A word of caution [Federation Stargate Construction]

Avid readers of the IGS,

It has come to my attention that the Federation government has opted to set up a stargate construction in the system of Amygnon in Verge Vendor. The system of Amygnon is home to half a dozen member states of the Gallente Federation - including my home of the United Republics of Aristidia on Amygnon III (Aristidia). Upon reaching out to my political colleagues in other member states in the system, none of them have confirmed to me that the Federal government has reached out to them regarding establishing this project in our quiet little home system. What more, upon analyzing the trajectory path of the suspected gate connection, it would appear that it points directly towards Athounon, a hotly contested system that is the source of unknown Triglavian technologies planetside. See below:

I am wholly disappointed in the Federal government’s decision to erect this project without the informed consent of member states in the system they chose as the gate connection candidate. Furthermore, this gate would provide an easy attack path of potentially dangerous technology to the member states of Amygnon, and the Kiartanne district at large.

This is unacceptable.

I humbly request that an official representative of the Federal government provide a public explanation on the reason for this new construction project in the system of Amygnon. Our great federated union was built upon many ideals, of which open discourse is one of them. The complete disregard for the potential consequences a new gate connection to the tumultuous Placid region could have on the local economy is abhorrent on the highest order.

I understand President Aguard has a vision of decentralizing Federal authority, and providing reinforcement for the frontier and warzone regions. However, this action runs contrary to that, as it is an explicitly authoritarian decision made without the consent of those who would be most affected by this new project.

May the light of liberty and justice shine brightly in these troubling times.

Durant Aristide, Senator of the Aristidian Congress
Chairman of the Aristidian Hawks Association
“Country, People, Democracy. Plus Forts Ensemble.”


The Federation owes you no explanation if they wish to expand infrastructure. Let alone if it’s the Military they are dammed to do as they please so they can continued to Defend your home for you.

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Ah, leave it to a Caldari mercenary to speak about Federal politics. I fail to see how opening a new gate connection to a warzone system that is hosting still-not-understood Triglavian technology as effectively defending our home.

I wish you fair winds, Senator. Can I ask a question?

Did the people of Placid in Athounon, or Ostingele, or Intaki vote to be included in an active warzone? Is their present situation truly in accord with their ‘informed consent’?

If you say ‘no’, then you are not going far enough. You must demand that the Federation sue for peace immediately and withdraw from the MWPA. If you say ‘yes’, then how does your situation differ from theirs?

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The genesis of the MWPA and the building of this gate are different, MWPA was put forward as an outlet for all empires, to difuse the possibilty of all out war, with a sustainable one. This necessitates each empire putting at risk a portion of its self to save the greater whole. It also acts as a focus for more empire based empryeans without which we would run amok and cause to much damage again to the greater whole.

This new gate not only puts the people of this system at risk but connects it to so far, largely unidentified potential threats, clearly the federation or at least the president considers the perceived advantage worthwhile, whatever that could be we will have to find out.

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I will sometimes make the same argument for the merit of the MWPA. In a narrow sense it succeeds at ‘civilizing’ interstellar war. In a broader sense I do not think any prolonged conflict, no matter how limited, is compatible with interstellar peace and free trade.

But this is beside my point. The MWPA may have been signed with the best intentions in the stars - that does not mean the people of Placid consented to decades of war. The best guesses on the purpose of this new gate relate it to advantage in the warzone. It is related to the same conflict.

It may be said truly that the citizens of Black Rise did not consent either. Very well; they do not need to. Nor do the subjects of Amarr or the tribesmen. Only one side justifies its participation according to the democratic farce.

The only difference I can see between the people of Placid and the people of Amygnon is that one area is a poor, fringe backwater and the other a rich, protected, more ‘politically important’ world further coreward.

You know, I hear that all kinds of nefarious and illegal activity happens in the systems that border lowsec. I sure hope the people of Amygnon are prepared for what the wider Federation is opening them up to, seemingly without their consent.

Don’t worry too much though, my Federation friends. I’m sure that all the important people have weighed the risks and cast their votes for this. The government is only doing what it thinks is in the best interest of itself, it’s lobbyists, it’s ruling political class, and somewhere along the line I’m certain that someone spared a quick thought or two about it’s constituents. Somewhere. Probably.

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The concerns raised here help to illuminate an incredibly unfortunate, but nevertheless very much present, contradiction right at the heart of Gallente ideology. Rhetoric in favour of democracy, social liberty, and the self-determination of individuals may seem appealing to some on a surface level, but in practice it is simply unworkable for any civilised society. Through its very structure as a professed sovereign state ruled by a central government, the Federation inherently recognises its own need for hierarchy; for superiors to govern over their lessers; for decisions to be taken by those more qualified to take them and accepted by those less qualified. Yet it has trapped itself in a rhetorical snare that delegitimises its own existence.

The Federation’s entire purported reason for existing is to spread values of individual civil liberties and supposed rights to self-determination; and yet through its very existence and actions it disproves the validity of such deceptively insidious ideals. Thus, the obvious contradiction of such a nation making fundamental, sweeping changes to the geography and security of an entire system against the wishes of its population and without their consultation, comes into existence.

I can somewhat understand why many find themselves easily seduced by an ideology that purports to put them individually ahead of everything else, but make no mistake: it is no way for a proper society to function. Nor is it ethical for a nation to propagate comforting lies to its citizenry despite knowing full well them to be hypocritical.


What happened to “One gate. One united Federation”?

I believe this is what’s referred to as ‘Nimbyism’.

A shame it is so often undermined by habitual contradiction and hypocracy.


Given that:

  1. Stargates ain’t cheap,
  2. Federal budgetary issues are not achieved by Executive Fiat, but rather through the Federation Senate,
  3. The Federation Senate is exactly as good at keeping secrets as any other committee of competing and adversarial interests numbering in the multiple hundreds (which is to say, absolute shite)…

It would seem that the odds are extremely good that the ‘half a dozen member states of the Gellente Federatin’ who reside in that single system probably have, you know, at least one Senator, and that Senator knew all about this, and probably lobbied heavily to get it, considering the amount of economic stimulus and job creation a construction job of this scale would represent.

Soooo… maybe talk to your Senator? Especially since…

This does not mean any of them have definitively said ‘the Federal Government did not reach out to us’. Far as any of us know… they’ve ignored what they consider to be some rando.

Like I said: contact your Senator directly, I’m sure they were involved in the Federal Budget fighting.

Honestly, it seems more to illuminate someone not having a clue how the Federal Government actually gets anything done.

Job creation and profit definately make the project more marketable, however take it with a grain of salt and a good amount of political spin, more likely in an effort to tow the party line, this was hailed as a massive step forward to the system offering job opportunities and new wealth while minimising the threat to the system.

We all unserstand, no rISK no ISK, its just a matter of how much these people are aware of.

Let’s see - Summit Post concerning Federation affairs. State Protectorate pilots raising the Militia War Powers Act, check. Imperial-aligned pilots gloating about the supposed immorality of the Federation, check. Intaki separatism. Check. Summit as usual, then.

Back to the matter at hand. The Federation does possess sole authority to legislate in respect of stargates utilised for the Federal Armed Forces, although those that are exclusively civilian in nature can have some limited oversight by the member states and have done so historically, despite the Federal Stargate Authority having almost exclusive control over most if not all interstellar stargates now within the Federation. The construction of and subsequent operation and associated maintenance is very much a matter for the Federal authorities, as it should be considering the ramifications should one member state elect to exert undue influence over parts the network at the expense of others. A level playing field overseen by the Federation is a less convoluted and more efficient system than relying on the Franchise system.

That said, one of the primary raisins the Federation exists is that of serving the people of the Federation. When the Federation takes the step of intervening in the affairs of the member states or taking steps that could affect them, they will of course consult their representatives. It is not an endeavour that is ever taken lightly, and very rarely unilaterally. I am surprised that you were not informed, although if you were indeed not made privy to the intentions of the Federation, perhaps this post could have been phrased in the essence of a Freedom of Information Request to the District Parliament or the Federal Administration. As citizens of the Federation, you have a right to know what the Federation is doing in your system of residence. The right to question our government is a core ideal inherent to the Union, which although we elect those that we entrust will act in our best interests, that ability to question and enquire is a method of holding them to account for their actions taken in your name. Foreigners that are not familiar with the Federation would do well to explore what Federation citizens can and cannot do rather than comment out of ignorance.

We also do not know for certain if this Stargate under construction is intended to be connected to the Athounon system. Any such attempt would be irresponsible considering it’s current occupation by Triglavian Collective force elements, which would be a direct violation of the Federation’s responsibilities. For all we know, and considering the distance of the Verge to Placid, Fislipesnes is a more likely location for a regional stargate. Before we condemn the Federation, let us be made aware of the facts that constitute the rationale behind the construction of the Stargate in question.

Considering the Federation was clearly strong-armed into accepting the terms of the Militia War Powers Act by CONCORD and the implied threat of planetary devastation in Luminaire at the hands of the Heth regime at the time, it is an unfair question posed by a member of the State which had a critical role in igniting the CEMWPA Conflict which endures to the present day. Even more so when the Verge has suffered just as much as Placid in the duration of this conflict.

It would also be a gross disservice to those to sue for peace whilst the vast majority of the Federal Defence Cordon remains under occupation by the State, as it would have been a disservice for the State to sue for peace when the shoe was on the other foot with the majority of the Citadel and Black Rise under long-term Federal occupation. Contrary to what you may think of the ‘democratic farce’, the Federation would not accept any settlement against the interests of the member states trapped within the Cordon. We know what the State does to those it believes it can act against with impunity.

Besides the point, to end the conflict would require the unanimous agreement of the Big Four to overrule the legislation signed in CONCORD. War is not what the Federation has ever desired and we certainly prosper more in peacetime than in conflict.

An Empire founded on and sustained by the bedrock of human enslavement, empowered through the obliteration of foreign culture and identity that differs from that of old Athra through force of arms and championing universal submission has no authority to speak of civility or ethics.

You know full well that the Federation’s structure is wholly unlike the Imperial structure you are familiar with, with comments comparing the two disingenuous at best and outright offensive at worst. The Federation’s values are the result of thousands of years of philosophical thought and development of the idea that individual liberty and agency should be at the core of society, underwritten by honest and moral leadership as part of a greater society of individuals and nations that compose what is now the Federation.

You will know that as much as I am a stalwart supporter of what the Federation stands for, equally I shall be it’s critic where it fails. And failed it has, many times, necessitating enormous alterations to ensure that it could survive and remain legitimate. I could go on, but I fear that we are getting off-topic and diverting from the original purpose of the thread, which is concerning the Stargate under construction. If you’d want to have a civilised discussion (according to what you deem to be civility), I am more than open to having it face-to-face.


Except it’s not ‘a matter of how much these people are aware of’. It’s a matter of one guy demanding to know why the government didn’t get local approval first… except for the fact that the local area’s representative in the Senate would have had to have known about it, because that’s how budgets work.

No matter how sudden the need, this doesn’t go forward without Senate approval, or the Senate raises hell because they don’t like the Executive stepping on their toes and wielding power they consider theirs. Because the Senate’s full of people, and people get all sorts of bent out of shape as soon as they think someone’s inconveniencing them.

You know, I have never actually heard any Fed Citizen give an actual reason why Intaki doesn’t have the right to secede.

My apologies for the delayed reply, but I believe my fellow Federation citizen M. Adams has addressed this question thoroughly. Suing for peace at the current state of the warzone is not an option. To further address the former question, Intaki in particular has had a long history of either rejecting Federal oversight or denying the opportunity for Federal authority to provide assistance where applicable. Placid, in general, is perhaps the least developed out of the original Federation regions. From a strategic and tactical perspective, the call to place the majority of the CEMWPA warzone in this region was sound - as much as that might seem unreasonable.

Ultimately, the Federation had to act quickly in order to assuage all parties of this horrid agreement.

I fail to see how the original topic of this thread spawns the tripe that is these statements, but I suppose it is to be expected having posted in such a publicly available forum.

You would be incorrect in those assumptions, esteemed Intaki separatist. The Kenninck stargate connecting Placid to Solitude was placed in systems that are not a part of the CEMWPA warzone. Further, neither system was host to strange and not-understood Triglavian technologies. To try and use my previous statements in such a careless manner is ill-informed at best. Intentional rabble rousing at worst.

Your attempts to paint a fanciful scene of this situation is laughable. Please return to suckling from the nip of your egotistical leader you and the rest of your ilk worship. Things are better when your kind focuses on waging the silly wars you have out in null sec.

However, I suppose you do bring up one good point. It is possible that information was given to members of the Kiartanne district parliament - information which I would not be privy to since I am not a representative at the district level. Still, the chances of this happening without information trickling down to the member state level are exceedingly unlikely.

They do have a right to secede, as any member state does. You fail to realize the ramblings of Intaki separatists represent an exceedingly small minority of the overall Intaki population. I fail to see how this has anything to do with the topic of the thread at hand, however.

Intaki and Placid were singled out for a decades long bloodbath because they are poor and defied the central authorities too much?

It is unusual to find a Gallente with such honesty.

One might wonder why they are so hesitant to engage with that authority. I think you spell it out plainly. Why they remain in the Federation even now is the true mystery.

I think after this point further interaction is moot. You clearly have a bone to pick with the Federation, and try to weaponize any statements made to suit the agenda as assigned by your authoritarian regime you call megacorporations.

Curious, though, for someone who seems to care so much for the plight of Federation citizens in Placid, why is it that you perpetuate violence against them by participating in the CEMWPA conflict? The Hyasyoda Corporation in particular is perhaps one of the most egregious examples of human rights violations in the Caldari State - exacerbated and maintained by the toxic culture of conservatism and unrealistic expectations of its citizens. You would do well to explore the reasons why Hyasyoda opts to hide the statistics of suicide rates among its citizens than to waste your time dabbling in the affairs of the Federation.

Carry on as you will.

Not as laughable as your clearly manipulative framing. Seriously. ‘None of them have confirmed’? Have any of them confirmed that they weren’t informed?

Pffft. Asher’s not that egotistical. Heck, I’m more egotistical than he is.

Yes, it’s so much more likely that a massive infrastructure project was undertaken in the district without the knowledge of the Senator elected by the district than it is that the district was aware, and just didn’t tell you. That’s why the Federal Government owes you an explanation. :thumbsupparrot:

I think that’d be news to the Caldari. ‘You totally had a right to secede, don’t mind that blockade starving your homeworld.’

In a thread started by someone loudly and angrily demanding the Federation answer to him! What’re the odds!

I pity the plight of the people of Placid. In some ways their predicament mirrors our own great struggle.

But they are not, at the end of the shift, my own people. Nor are they all innocent bystanders to their corrupt regime. I follow my duty to the Caldari and our State. That is our way: that is as far as it goes.

I speak on these matters because the sooner the Federation recognizes the futility, injustice, cruelty and hypocrisy of the conflict, the sooner she may sue for peace. Whether that peace depends on her getting terms she likes is a further root of hypocrisy.

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Well, if that building gate is bothering you, Sir, how about gathering a capsuleer community and a fleet in order to destroy it then?

It’s a Federation’s gate anyway. Anything that they build is indeed alarming and represents a security threat.