Manifesto of Spice: Flavour Guaranteed

How pedestrian, darling. Vampire cultists play a vital role in the food chain. Being involved in sinister conspiracies insulates us from la belle naiveté of not believing sinister conspiracies exist.

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I must be in a completely different food web than the rest of you.

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Now now, this is a rare sight. A Serpentis employee active in the IGS!
A terrible pity on what happened to your founder, but your use of slaves and Angel Cartel partnership made your sort tyrant deserving damnation.
I do enjoy your ships however, the vindicator is a masterpiece to be sure.

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Come ON! Traitors have no moral rights to blame literally ANYONE. Because if a TRAITOR blames anyone in something like a slave trade or “tyranny” (not sure it’s even an accusation, some sort of gallent-esque mental gymnastics), it looks like a rapist and murderer points finger and squeals “criminal!” at a petty pocket thief!

I am sorry, but your “damnations” are empty and laughable.


Oh…I thought I have heard some chirping of birds or clucking of chickens in my commmunications.
Now I see its just Diana making her noises again.
Oh well…

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I’ll have you know that we do not utilize slaves, for one. All of our employees are well paid and very well taken care of, even more so than many corporations you’ll find in Empire space. Why would we need to force people to work for us when we can just pay them double or triple what they would make otherwise?

Two, our association with the Angels is simply for our own survival. There’s piratical and tyrannical elements all over the cluster who would love to get their grubby hands on what we know, the Guristas and Federation especially. Given the weight the Fed and the sanctimonious Amarr have in CONCORD and the DED, we wouldn’t really expect much tolerance from so-called “legitimate” authorities.


They are all criminals. None of the organisations debated above serves humanity sans occult agenda.

Localisation and individual sovereignty is the simple answer in a colourful package that Flavour’s offers. I this he has my support.

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In a cheap B list movie maybe, but in this reality it’s consenting humans who should decide if their blood is fit for consumption, not vampires.

I see you’re just as flexible as ever in you’re own gymnastics my dearest Kimmy. Make sure you stretch first!
#Healthy body, healthy mind.

Very intresting, I would say any upstanding corporation should aspire to be able pay their employees more! Especially if they raise their subscription of their consumers!

I hope to change your mind, and all the voters in the Orvolle system on this.

With support like this, Love will win! Thank you for your kind words Snowflake :heart:

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Uh, no.

It should be medical doctors that determine if someone (who’s willing) to have their blood consumed if said blood is free of diseases and fit for consumption.

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Giving your power away again Ax’l.

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I’m not sure how, “giving away your power.” Follows “medical professionals should determine if someones blood is fit for consumption.”

Would you be so kind as to connect those dots for ke?

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An individuals ability to assess the fitness of their body for any activity is limited only by education and access to the relevant tools.

Should I assume you are keen to subject yourself to an established monopoly due to a Statist upbringing?

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Your attempt to sound educated, is really just a mass of jumbled words.

Try explaining it in laymans terms.

Pretend that I have no idea what you are babbling on about.


You train with weights I believe.
Did you research your own ability to use that training tool or were you given permission to use it by a ‘medical professional’?

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As a matter of fact, before I started my journey into bodybuilding, I did see my medical doctor and had a physical done. To ensure that I did not have medical conditions that could be exasperated by working out. Such as a internal hernia and what not.

And since bodybuilding is a physical sport, injuries do occur, so I see my medical professional and a physical therapist to help me heal correctly.

Just because I have a body, doesn’t mean that I inherently know everything about it.

Blood born pathogens are a thing. And they are pretty nasty. But if spreading communicable diseases is part of the Amarrian cult, then I guess? Ordained by God and all that.


This is true. You chose to rely on an external authority rather than equipping yourself with the relevant information. You gave your power away.

Should Flavours seek a medical professionals opinion before donning outlandish garb?

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It is true hepatitis simplex face fell off is common among the Covenant’s more enthusiastic, less highly placed members (who lack access to the good stuff). Said Covenant was founded by one side of the ancient vampire cult civil war. The other side, which fled in the opposite direction (ending up in federal space), tends to favor metaphorically biting alcoholic tomato juice beverages loaded with hot sauce and pepper. Mssr. Flavours is well aware of this. Midna keeps meticulous holoreel records.

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And if I were to equip myself with the relevant information I would still be giving away my power, because I would be relying on an external source of authority to educate myself.

Seems to me, you gave yours away a long time ago.

This is beyond idiotic.

  1. what does medical professionals have to do with fashion?


  1. what does the knowing transmission of communicable diseases through blood ingestion have to do with how Flavours chooses to dress himself?
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I agree, medical professionals are not required to operate simple sterilisation beams on dapper garments of dubious origin.

Careful selection of your trusted sources certainly saves some time, but in time you could be an immortal know it all from first principles that you have established yourself.

Have you not stumbled across those bitterly complaining that there is nothing left to train?

There are clearly cultural differences at play in this discussion. I have no desire to offend. Please be at peace.

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So, basically, in order for me to be, and live powerfully, I have to be passive and let random experiences teach me with no outside intervention to speak to less they impart wisdom to me and thus I’ve given up all my power to them.

My immortal life must be nothing more than an infinite series of random happenstance because the moment I try to make sense out of my experiences. Especially with another person, I’ve given up my power.

Good to know.

What does this have to do with medical experts imparting their wisdom, and knowledge on matters of clean, vs, diseased blood?

I love how culture is conveniently used to cover blatant ignorance. You speak a bunch of utter nonsense about power being given up at the hands of seeking an expert opinion or advice, suggesting that the true way to be powerful is to remain ignorant.

I guess there is something to be said for that age old saying: “Ignorance is bliss.” I guess that holds especially true in your “culture.”