Manifesto of Spice: Flavour Guaranteed

No, power is owing choice and the ability to act on that decision. When you rely on an external authority to make a decision for you you have given that power away.
It really is a simple concept. I’m sorry to see you struggle with it. Lashing out in frustration will not avail you.
There are some Adakul techniques I can forward on to you for nominal fee if that is pleasing to you.

This is the core of the matter: The only control is self-control.

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Prospective Candidate Flavours. Please forgive the unintended usurpation of this topic.

I wonder how you feel about the inclusion of an Ida influenced Adukal monastery (Idaukal) in Orvolle should you become Governor? Perhaps the Federation Navy Assembly Plant would be willing to accommodate us.

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You, good sir, and your company deserve your own ship SKIN and a fireworks patterns.
I am curious, how will they look like?


Not at all my delicate Snowflake. It’s clear both you and Axy are passionate and its what I Love about you both.

I think it’s a wonderful idea! Our current president who’s term still has another three years is half Intaki. I’m sure I could easily petition a monastery to be built in several of the colonies and stations in Orvolle.

Thank you, and I agree! If I were to commission ship skins I would have rainbows with animated sparkles.


Where did I ever say that you had to do what the doctor said?

You still have a choice to swap blood if you want, despite what he said.

You. Yes you, made the argument that power was given away when a person seeks the advice of another. Never during the argument did you make the claim that power was in owning the choice itself. That is what I was arguing. And now that you lost the argument you try and claim that my position was yours the whole time?

You’re a piece of crap.

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That is your claim for you to prove.

I could point out what was said by who and when but that is readily apparent to anyone who cares to see.

You could research the effects of steroids, but maybe you should consult a medical professional. Either way you are responsible for your behaviour and will be held accountable for it.

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I already did,

In most of my previous posts. If you knew how to, you know, actually read. You would know that.

You dug your hole. So by all means, keep digging. I won’t stop you. But what I am going to do is powerfully make the choice to stop interacting with an idiot. And by idiot, I mean you.

I provoked an individual with an inflated sense of power by suggesting that they had misplaced it. I apologise for this mistake, it is unworthy of an individual in my position.

I accept the appellation of outsider and wait with mild curiosity to see if you have indeed ceded the last word.

Children, stop ■■■■ing up my thread.

Lots of Love,



They ■■■■ up your thread because they love you, darling. No such thing as gutter press, all that.

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Sad news my fans and the voters of Orvolle.

I have been informed by my lawyers that my allegation against the current Governor of Orvolle; Cirial DuFey of neglect was unfounded and no by-election will take place.

I am sorry to disappoint those that would of loved to see me as Governor, but my time will come to step up to the political stage, but now is not the time.

On another note, my new streaming series The Consort and Commander is coming out soon, so make sure to stay tuned to more promos coming soon:tm