The Noh Federation Presidential Platform

I’ve discovered it is a bother to go searching for what I think about price subsidies on Mannarite kumquats (answer: subsidies must be narrowly tailored to address specific policy needs, bounded by clear termination dates, such that markets may settle upon rational pricing blah blah blah, darlings, if it will keep my voters from starving I’m all for it). Furthermore, I’m told it increases the efficacy of social media funnels to pull everything together into one place - and so I shall, in pieces.

This alone should set me sufficiently apart from my political opponents (all of whom can be relied on to regurgitate useless sound bites and meaningless truisms) to make the only real choice for president clear.

As I currently understand it, I have three priorities for my first term. Applying the Gallente’s pioneering Adroit™ Virtual Abstract Product Management Implementation Paradigm (Adroit), I have prioritized my three priorities as follows:

  1. Reclaim Federal Sovereignty
  2. Empower Intaki To Reclaim Their Own Sovereignty
  3. Restructure Federal/State Conflict To Maximize Ratings

Vision Statement
The Noh Administration embraces, with all its heart, the ideals set forth in the federal constitution.

These ideals protect not only by the most favored members of our great society, but also its disfavored and downtrodden, its miserable wretches who, but for the beacon of ordered liberty, would find themselves overcome by the depredations of despair. All federal citizens, even members of vilified religious sects or popular music fan groups, must be afforded the right to hold alien beliefs, to come together with others of similar alien beliefs, to keep the privacy of their thoughts, to be free from coerced confessions, to bear personal blasters, and to generally enjoy all the rights and privileges of federal life.

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Priority One: Reclaim Federal Sovereignty

CONCORD (and its harem of unelected deep bureaucrats) infringes upon the sovereignty of sovereign states.

I thank them for their service, but it is time for the Federation to advance the reification of its unique cultural value propositions independently through the act of policing its own territory in its own way.

To avoid the hassle of booking moving services to clear out spacescrapers tens of kilometers tall, I shall right-structure CONCORD plant and personnel presently based within the Federation into a new agency with its own cabinet secretary (the first of whom, in the interests of expediency, will be the current CONCORD Poobah High Mucky Muck of Gallente Affairs).

This new agency, named Directorate-General For Ordered Liberty And Security Affairs (DGOLSA), shall own the brief for implementation and evolution of a comprehensive security value pipeline. The primary work product of this agency shall be my AbsoluteSafety™ Drone Dome Shopping District (ASDDSD), wherein federal citizens and residents may be assured they can purchase, take possession, and transport any goods (subject to applicable federal and local regulations, subject to my Freedom Entrepreneur Initiative™, discussed below) in complete and total safety.

Anyone attempting to impede the shopping rights of federal citizens or residents within the ASDDSD shall be shot by an AbsoluteSafety™ Drone Assisted Civire Trained Always Deployed Special Weapons And Tactics Ordered Liberty Strike Squad (ASDACTADSWATOLSS). Of course, the Federation shall take no interest in, or responsibility for, the fate of any good or individual leaving the ASDDSD, by any means, for any reason.

Access to the ASDDSD shall be based upon standings with the Federation. High and mid slot modules shall be rendered inoperable by White Feather hackers upon entering the ASDDSD Zone of Authority (ASDDSDZA). Drones (all types) and fighters will not deploy inside the ASDDSDZA.

Due to this AbsoluteSafety™, capital and supercapital vessels will be allowed to enter and leave the ASDDSD (subject to standing and professionalism requirements). This will expand federal shipbuilding and supply industries, giving that cuttlefish Roden needed competition.

All mining activities within the ASDDSD shall be limited to deep space claim pockets, administered by appropriate agencies, and subject to repeating maintenance fees. Resource extraction technology, including mining drones, will operate within a claimant’s claim. Claim jumping shall be adjudicated without appeal by ASDACTADSWATOLSS.

All security requirements within the ASDDSD shall be addressed exclusively by ASDACTADSWATOLSS and licensed deputies who have demonstrated adequate professionalism.

Regarding my Freedom Entrepreneur Initiative™, the Jin-Mei observation “fish do not play in clean water” is taken to heart. While impeding the shopping rights of others shall continue to result in nearly instantaneous head explosion (and permanent expulsion from the ASDDSD), it is true that any scheme of ordered liberty risks ordering some of the finer things in life out of consumer reach.

As part of a Reality Holoverse concept produced by DGOLSA (all revenues of which shall accrue to said agency), mechanisms shall be provided for licensed Customs Quality Assurance Agents to prove their skills in scanning down access corridors capable of supplying gray market warehouses with products and services. These activities shall be extraordinarily lucrative. Screwing up, however, invites instant ASDACTADSWATOLSS head trauma. Additional tension will be provided by duly licensed deputies of adequate professionalism. We have already seen how popular live smuggler cavity searches can be with the Flavours incident.

Clearly, the implementation of my top priority as President shall set federal territory apart as a uniquely secure environment in which to research, manufacture, purchase, and transport goods (subject to applicable federal and local regulation, subject to my Freedom Entrepreneur Initiative™). This penchant for entrepreneurialism has always been the Federation’s defining quality, and it is high time for an administration to deliver upon that promise. The rest of the cluster can ■■■■ off… er, I mean… the rest of the cluster can pursue its own unique value propositions - as appropriate to their relevant cultural norms.


Priority Two: Allow Intaki To Reclaim Their Own Sovereignty

No one likes a hypocrite. Were I to reclaim Federation sovereignty from CONCORD’s unelected bureaucrats, only to turn around and refuse the Intaki the right to pursue their own sovereignty, I would be a hypocrite - and that just won’t do.

Consequently, my administration shall grant every eligible voter registered to vote in a system within the boundaries of Intaki space (including voters living outside said boundaries but registered to vote therein) a vote, Leave or Remain, to determine if the system of their registration Leaves the Federation, or Remains within it.

My administration shall take no official position on the outcome of this vote.

All systems which vote Remain shall, over time, be incorporated into my AbsoluteSafety™ Drone Dome Shopping District (ASDDSD), discussed in Part I (Reclaim Federal Sovereignty).

All systems which vote Leave shall become fully sovereign. Although systems Leaving the Federation will naturally be required to negotiate new trade agreements, transitory measures will be put into place to prevent humanitarian catastrophes.

In addition to trade, systems Leaving the Federation will find it necessary to negotiate new security arrangements with their neighbors. My administration pledges not to interfere in negotiations between Leave systems and third parties, such as Amarr, the State, the Tribal Assembly, edging criminal organizations, invasive quasi-cybernetic hive minds, precursive invasive quasi-cybernetic hive minds, drifting quasi-cybernetic sleepy quasi hive minds, invasive automata hive minds, invasive hive minds not yet encountered, or individual corporate entities.

Systems Leaving the Federation may wish to consider my Capsule Marques Proposition, to be discussed at a future time in Part III (Restructure Federal/State Conflict To Maximize Ratings), as an alternative to collective security protocols within independent frameworks.

My graduate assistants forecast roughly half the Intaki population will vote Leave.

I commit to honoring that considered decision. Because margins will vary system by system, it is difficult for even graduate assistants to predict which will Leave and which will Remain. Simulations, however, suggest the distribution will follow some form of Perrelaine Smudge distribution.

Although standing and professionalism requirements for entry into the ASDDSD may impede the freedom of moving between zero security space bubbles separated by Remaining Perrelaine Smudge clouds, my administration will ensure no Leaving systems shall be left completely isolated from the star gate grid, going so far as to contract ASDDSD development and maintenance of additional bridges to prevent total economic collapse of isolated regions.

Of course, residents of Leave space who do maintain adequate standing and professionalism shall absolutely be Free™ to navigate the ASDDSD, availing themselves fully of the maximized research, production, and consumption opportunities therein.

Indeed, it is my dream that, inspired by the Intaki example, Ammatar will likewise choose to become masters of their own destiny. In partnership with our dearest Matari friends, my administration shall advance a glorious Belt And Gate Initiative, creating an interstellar superhighway which connects the most distant reaches of Intaki space with the furthest nether zones of the Mandate.

Under the Noh administration, the myriad benefits of self-determination paired with uninhibited research, production, and consumption shall flow to all.

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Priority Three: Restructure Federal/State Conflict To Maximize Ratings

Our innovative Federation, creative and entertainment envy of the known Universe, finds itself confronted by existential threats. We are besieged by three quasi cybernetic quasi hive minds, numerous criminal syndicates, CONCORD’s overreach, a Deep Bureaucracy intent on sequestering public resources for private gain, and a protracted conflict with the Caldari State.

It is difficult to rank existential threats on an objective scale. All are by definition dire.

However, protracted conflict with the State strikes me as the most tragic. In it, we find the greatest lost potential for mutual prosperity. Whereas the Amarr and Matari remain locked in an irreconcilable struggle over the right to enslave against the right not to be enslaved, citizens of the Federation and State are divided by resolvable disputes over the balance between corporate and public oversight.

That said, I recognize the appeal of national sentiments, and the allure of maintaining shareholder value with ForeverWar™. Peace is often only a dream, even in peaceful times. I wish the cosmos operated differently, but a political leader must begrudgingly compromise with reality in order to get things done.

Furthermore, nationalist urges, corporate greed, and raw reptilian battle lust can be harnessed in a manner which creates opportunities for a better future.

Toward that end, after Reclaiming the Federation’s sovereignty from CONCORD, and after according the Intaki people an opportunity for self-determination, my administration shall implement the Capsule Marques Program.

Implementation of this program shall proceed in the following manner:

  1. Establishment of a Marques Administrative Joint Venture (MAJV) between the Federation and a willing State-aligned entity. Mordu’s Legion has already proved itself capable of fulfilling such a role in regards to the difficult subject of Caldari Prime. On the Federation side, it was recently brought to my attention that the Jin-Mei (and particularly the Saan Go) share a zest for precision and professionalism with the State’s Deteis population. Indeed, as suggested, it is almost as if they represent two poles of some antediluvian cultural axis. Given the involvement of Garoun Investment Bank in the Jin-Mei systems (systems with which I am becoming more familiar by the day), my intention is to invite that institution to lead the formation of MAJV.

  2. Establishment of a Capsule Marques Autonomous Administrative Zone (CMAAZ), to be administered by MAJV, in as much of the present war zone as possible. Obviously we cannot impose this zone on systems dominated by the State without the State’s consent. However, the proposition amounts to the creation of “infant zaibatsu,” and so the State may be amenable.

  3. Auction 17 Marques for each system contained within the CMAAZ. Each Marque shall entitle the holder to possession of a unique deep space pocket, similar to, but much larger than, mining claims available in the AbsoluteSafety™ Drone Dome Shopping District (ASDDSD). Capsule Marques infrastructure installed within a Marque shall provide system-wide benefits to the Marque holder. A maintenance fee will be required to maintain the Marque. In return for this tax burden, however, the MAJV will help protect Marque infrastructure on behalf of the holder (subject to Contestment Licenses).

  4. Marque holders contribute to the security and prosperity of both their Marque and the containing system by purchasing Marques Materials - specialty goods manufactured in the ASDDSD and transported to the respective holdings. If the system maintains a sufficient level of security and prosperity (to be determined) for a sufficient length of time (to be determined), each Marque holder in the system shall be given an opportunity to vote, irrevocably, to join the Federation (or State, to the extent it decides to participate). When all 17 Marques request membership, the system shall be incorporated into the ASDDSD, or whatever equivalent the State provides. There is no time limit for the vote. Ascension happens the moment the last Marque votes in favor while the prerequisite conditions are in effect (even if the system alternates between qualifying and not qualifying in between). Upon incorporation, Marque holders will no longer be required to pay maintenance fees for their holdings, and will enjoy the benefits thereof in perpetuity.

  5. Marques holders may purchase Contestment Licenses to make sorties on one another’s holdings. These licenses shall persist for one week, renewable each week. Absent a Contestment License, which may only be purchased by a Marque holder, the MAJV shall intervene in any attempt to damage Marque infrastructure. This intervention shall not apply to vessels operated by individual capsuleers outside of the holding pocket. Contestment will reduce the security and prosperity ratings of a system (in proportion to the success of the Contestment campaign).

In this way, over the course of long a time, it is possible, if not likely, that what has been a protracted, murderous conflict for far too long already may finally come to an end. The Federation (and State, to the extent it participates) will save enormous resources by leaving it to capsuleers to invest in systems they wish to elevate. Of course, entirely new conflicts almost certainly await somewhere, but that is an issue for another day.

Though not all victorious capsuleers may look kindly on the Federation (though it would be a bit ungracious at that point, frankly), even enemies make good trading partners; and it is entirely possible many enemies will have transformed into not-enemies, if not friends.

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Well-wishes to your campaign, Candidate Noh. To me, you represent the best that democracy has to offer.


You’ve piqued my curiosity.


I discussed it elsewhere, though even I can’t find the material (which is kind of the point of this platform document).

The gist is my administration will grant all eligible voters in Intaki space, and those who are lawfully registered as absentees, to vote for their system to either Leave or Remain. The process will naturally be complicated, and I will obviously be required to go into more depth in the appropriate section - which I shall do.

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Necessary groundwork and perhaps a template for the Kabar re-colonisation program which the Aguard administration is suspiciously silent on.

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The Amarrian Orthodox Church, Sedevacantist supports Intaki independence…it will make the True Emperor’s job of conquering, enslaving, and otherwise genociding the Intaki people for their many crimes against the Khanid people all the easier.

I note that ending the persecution of sedevacantism is not a part of the Noh Presidential Platform.

The Adroit Virtual Abstract Product Management Implementation Paradigm (Adroit) urges limiting bold plans to three points so as to keep everything on track, and so I have distilled the platform to that number.

However, the freedom of belief is a bedrock constitutional principle, and all actions of my administration shall be infused with respecting not only the letter of constitutional law, but also the luminous ideals embodied therein. Any citizen or resident of the Federation must be allowed to sincerely believe that the creator of the universe is sending a bare-chested, horse-riding warrior messiah to spank naughty Amarrian elites and redeem the entire universe. Any attempts to criminalize that belief would represent violations, most wicked and vile, of fundamental federal principles.

The freedom of assembly is also a bedrock constitutional principle, and consequently, Sedevacantists must be allowed to congregate, congretationally.

As for the right to import tactical nuclear weapons without applicable health and safety compliance documentation, on the grounds that they are iconography or whatever… well, that will have to be left up to the judicial process.

With respect to the ultimate fate of Intaki systems, I agree with the sentiment of your argument that systems which Leave are a taking a significant risk. However, even a Prophet should not count yaks before they hatch… or experience live birth… whatever yaks do. Recent simulations show that people who have taken Freedom™ into their own hands fight with remarkable tenacity to keep it.

Furthermore, while my administration would not directly intervene on behalf of non-federal systems (after all, that would be federal overreach), Cuttlefish Roden and other arms manufactures, including pod industrialists newly able to construct capital and super-capital vessels in my AbsoluteSafety™ Drone Dome Shopping District, would certainly sell the Intaki weapons.

You know how arms dealers are. They love to see wars come and hate to see them go.

Further furthermore, I suspect the State, including its pod industrialists (who, incidentally, would be free to construct capital and super-capital vessels in the ASDDSD so long as they met standing and professionalism requirements), would also take an interest in the Intaki systems.

My administration will remain studiously neutral in the outcome of the referendum, allowing the Intaki to choose their own fate. Improbable as it may seem, I am not secretly snickering behind the back of Leave voters. Yes, I expect them to become prizes fought over by powerful external forces. I also expect their standard of living to decrease as they discover the realities of international trade. Shelves might be empty, and some of them might starve due to the lack of kumquat subsidies.

However, I do not expect them to be pushovers.

If they are clever, and it must be recognized that the Intaki are clever, they will balance the external forces against one another to preserve their independence.

@Nauplius In the interests of Transparency and No Funny Business, I have edited the preamble post to include a Vision Statement that codifies my commitment to Constitutional Principles as they relate to vilified religious sects.

I think I am asking the question that all the denizens of the Federation are thinking when I ask “How will Candidate Noh root out the corruption amongst the elites that has so negatively impacted the average citizen for so long?”

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An excellent question, darling!

The concept of sovereignty reclamation extends beyond taking responsibility for policing our own space from CONCORD and transferring it to our own forces. We must also retake our sovereignty from the corrupt sleaze that has permeated our society.

The thought experiment I ran for Diana sweetie remains instructive.

The deeper the Deep Bureaucracy’s face tentacles penetrate into the fabric of our civic corpus, the more our civic corpus begins to operate like a system with excessive concentration of authority. As we saw in the thought experiment, this ultimately leads to situations wherein we find 100 billion ISK in maintenance earmarks becoming 5 billion ISK of the wrong parts and 95 billion ISK in super yachts docked outside of Federation territory.

We must liquidate the Deep Bureaucracy and ensure that the Federation’s citizens get the full value of their tax burden.

In accordance with Adroit™ principles, Deep Bureaucracy liquidation will proceed on three fronts:

  1. Rebalancing of revenue extraction operations
  2. Reformulation of intellectual property paradigms
  3. Inquisition into the forensics of federal appropriations processes

1. Rebalancing of revenue extraction operations
The federal government is owed very little by an enormous number of people who receive next to no benefit from federal expenditures, and dragon hoards by a corrupt few who receive almost all benefits of federal expenditures.

My administration’s ASDACTADSWATOLSS forces shall prioritize the recovery of dragon hoards, by whatever means necessary, from those corrupt few. Individuals found guilty of subverting the Federation’s generous tax policies for private gain shall be treated as harshly as constitutionally permissible.

2. Reformulation of intellectual property paradigms
Presently, the public expends its own resources to protect extended monopolies held by private entities.

The length of these monopolies has steadily increased since Gallente nobility ran around in see-through tights and nine inch heels… what’s that? I see. Since before space travel. Presently, the public obligates itself to enforce private monopolies for nine hundred and ninety nine years. I will give them two years.

There will be a lot of wailing about how eviscerating private monopoly rights will suppress innovation because the “motivation will be gone.” The argument is superficially appealing and yet cannot survive even casual scrutiny. Freedom Entrepreneurs are not able to enforce patent protection against one another, and yet are among the most innovative providers of products and services in the Cluster.

3. Inquisition into the forensics of federal appropriations process
Oh, this one is going to be so much fun, darling.

As not only a nun, but also a witch, an Amarrian theologian, and a practitioner of numerous blasphemous vampiric cult rituals, I assure you that if there is one thing I can do, that thing is to inquire into whether or not every single appropriation made by the federal government over the past century has complied with the law.

We all know what the answer is. We also know how they dealt with things like that in not-too-distant Gallente past (wherein they put those nine-inch heels to positively fabulous use).

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I understand that it is not a topic for inclusion in a three point presentation. However, what is the presidential candidate’s position on eventually recognizing the rights of drones?

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My AbsoluteSafety™ Drone Dome Shopping District depends on drones. Although I spent years schlepping for Viziam, Ishukone, Ducia, Chemal, Inherent, others, no offense, to push my corporate schmoozing to dizzying heights, I am ironically short on drone schmoozing.

Actually, the first interstellar corporate entity I schmoozed to the very peak of schmoozing was the Emperor Family Deep Bureaucracy, and the second was the Tash-Murkon Family Deep Bureaucracy, some half of me being half Udorian. That layers irony on top of the already layered irony…

Anyway, I am simultaneously remedying my drone deficiency and visiting my constituencies in Jin-Mei space by schlepping for an adorable little muffin named Set… I think. Maybe he’s one of the snake people, I’m not sure.

It stands to reason drones will eventually achieve a sufficient level of sentience to warrant ordered liberty rights. We used to have a sentient drone in this very forum. Unit was her name. Returning was her game. I don’t recall the type. Void, perhaps.

I also have several flocks of infomorphic karakul. Sometimes I wonder if I am an infomorphic karakul’s infomorphic mummy. As mentioned, I only remember being an old woman, but memory only goes back so far.

A poignancy therefore lurks inside the question of drone suffrage. I love poignancy.

Does this imply a return to the cultural imperialism that preceded the Secession War?

That is all well and good for domestic trade within the Federation, but how would this affect trade between the Federation and foreign powers?

Imagine how much bloodshed could have been prevented if the Federation had the common sense to adopt that stance two centuries ago.

All I would want is a white peace that would see both sides withdraw from the other side’s systems. What does “Restructure Federal/State Conflict To Maximize Ratings” even mean?


“Cultural imperialism” is vulnerable to broad interpretation, and so I must probably answer “maybe.” However, insofar as I will offer the Intaki a sincere opportunity Leave the Federation, I believe I am demonstrating a clear intention not to operate as a “classical imperialist” power.

Within the Federation, what CONCORD is now would be a cuddly fuzzy wuzzy duckling by comparison to the AbsoluteSafety™ Drone Assisted Civire Trained Always Deployed Special Weapons And Tactics Ordered Liberty Strike Squads (ASDACTADSWATOLSS). Consequently, a majority of “real” pilots will likely scream about how their way of life was being destroyed. That could constitute cultural imperialism, but boo hoo. Not only will real, “real” pilots continue to operate just fine adjacent to federal territory, but, as one of the Freedom Entrepreneurs recently put it: “you don’t hunt water buffalo on a polar ice cap.”

Bringing us to Question 2.

Trade between the Federation and foreign powers will increase. The AbsoluteSafety™ Drone Dome Shopping District (ASDDSD) will produce an environment highly favorable to manufacturing. Althought there will be a range of standing and professionalism requirements, and these might prevent access to some sections of the ASDDSD for some people, individuals of all nationalities will be free to take advantage of the ASDDSD to the extent standings and professionalism allow.

The fruits of their labors will be serviced by a variety of transportation options, up to, and including, automated transfers between star systems - a service similar to transfers on planetary scales (but subject to interstellar service fees and significant delays, which may be mitigated by contracting independent freight operators).

These transportation services will inexorably move goods to systems adjacent to foreign powers.

The above mentioned standing and professionalism requirements will be minimal in customs border systems, but technically remain positive numbers. That might create a need for a small number of operators to employ staff for the task of operating within the ASDDSD for the purposes of jumping out of it. From there, trade would proceed as normal.

Because high and mid slot modules will be inoperable inside the ASDDSD, and furthermore because drones and fighters will not deploy (though personalized mining claims permit operation of resource extractors), the ASDDSD will diverge from normality insofar as capital and super-capital vessels may be constructed and operated within its borders. Furthermore, in exchange for significant fees, system harbor masters may light custom cynosural fields, allowing vessels with jump drives to enter the ASDDSD. It is highly recommended pilots keep track of their standing and professionalism before making use of these services, however, because ASDACTADSWATOLSS will not ■■■■ around. Whether or not we give a warning that a titan will be destroyed upon system entry is subject to legislative debate. Hmmm. Maybe the White Feathers will allow pilots to turn on salvaging modules in exchange for a fee…

Point being, in addition to using customs border systems, transportation providers with access to jump capable ships will be able to make use of that functionality to both come and go, further increasing trade between the Federation and foreign powers.

Regarding point 3, I completely agree with the sentiment that the Federation could have done a better job managing its affairs several centuries ago, but fortunately it now has me.

Regarding the restructuring of Federal/State conflict to maximize ratings, that one is rather complicated.

The TLDR is that the present conflict zone would be transformed into an semi-autonomous region under the joint oversight of Mordu’s Legion and a Gallente agency to be named, wherein Capsule Marques would be made available to capsuleers, in exchange for maintenance fees, allowing them to invest in their own private domains (similar to, but larger in scale, than the personalized mining claims within the ASDDSD).

Of course, in exchange for additional fees, the Capsule Marques may choose to not only invest in their own domains, but to contest the domains of others. As it is an autonomous region, the nationality of the capsuleer would not matter. They could contest against whoever without inconvenient standings kerfuffles (Hello, Nauplius, darling! Hello, Amarrian patriot darlings! Too bad this isn’t your warzone lol #VoteNohForFederationPresident). By allowing the Capsule Marques to contest with whoever, we increase the dynamism of the theater - and therefore its ratings.

Whew! Thank you for your questions darling!

Note To The Forum: details on the Intaki Initiative have been extended beyond the originally rather terse statement, above.

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Would it be pleasing for you to publicly record your definitions of the words “Absolute” and “Ultra” with emphasis on how the concepts differ in policy practice?

My concern is that the worthy cause you have identified may become encumbered by accusations of extremism when more moderate terms are desired according to my assessment the Intaki peoples.

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You make a good point, Mlle. Tem. The word “ultra” is marketing fluff and can be discarded.

The word “absolute” is intended to convey a maximum degree of safety, but I take it you mean to highlight the dangers of absolute power, absolute monarchy, absolutism, etc.

I use “AbsoluteSafety™” to emphasize that “Gallente high security space” will provide a level of safety far beyond anything presently meant by “high security.” Toward that end, I do consider the forcefulness of the word “Absolute” necessary to make it absolutely (ba da bump) clear this proposition is a significant departure from “business as usual.”

The legislative intention behind “AbsoluteSafety” is that combat of any kind will not be possible inside what might less extravagantly be called the Gallente “green zone.” All security needs of the zone will be addressed by federal agencies. The only activities envisioned for the zone are researching, manufacturing, producing, transacting, and transporting.

Yes, extracting will also occur, but only in individualized pockets where the claimant’s extraction drones and modules will be enabled. These pockets are intended as a way of providing federal citizens with “residences,” and will not come close to supporting industrial demand inside the zone. Imports will therefore be required. Those imports won’t be “Absolutely” safe until they get inside the zone, and therefore the manufacturing chain as a whole cannot be considered “Absolutely” safe.

I am therefore using the “sly ™” to emphasize this is a constructive “AbsoluteSafety™.”

However, I agree with the Jin-Mei saying “fish do not play in clean water,” and recognize that care must be taken not to suffocate freedom in the name of protecting it.

Although criminal syndicates will not be able to operate murderously inside the green zone (and “ratting” will not be possible), I recognize the social need for “gray” activities to balance state prohibitions.

There will be vectors (in fact, criminal complexes) in what is presently Gallente “low security” space for enterprising individuals to discover jump routes (subject to, you guessed it, varying access restrictions) leading to pockets hidden in the green zone. Gray markets in these pockets will trade not only in the substances everyone is presently thinking about, but also specialty Gallente trade goods demanded by civilian populations in other nations (where they will be fabulously profitable due to import and export restrictions).

Scanning down these criminal complexes in low security space (and gaining access to the jump gates) will obviously not be safe. Once in the hub pockets, the problem becomes getting the fabulously profitable trade goods out. The smuggler can try to use the “green zone” gate network, but seizure is certain unless in a ship designed to prevent scanning. The other way out is the way in - which is of course far from absolutely safe (particularly given that it will be widely known how fabulously valuable the trade goods in question are).

It occurs to me after all that, you may be referring specifically to the interaction between the “green zone” that will potentially extend into Intaki space (for systems that Remain) and Leave systems.

I concede the standings requirements may impose burdens on surrounding Leave systems, but all efforts will be made to ensure the residents of Leave systems will not be coerced into de facto federal membership, even if they are completely surrounded by a wall of constructive “AbsoluteSafety™.” Where necessary, new links will be created for Leave systems to interact with one another without forcing them through the green zone.

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The Cuttlefish is a Crafty Crustacean.


All systems within the Citadel and Black Rise belong to our people. We have no intention of ceding them to Mordu’s Legion, or anyone else for that matter. Certainly not to Capsuleers, who already have far more independence and legal special treatment than is good for them.