The Next Pirate Rave - Ninja Mining Moon Ore in Null

Pirates often times operate on hit and run tactics in getting their killmails…but a new type of Ninja Mining has been born.

Ninja Mining Moon Ore.

Why is will this form of pirating be the rave for pirates? Simple, every time that you mine the ore around a moon the owner of a station gets a report of who mined and what they mined. With most Moon Refineries set to auto mine and then the ore is harvested at a later date, most of the time the refinery operator is away doing something else allowing Ninja mining to take place.

Ninja Mining is really no different than looting wrecks or flipping cans in High Sec but it can be more rewarding.

The best ship to use would be the Prospect.

High Slots

2 - Modulated Deep Core Mine II + Moon Ore Mining Crystals of your choice
1 - Covert Ops Cloaking Devic II

Mid Slots

1 - 5MN MWD II
1 - Sensor Booster II + Scan Resolution Script

Low Slots

1 - Signal Amplifier II
3 - Mining Laser Upgrade II

Rig Slots

1 - Small Targeting System Sub-controller I
1 - Small Low Friction Nozzle Joints I

I want to give this a spin


Ninja Mining Moon Ore would be similar to the famous torpedo delivery corporation and their famous torpedo delivery service.

A sample of an e-mail sent to the refinery owner would read :

Dear (__),<-------Insert Refinery Owner Name
I would like to take this time to send my (or corporate entity) best regards in completing the Ninja Moon Mine contract at (insert refinery name). As you can see from your refineries report (
) was able to mine ( insert type of rock mined) in less than (insert time it took to mine) along with mining (insert amount of rocks mined) that comes to a total of (Insert ISK value) after sold on the market. We are certain that because of your efforts in providing us the access to your Moon Ore that you have made the content of New Eden much more vibrant and enjoyable.

We look forward to working again with (enter pirated corporation) and hope that when you look through your reports of our mining efforts several more times that you will see that we extracted quite a lot of value from your Moon Ore Belt that went to benefit the poor of New Eden.

(enter your name)

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If you use a completely different fit, have at it.

Your spin is indicative of your inability to come up with such a Moon Ore Raider…now isn’t it?

No. Because we are pirates, not filthy mining casuals. This might happen as a way to get fights, but your pebbles and dust are not lucrative enough to attract any decent level of pirate to switch professions. IMHO.

You know, if you took as long to mine as you do sitting on a gate waiting to gank someone, you would probably be more wealthy than you are without having to split up the loot with other gankers.

Doubtful in the first place, but assuming I did that I would die of boredom long before hitting my first trillion.

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