Manifesto of Spice: Flavour Guaranteed

Declaration of Intent

Witnessing the very amateur attempt to garner attention from the masses by my would-be-opponent @Gosakumori_Noh , I have decided to show the IGS how to run a proper campaign. A campaign grounded on sensibility and logical reality, not cuttlefish. Besides the presidential elections not happening for another three years, becoming president is not an easy dish to swallow. I fear darling Gosy may have bitten off more than they can chew. With that said I hereby announce my own bid to call for an early by-election in the Orvolle system. I would welcome the Noh Administration to wet their whistle and run against me to see if they really do have the appetite for it. Now for the important section.

Neglection of Duty

Governor Cirial DuFey has neglected their duties for long enough, all the while innocent law-abiding citizens like myself, have been subjected to injustices and abuse from their cronies. The border colonies of Orvolle deserve better, they deserve a spice of life akin to the Crystal Boulevard. I would ask of the Federal election board to strip Cirial of their position and move for an immediate by-election of the system.

Flavour Guaranteed

Stop and Search

  • I will be putting a stop to the ‘Stop and Searches’ for vessels passing through the Orvolle system. This is a total violation of privacy that every citizen has a right to. How would you like it if every time you passed by a person’s house, they asked you to drop your trousers to pat you down?

Security and Shipping Franchise

  • I would seek to install the proper capsuleer corporation that specialise in this sort of area. A corporation whose CEO is a heartthrob with a ‘to-die-for moustache’.


  • I plan to commission a “Live, Laugh, Love” monument in space made from recycled ship parts. This is to simply remind people that life is too short and you only live once 1.
    1. Unless you’re a capsuleer

There are many more policies I wish to discussion, and I will in due course.

As natural as they come,

Julian “Orvolle’s Champion” Flavours

Creator of JFT and Eau de Parfum Flavours
S+ tier fighter of Super ■■■■posting Siblings!
Ex-Supreme Commander of Allied Love Militia Forces
A Meowstar of the Caldari Cats Production
Lover of Lovelovers and a strong distain of Lovehaters
The ‘First Doctor’ in Doctor Spice
Proper Polite Political Posturer


I’m not even a Federal citizen, let alone a citizen of Orville, and have no strong feelings either way on this issue. :partying_face:

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All the more reason to have an opinion on the matter my fellow Doctor. An unbiased view and comment is always useful in a debate!

What is your platform on foreign relations?

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I, like yourself have a deep love to connect with people, and have formed many a relationship with foreigners. I recieve hundreds of penpal mail daily, from all over the cluster. So I will be seeking a meeting with various FTL communication companies to ensure faster connections for all households with in the system.

Where do you stand on the issue of rogue drones in people suits ?

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Well I would sit first of all. But I am Pro-cosplay no matter who’s behind the mask. As for if the drones believe themselves to be rogue or not, I am not one to judge on their pronouns.

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I never took you for a privacy proponent Proposed Candidate Flavours. How … Caldari of you.

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I suppose we have our comical candidates in Flavours and Noh ready for the next electoral cycle.


How would improve relations between the Federation and the State?

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It doesn’t matter when an election is you dizzy thing. We are the Federation! We are always campaigning.

For egalitay! For libertay. For vanilla latte!

Just because someone else wins doesn’t mean we shouldn’t go on and on and on about how they cheated (which, it must be conceded, qualifies as winning) until it is time for someone to win all over again.

Oh! How rude of me.

Welcome to the race, darling. Biennes. Vienneneux.

I’m not sure what you are on about regarding Orvolle, however. The system is a veritable island of calm in a sea of freedom entrepreneurs, freedom fighters, and Diana sweetie’s commandos. This Governor DuFey deserves a medal (no offense, Diana sweetie), not a recall.

I, Candidate Noh, endorse them without reservation!

Any scandals they have been caught up in are clearly fake news planted by elements of the Deep Bureaucracy, or Syndicate traffickers (you wouldn’t be acquainted with any of those, now, would you darling?). Or possibly Diana sweetie’s commandos (though that really isn’t Diana sweetie’s style). I shall send a genetically engineered consultant to support them against this unjust recall forthwith. I’ll even fly out to the system to see what’s what. Pity none of the corporations I’ve ingratiated myself with have major facilities there.

Well, I suppose I am fairly tight with the Navy. And I do love young midshipmen in tight white pants…

But let’s face facts, darling.

You got caught. We all get caught. We don’t all try to recall the governor.


Candidate Flavours, what is your opinion on the unjust persecution of the Amarrian Orthodox Church, Sedevacantist?


Do you recognize the Serpentis Corporation as a legitimate corporate and political entity, recognize the disservice and persecution done to our founder, and promise to at least try and work towards convincing the Federation to stop wantonly killing innocent members of our company?

Those are my biggest concerns, but only the top ones on a long, long list.


I like to have a little bit of everything inside me.

How rude of you sir, NADSC would have first dibs to the S&S franchise if I were elected Governor.

If I were to be elected governor, I would seek to put in place legislation allowing citizens from both the Federation and State to date. This of course would be appeal and conform to the (very strict if you ask me) rules and regulations of the State’s compatility matcher.

I plan to speak with the CEOs of Divinity Social to see if there is way to intergate their system with the systems that several of the megacorporatons in the State use.

An excellent questions Spin Doctor! It saddens me to hear that, that throne still has not been occupied by a butt yet?! How has it been vaccant all this time?! I would look to ensure that a ‘RESERVED’ sign is placed on chairs of all forms, so that people know that someone will sit there eventually. Maybe we could sit down for a coffee and discuss with my graphic designers of the style of sign?

I have had very little knowledge of the Serpentis Corporation in the Orvolle region but I will endeavor to find out for you. For too long has the Federation kicked the little guy; Caldari, Intaki and your dear Serpentis Corporation. I would elevate and celebrate these people instead of enforcing rules and regulations an upon them.

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My dearest Darling,

That was a very long winded way of saying you won’t run for Governor of Orvolle. It would appear you are too afraid to do so. I understand, my aura alone is enough to put any makeup covered clown in their place.

How graphic?

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Sleet, this a public forum intended for diplomatic discourse.
Please constrain your curiosity to a private channel.

Evidently, refractive political science is bewilderingly effective.

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Criminals who spread slanders about State Officers shall not be allowed to take any government position!

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They are very talented people, it’s why i’ve employed them. But as Snowy has rightly said, you can send me a mail and I can get you in touch with them.

Preciously! They shouldn’t and I will ensure those criminals are hunted down and given what they deserve.

Well rogue drones wearing people suits, if Federation law prevents them expressing themselves, it causes a whole lot of social problems. Such as like, you’re at a nightclub in Camille, meet someone you think is interesting, and just as you’re getting to the erotic bit, blammo, they turn out to be a drone in a people suit, and then everything is awkward. I mean, I’m not being droneist here, two of my daughters are technically drones in people suits, but this whole thing is something that should be addressed in Federal law, isn’t it ? That they should be allowed a pathway to citizenship, no ?

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