is a very real tangible value you can gain from it. So hunting Supers, Blops, etc, these things have benefits, but you can’t loot the capital modules most the time, and there’s no financial gain from it so it’s not self sustainable.\

2.) This would effectively create a Quad Core type style mechanic, that would also help reduce the cost of all the ships by a little bit, and would make hunting these ships be a more sought out activity.

The breakdowns make it so you can help reduce the currently steep costs of battleships and help reduce the costs of capital hulls a little bit.

Minor Addendums:

A.) This will give more benefits and incentive for hunting Orca’s, JF, and Freighters, so they may need some kind of HP buff, because they are already being hunted while their hulls are empty. (With the exception of the Orca, now there will be a tangible benefit for killing Orca’s)

B.) Some T1 insurance rates may need to be adjusted for the increase of value that they would be having in their wrecks.

There are no guaranteed drops from salvage at present. That’s a pretty significant change in the functionality of salvaging to give guaranteed drops, even of a tiny percentage of the potential pool, and really strange to only have it apply to certain ships and drop options.

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