Manifesto of Spice: Flavour Guaranteed

Candidate Flavours, how would running for Presidency impact your other endeavours?

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Candidate Flavours,
As a professional bodybuilder, how would you propose to bridge the gap between those that compete in the State, with those in the Federation. As the Federation has more open policies, how would you Open doors for representation from the State in the competitions of the cluster as a whole?

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Thorne-haan asked about -improving- relations. I do not think that what you are suggesting would be reciprocated or spark joy in the exec circles.


It won’t, as I’m not running for President. As Governor I will be able to continue to pursue my passions but as I previously announced I won’t be in season two of Doctor Spice.

First off let me commend the height of which you pushed your physical form, simply a marvel to look upon. Sports are second only to creative writing in the way we express ourselves and it would sadden me for the fine citizens of the State to miss out on this. I would seek out sporting boards within the State to ensure far entry to all competitions across the cluster, and if unable I would look to create an independent banner for them.

How so? I’m sure several of those executors would benefit from DS algorithms.


I see. Members of the Amarrian Orthodox Church, Sedevacantist who are Federation voters are directed to continue supporting Candidate Noh, who unlike Mr. Flavours has promised to protect our church from unjust persecution.


Is there a church in the Orvolle system? Not much I can do for those not under my governance. Unlike Gosy who I can see is furiously typing…
I will not promise something I can’t keep to, as much as I would love to have you over for dinner @Nauplius .

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Although I am not orthodox myself, I owe the Amarrian Orthodox Church, Sedevacantist a great debt for bringing the Jin-Mei to my attention. The right to believe freely is not merely fundamental to constitutional principles, it is (to borrow from Snowflake sweetie once again) the bedrock of all hitherto existing constitutional jurisprudence.

Courts will have to tease out the complexities of to what extent tactical nuclear weapons can be used as religious artifacts, and I would urge my Sedevacantist constituents to consider incorporating as a bank in order to legally require people to perform actions they would rather not take, but who knows? Perhaps some day a strapping Jin-Mei nobleman in a loin cloth might once again claim the Mandate of Heaven for two empty thrones.


Would the Amarrian Orthodox Church, Sedevacantist be open to the production of a feature film, working title: “Loincloth Of The God Emperor?”


This does surprise me when a very easy search via the capsuleer site Zkillboard shows Candidate Noh would rather shoot, than protect.


This was at least three or four of Nauplius’ made up religions ago. Good dirt to dig up though as it also highlights one of Mummy Noh’s scandals as well. Well done Mr. Flavours.


I like Mr Nauplius but I don’t think he’d honestly take offence at getting shot at. A capsuleer becoming upset about getting shot at without a non-aggression pact is like a bird crying about the wind being cold when it flies too fast.

I must say, though, I thought Julian would be much lovelier in his candidacy than he has been so far. Not as much talk of Love as I would have expected. I guess that’s what getting arrested by the Cuttlefish Cops will do to you…


Oh my goodness! I’d forgotten, darlings! Well, not really. I just don’t like to toot my own horn. But if others toot my horn for me, who am I to argue? I wouldn’t have known where to look, myself.

Those were my Freedom Fighter days! Defending the Republic with Anya sweetie. Good times, darlings.

The exercise took my stratospheric standings with the Amarrian Empire from, well, stratospheric to merely good. Simultaneously, they raised my standings with the Republic from “we would shoot you on sight if not for your perfect Diplomatic skills” to also good. Same for the Federation (though the Federation wasn’t quite prepared to shoot me). In fact, as a result of those days, I am now on remarkably even good footing with everyone (and adored by my Sisterhood). What more can a constituent ask for in a President?

As Karmilla darling points out, this predated the Sedevacantist movement. Besides, we were all Blood Raiders then, and Blood Raiders kill one another as signs of the most sincere affection.

The Devil Mr. Caine was cross with me for joining with Anya sweetie and not the Angels. But Angels really need to be better shots than I am, darlings. They are sophisticated ne’er do wells. I didn’t want to embarrass Mr. Caine and James in their slick Guardian production, and I am fundamentally a miner who can barely hit a giant rock. The Sani are not concerned with embarrassment. All you need to be good at is bleeding.

Well, I’m still a little embarrassed to admit I forgot to overheat my pew pews. Anya sweetie would have survived if I poked the right buttons. The Devil Mr. Caine really was better off without me. The episode did get me an introduction to the androgyne Gabriel, however, and his Tetra Gamma Metatron Salon.

Speaking of Gabriel and his salon, my half-Brutor half-Thukker spy had been a receptionist there. Recently, I bought her a Svipul. I don’t know quite how to say this, but when a Svipul is in sniper mode…

It looks like a cuttlefish.


Firstly, because Corporate Matchmaking Agencies have a monopoly on fulfilling the role Divinity Social seeks to fulfill, within each of their respective parent Megacorporations. Thus if DS were to try to compete with the CMAs in Megacorporate territory, the Megacorporations would act against it.

Secondly, because matchmaking criteria are much stricter in the state. For instance, if I wanted to find a potential husband, a Corporate Matchmaking Agency would have to find an (1)unmarried (2)male (3)Civire (4)Capsuleer with (5)comparable physical features and a (6)comparable personality. Those are six criteria I don’t expect Divinity Social to keep in mind when pairing someone, and consequently it would result in a lot of angry murmuring followed by, again, the Megacorporations acting against it.



Close, but not close enough. True love has not been found between us.


I am… how do you say… a bit skeptical that when it comes to matching Civire, the State executives responsible for such things worry much about “compatible personalities.” That seems very, you know, well, let’s just call it “touchy feely.”

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Geana’s response to the question of "How do Civire date " is; “they go clubbing.” but that must be a witticism because the Civire negotiations I’ve witnessed at Glittering Dream are mono-dimensional.

Which reminds me, do you intend to induce a franchise of the Glittering Dream as Governor Proposed Candidate Flavours? That would be a coup indeed.


We know what we want.


Are you sure? Which tests did you run?


The Ax’l Thorne Civire Totally Accepted by KK Compatibility Matchmaking Test.

It’s still in the review process for approval.

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A blood Raider as President? Seems a bit sus if you ask me. Don’t know about you, but I would rather not have a blood sucker making a mess of our Federation.

It appears you have a match in the muscly form of @Ax_l_Thorne.

Absolutely! One of my mandates is for Orvolle to rival that of Luminaire and its streets of Caille.

A Condor enthusiast and a Merlin enthusiast? Whether activating that acceleration gate is prudent would be up to a CMA.

Touchy-feely stuff presumably comes after the matchmaking is concluded.

I am a martial artist, not a bodybuilder.